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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Italy Via Punjab Review

I love my food a bit Indianised, masala marke.. be it any cuisine I love a bit of Indian taste to it (now don't we all do). I have forgotten how many number of times I have told the server please make it extra spicy or added condiments like no ones business ( completely guilty but hey I am being honest now ). 
Dil se Desi forever.... 
I love Chindian crazy and I add Indian spices to my pastas πŸ™ˆ 
So when I heard about this place Italy Via Punjab i was surprised... now all Indians love Punjabi food ... so just imagine coupling two of my loves together. 
I was dreaming about two rich cuisines and imagined dollops of Makkhan and cheese as their amalgamation ❤❤❤
Excited to try this place and wanted to see whether it matched my expectations. 
I embarked on this journey... 
So you are coming with me right πŸ€” ? 
Then let's go πŸš—

It has a lovely rustic ambience with hand carts for tables and drums for seats... The place has dhaba type setting and seating. And not only that it is completely VFM on your pocket just like a dhaba and that too serving huge portions.

The chef and owner Ninad Joshi is the man behind it all. He has curated the entire menu and believe you me the menu is huge with vast variety. He has come up with genius fusion dishes as well as has ample variety of Punjabi and Italian Classics. Kudos !
Coming to the main part... 
Gimme food. 

Here it comes ... 
To chill that Summer heat... 
Brownie shake Γ nd KitKat shake... 
Rs 130 and Rs 120 each. 
They were really yummy and completely filling and at that price. 
I would have really enjoyed them Had they been chilled or cold. They were served luke warm and honestly I don't like the smell of luke warm milk and saying that still I finished half of it ... that means they were really yummy. 

Peppered tomato Bruschetta 
Tomato, basil and Mozarella over a garlic naan. 
It's like masala papad meets Bruscetta. 
I really liked it... only thing they drizzled tad too much olive oil on it. Which was actually dripping on the plate as we ate. 
Must try but please let them know to go a bit light on the olive oil. 

Chicken Olive rolls
Loved these... 
Olive wrapped in chicken marinated in pesto sauce and grilled to perfection. They are served with pickled mayo ( had this foΕ• the first time) 
The mayo has distinct taste of kairi ka achar.. 
The chicken was succulent and tender with Italian flavours of olive and pesto perfectly grilled in tandoor and served with achar mayo... what perfection ... what fusion ... 
Highly Recommended 

Rosemary Murg Kebab.
Tandoori grilled chicken with a subtle hint of Rosemary. 
For those who like their meat with subtle taste.

Kheema Bolognese... 
The kheema was nice and masaledaar. However I found the spaghetti too dry. 

Paneer Tikka Canelloni 
Rolled pasta with paneer tikka served in that delish sauce with baby garlic naan. This was an amazing amalgamation of true Italy meets Punjab.  The fusion was superb and blended so well ... each bite was #chakdefatteitalianpathe

Classic Italian Pasta. 
Using their finest cheese sauce made with mozzarella. 
For the cheese lovers... 

Chicken Cossentra 
Chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms, olives and parmesan, served with mango salsa and butter garlic tomato sauce. 
I fell in love with this dish as soon as it arrived and couldn't wait to have it... 
Looks are deceptive and this sure was the case... I don't know whether I was having a bad day or this dish... but I didn't like anything about it. The chicken was drizzled with mango syrup which made it sweet along with the tomato sauce which was too tangy and this combination just didn't work for me. The rice was undercooked and I didn't fancy the bread ... I will give this a miss... or may be another try to be just... but this time It sure wasn't a success... 

Baby Corn Saag Chilly 
Loved this one. 
Sweet baby corn in a creamy spinach gravy.
Just wish it had more baby corn. 

Dhania aur Chaaswala Gosht 
Tender meat on the khatta side with buttermilk and green spices. 

Masala Chai Pannacotta 
Imagine your favourite masala chai in a nice wobbly Panacotta with mango sauce. 
I honestly didn't like the bitter flavours of the drink in a sweetdish. 

Btw I almost forgot to tell you how much in love I was with their plates which were super pretty. Check in all the food pictures and observe the plates. I am sure you will agree with me. 

I went Desi for this one ...i wanted to feel part of the character... so dil se Desi 😜
So that was it... there were too many things to have but we were so full. 
It's a very interesting concept with some amazing dishes. Do give it a try if you are in that area.

Address: Shop no 4, Nine Hills, Near RIMS International School, NIBM, Pune.
Timings: 11:30 to 11:30
Contact: 02065207477/9011512076

Until then it's me signing off. 


