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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Himalayan Romance

All trips are special and filled with memories but the term Road trip stirs in a lot of feelings and chords. Its not only about the destination but beauty of the journey, the grandeur of travel unlike other trips( plane, rail, cruise etc.).
Its about the luxury of the place and nature. Exploring the roads, towns, nature, quaint places; World at large in the true sense. A feeling that none other can truly match. The excitement of embarking on new adventures. The true sense of achievement. Not a tailor made vacation but one with spontaneity, discoveries and surprises. No wonder every single time I am equally thrilled as ever for a road trip.

After a many a road trip along with family and a chest full of memories to last forever, this time I want to go on a perfect romantic road trip with hubby dear.
According to me road trip helps in strengthening relationships and bonds, discovering each other in a completely different way. Building vivid and ever lasting memories.
Hence this time I want to make it extra special, just the two of us and this magical journey.

Adding another exciting romantic adventure to our life. There can be no other better way of culminating 2 years of being married happily and celebrating our togetherness.

Destination - Himalayas is a classic backdrop for Bollywood romance and all the die hard romantics.

Route - Pune-- Indore -- Ajmer -- Shimla -- Kulu -- Manali -- Mandi -- Palampur -- Mc Leod Ganj -- Kangra -- Ambala -- Ajmer -- Indore -- Pune

Around 4500 kms and 66 hours

Car-- Though I would love to have an RV, I am also lusting for the Ford Eco sport; luxury of an SUV and warmth of a Hatchback.

I have already started day dreaming about my perfect romantic road trip. Let me share it with you but this time not with words, let the pictures do the talking.


How I dream --

For that perfect romantic fragrance

Random pit stops and conversations

Music and chocolate

Navigating together

Hogging on the Indore snacks, mithais and chaat - enroute

Indore - kachori

Seeking blessing from Ajmersharif Dargah -- enroute

Ajmer fort

En route Shimla

Impromptu stops -- reading -- relaxing and being with nature

Celebrating togetherness

Going on and on ------

Amazing thirst quenchers -- Punjabi lassi -- enroute

Relishing food at quaint dhabas


Shopping at the Mall road

Visiting the Hidimba Devi temple Manali

Paragliding in solang valley ,

White water rafting, skiing

Playing in the rivulets

Snow fights

Cold weather -- hot springs

Visiting the gorgeous Mandi - prashar lake

The view and hot cup of maggi

Having hot cups of tea at the tea capital of northern India - Palampur

Meditation at Tibetan monastery in Mc Leod Ganj

Trekking up to the picturesque kangra fort

Romantic walks in the wood

Dreaming under the starry sky

The warmth of the bonfires, stories, endless chats , cups of coffee. cozy blanket, cold nights.

Devouring chole bhature at Ambala

Loads of shopping, scenic drives, sumptuous food..

An unforgettable journey with ever lasting memories.

My perfect romantic road trip.

Wish this journey lasted forever but then life3 itself is an eternal journey, isn't it?

Disclaimer: the photos used are taken from google images.



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