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Friday, August 30, 2019

The Circle Of Life

As a child and well into my young adulthood I was scared of death, of funerals and then life happened, I grew up.
I realized that Death is nothing but the calculation of life, the finality, the total sum, the finale.
I ponder as I attended my grandmother's funeral, her death bringing everyone closer, everyone having each others back in the toughest time of life. The crowd that gathered for the departed soul, to celebrate the love for the person, to celebrate the life that's no more. I stood there missing her love yet still feeling it all around me in the memories that I will always behold. I stood there watching others some of whom I had never met and yet felt connected with her stories they told. I stood there watching people shed tears, I saw the smiles suddenly appear on some loving deed of her someone shared. As people comforted each other, offered their respect to the departed one, we stood together till the time the burden of grief was bearable enough, we stood together sharing the love and together we stood for her.
As you grow older you tend to see and understand death more, another funeral in the family reconfirmed my belief. Here we were again another set of people yet bonded by one, for one.
Yet again I wondered this circle of life doesn't measure the years you lived but how you lived in the years you had.
The circle of life it starts as soon as a life is created, the amount of love that goes on, that everyone feels, cherishes, nurtures, which doubles up on the birth of a new life, the celebration of a new life coming to this world. Adding so much joy, love and togetherness to the lives of people connected by these loving bonds. The feeling is so pure so raw and so happy. The togetherness of people that a new life brings into this world.
We often talk about this but we fail to appreciate death, to even celebrate it for its in this toughest time yet again another major milestone which brings people together. All those whom we have touched in our lifetime in some way directly or indirectly, all those in whose life we make a difference by our deeds. All those whom we give a bit or loads of love, those who are bonded to us by feelings and not just birth or relations. And for those who have separated and lost in the harshness of life, they too find their way back to the tribe, to celebrate once again to the life that was, is and will be. Life and Death so different yet what they do is so similar, bring people closer, to love, to cherish, to hold - whats most important - the togetherness and these bonds.
And just like that I wonder about the most important circle of life that starts with love and ends on love.
Birth or death, they don't differentiate they just bring everyone closer everyone together. It makes me realize, to think - that's what is the most important thing, that's what life/death teaches us - Love, togetherness - the most important aspects of living. To love is to live to die to breathe. That's what we tend to forget the most while making a living, we just exist. The highest purpose of life on earth is to get people together, to love, to spread love, to be loved to give love.
So why not, in our daily grind just love a bit more, smile a bit more, bring people together a bit more, live a bit more and leave behind a bit more of us in other people.
The love we give to go around when we are long gone. Let that remain in this world long after we become mud, the love that we gave, the smile we smiled on someones lips, the happy laughter in the crowd somewhere for the joke we cracked, the warmth of the hugs we shared so freely let them linger even after we are gone.
We have a grand entry and exit which both mark us in this world. We don't control the entry but let the exit be a Grandeur. Let people enjoy and celebrate our life as a Box Office Bumper Hit.

Let us live longer in the richer memories, I can compromise a bit on my worldly possessions but not in your heart.
Let me celebrate life and death like never before, one day it will be my turn and I would want mine to be the grandest celebration of them all.
Let me live before dying and let me keep living after death in your heart. 

Bhakti Khade Rangoonwala 

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