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Monday, April 2, 2012

saree vs lehenga

Saree Vs Lehenga


Whether it be the bride or the bridesmaid the most imporant question always remain the same -
"what to wear a saree or a lehenga?"

Saree                                       vs                                         Lehenga

  five-and-a-half meters long unstitched  desire that can
be draped in many different ways, the world’s most versatile garment - saree
effortlessly fitting from formal to casual, sexy revealing to traditional sensuality.
 worn with a completely covered, matching but plain petticoat. Because the sari cloth is not stitched anywhere, the sari wearer requires a set of sturdy safety pins to attach the sari to the petticoat in the waist and the pallu (the loose end) to the blouse at one shoulder. One can use more pins but tiny holes might remain in certain materials or the cloth may even tear if pulled hard by accident.

  • timeless
  • classic
  • versatile
  • various materials available
  • dignified yet sexy

A three piece combination of choli, long skirt(lehenga) and scarf (dupatta).Is called the lehenga choli.Like the saree blouse, the choli also comes in many cuts, colors and styles. But because the choli is more exposed than the saree blouse, it needs to match the lehenga and is therefore usually as richly embroidered.
Women wear lehengas at parties and festive occasions, not in the office or at a formal event; those would call for a sari or a festive salwar kameez. Lehengas are ideal if greater movement or the security of a prestitched garment is desired – at a dance party, for example – though many an Indian bride has proven how gracefully one can dance in a sari.


  • sensual

  • practical because prestitched

  • silhouette enhancing

  • various styles available

    The final decision for or against lehenga or sari is, of course, an individual one. It will depend on the preference of the wearer and which piece of clothing she is more comfortable with in a certain social situation. In either case, it will be a good choice as both garments are classy parts of the Indian wardrobe.

  • Whats your bridal pick??



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