P.s the review was on invitation however the views expressed are solely mine based on my experience. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Summer Dream - Papa Cream

Right when the summer heat is unbearable and quite a scare ...
Here comes Papa Cream with its unusual yummy fare...
Yes another liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour has entered the Pune market and at the right time, when people are searching for respite from the heat, it's a blessing in disguise or just plain site.
This Bombay giant opened its door to pune on the busy Dhole Patil Road with a small quaint property.
The premise itself took my breathe away.. basking in sunlight with its warm pastels and cheery seats, this place is definitely a cutey patootie.

The place is charming with its outdoor seating and mezzanine one.

Live Nitrogen Ice Cream being made.

The pastel dΓ©cor really had my heart.

Papa Cream takes pride in serving pure vegetarian ice creams which are hand crafted with natural ingredients.
We got to try most of their specialities at their launch which was a big hit and sure did take the city to sit up and notice - the new ice cream makers in town.
So here you go - keep reading for some awesome ice cream with a twist.
Read on at your own risk - cause you sure gonna have some major drooling and craving.

Belgian Chocolate
started with this baby and it was love at first bite. What an intense start.
Dark chocolate, so soft and smooth, I could have just gone on and on with this.
Highly Recommended.

Creamy Tiramisu ice cream which had sponge cake in it.
little towards the sour side.

Salted Caramel Popcorn.
Cold popcorn with Home made salted caramel ice cream topped with caramel sauce.
Both my loves coming together. Crazy for caramel popcorn and ice cream. I was so excited to have it.
The popcorn was bang on but there was that little thing missing. I guess they should add some more caramel sauce.
still look at that cup of magic.

Blueberry Milkshake...
Intense thick drama which sure leaves you wanting for more.
Right flavours. Thick blueberry shake topped with whipped cream and oreo biscuits.
With Blueberry tart on the shake it was like cherry on the cake.
Highly Recommended.

Belgian Chocolate shake
Another crowd Favourite.
Thick dark Belgian chocolate shake with a twist ... crunchy cornflakes .. yes you heard it right. It sure adds to the taste and extra whipped cream to wrap it all up nicely.

Hummus Ice cream.
Yes there is an ice cream made of hummus served with lavash.
Its like eating chilled hummus.
we loved it and had two of it. It has a grainy texture and is not like a smooth ice cream, as I said more or less chilled hummus. I loved it.
Highly Recommended.

Ferrero Crunch

Kolkata Meetha Paan
Amidst all these fancy ice creams and presentation, this simpleton stood standing tall.
Infact this was my most favourite of them all.
The flavours were so fresh and soothing and the gulkand on top just lifted them to a whole new level.
Highly Recommended.

Fresh Espresso 
This sure is as the name suggests ... Rich coffee for the instant boost. 
Must try for the coffee lovers. 

This somehow failed to deliver. 

And nothing like their Papa waffle Sundae 
This was the Belgian chocolate waffle Sundae and it vanished within 20 seconds of being served. Need I say more. 
Belgian chocolate ice cream coupled with hot fudge, caramel choco chips and whipped cream ..... indulgence... 
Highly Recommended 

Relive your childhood in an ice cream. Just for the chocolate malt drink lovers. 

Red velvet cupcake 
Philly cream cheese ice cream layered with red velvet crumble topped with cheese cream frosting swirl.. 
Not one of my favourites  ( as it is I don't like red velvet cake) 

Pani puri sorbet 
Puri baskets or tarts with potato mousse and pani sorbet. 
This was one he'll of a crowd puller. Chilled tangy and katta. I cannot have that katta but that's just my personal choice. 
It's Highly Recommended ... people were oohing over this one.  
Not my piece of cake though 

Very berry Sundae
I preferred the Belgian over this but it was sure good. Especially for those who love berries and that bit of tanginess.

Bubblegum Candy floss 
It looked too cute to be eaten ..
Pink bubblegum ice cream... it's like exactly having a bubble gum ( think boomer) 
Served with yummy fluffy all time favourite candy floss. 

And that brought us to the end of this chilled nitrogen journey. 
By the time we were done most of us were on a sugar rush πŸ™ˆ
Papa Cream it certainly is a Summer Dream.
You should definitely visit this place and chose your personal favourite... it's like being in a cute ice cream shop in some English countryside. 
A big shout out to Sannaya and Shivangi from Carpe Diem for having me over and Papa Cream for its warm hospitality and chilled ice creams... loved them 
Random fact - Papa Cream has 78% Nitrogen in their atmosphere ... so visit them to experience it first-hand.  Btw it's a really cute place for ice cream dates. πŸ’ŸπŸ¨πŸ§πŸ¦πŸ’Ÿ
That's all from me today... 
Until we meet again. 
 Stay chilled, have ice cream and stay safe from this scorching heat. 


Papa Cream 
Shop 7, Nalini Chambers, Dhole Patil Road, Pune
Opposite Kapila Business hotel 

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