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Sunday, July 28, 2013

DIY -- Mobile Bird Charm -- Sparrow Sorrow

One evening I was just sitting in my balcony, everything was right, a bit of light breeze, green plants, monsoon blooms, tinkling of the wind chime. I was enjoying myself relaxing, but something  was missing. That something was the chirping of little sparrows. Those tiny pretty things flying in and out of the house, sitting in the balcony. Growing up on the stories of sparrows, feeding them, being fascinated with them, watching them dance in the courtyard. I can never forget those pretty eyes and those tiny active, cute birds.
 It really saddens me that they no longer visit me or the neighbourhoods. It's true, sparrows have declined and are disappearing slowly. Reason being our lifestyle. It's strange how we compromise on the things we have to welcome new changes and new ways of life. It's very disheartening that we do not bother and many of us even fail to observe the absence of such a pretty tiny creature.
So wont we try to do something at least. To bring the sparrow tales and the pretty creatures back. To teach children to share their food with them the way we were taught in our childhood (the joys).
Just sitting their in the balcony the absence of this innocent creature made my heart ache with the desire to see it again living in harmony with us. I will try, I won't give up. A sparrow will be back in my balcony to share my food, to dance to the tunes of nature. I will once again be mesmerised by its beauty.
 I will try and I will do.
Some Facts:
Reasons for decline:
Rapid urbanization
Extensive use of pesticides.
Lack of food and nesting sites.
Lack of insects.
Decline in native habitat and trees.
These are some of the factors.
Small things we can do from our end:
Keep bird feeders, water, in your balcony, terrace, window.
Small nest boxes.
Do take a look at these sites to offer a helping hand in a small but significant way.
Till the sparrows come back to my balcony, I cannot just leave it vacant.
So I made myself my very own mobile colorful bird charm by recycling worn table mats.
Have a look.
Isn't it pretty?
My very own bright birds fluttering in the wind.
If this is the effect of makeshift ones, the real sparrows and birds are magical. Lets value them and bring them back to our home, their home .
Happy weekend!

Lack of Nesting Sites

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small somethings..

Tired after coming back from work,
feeling like a dork.

Perhaps a small drive,
will prove to be as sweet as the honey in the hive.

The fragrance of fresh air,
the wind blowing in my hair,

the scent of earth,
Oh the happiness of hearth,

-Bhakti ;p ;p(hehehe)

But actually, a drive works wonder for the tired soul, rejuvenating all the senses and getting a big bright smile.(not a drive on the overtly congested road with traffic jams)

After one such long tiring day, we refreshed ourselves with a short drive and some favorite ice cream. Oh the pleasures. Simple joy. Beautiful Life!! The little secrets to a blessed life.

This is what I wore quickly to get in my comfortable happy drive mode.

top - kurta shirt -Max
dhoti pants- Goa
Bracelet-Mumbai Market
neckpiece - Goa Market
Earrings- Ladakh Market
footwear  - Metro
Handbag - Esbeda

Thursday, July 25, 2013

All That Matters is a Simple Life

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.

In our life there comes a time when we look back and think what have I achieved ? I think about it quiet often. Big degrees, payrolls, comfortable but cluttered life, technology, modern means of living are these the answers of my question? I aint satisfied, it leaves me craving, still craving for an answer.
Fast paced life, busy routine, no time for relations or yourself. Is this what we really want? Does all this really matter?
I sincerely think what is the meaning of life? or what does really matter?
In the process of exploring my limits, my strength in todays world, have I forgotten to explore myself from within?

Then the answer which I already knew, starts voicing itself from some corner within me. These things don't give me happiness, they have just become a way of life.
What really attracts me are the simple pleasures, little things, a smile, a cup of coffee in the rain, watching the rainbow, blooms, the tinkle of bells, the gushing river, the warmth of bonfire, snuggle in the blanket, a nice book, a home cooked meal, laughter, pitter patter of raindrops, wind in my hair, relationships, family, love, compassion, a hug, a helping hand, a light kiss, to sum it all -- A Simple Life.
I do not like my life to be cluttered with things I do not need. Great goals don't aspire me. Simplicity is the joy of my life. The simplicity of the era gone by. Simplicity in relations, work, goals, life.
Where family meant everything. Relations were above everything else. Where community was small, but hearts were big. Everybody were not just mere acquaintances but good friends. Where schedule was relatively empty but life was full. Memories were plenty. Health was not something one had to work towards. Every moment was enjoyed and life was lived with appreciation and meaning.
Living amidst nature and breathing fresh air was lifestyle and not a vacation. Houses were adorned with gardens and animals and not expensive showpieces.

All that Matters is this Simple Life.  A life amidst nature, a small self sufficient house, a gurgling stream with clear water, trees with fresh fruits and flowers, chirping of birds and clean pure air. A beautiful garden with puppies and hens. A new adventure everyday, a new beginning to every day. Loving family and friends, endearing relationships and happy kids. Discovering the meaning of life in its most simple form, the way it is created, the way it is meant to be.

I am not against technology. Just in search of the balance somewhere in between. I believe in satiating needs not wants. Simplicity is a precious jewel to be adorned to make life beautiful and meaningful. I believe I am not alone, there are many people who are giving away their ultra comfortable life and top jobs and coming back to their roots in search of a simple life to attain happiness.
I have already mentioned this in my earlier posts- salary is not the measure for happiness, it increases comforts but comforts don't increase happiness. I want to earn enough to satisfy my needs (needs should satiate your happiness not desire).

I have said this many a times that all that matters are the simple things, simple pleasures of life that money cant buy.
This is a primary lesson we should give our coming generations. click here

All That Matters - Happiness of a simple life.

Its my dream to live one day self sufficiently amidst nature, a simple life. Treasure each moment and live it completely. A cozy home where I meet all my needs, where I live happily with my family. A simple yet a beautiful life.

A poem I stumbled upon --

Simple Life

Life is a beautiful dream
Though it may not always so seem
Look at the flowers that surround us
They appear and disappear without a fuss
As do the birds in the sky
They just continue as long as they can to fly
I watch in awe as the cows lazily graze
They are in no hurry to reach fields of maize
The juicy grass is good enough
They are not chasing after better stuff
It is only we who are not satisfied
Until we have all life's luxuries tried
We go far and wide in search of fun
And when we face problems we just run
This is a lesson we need to learn
From lesser creatures how to earn
Happiness from the simple things in life
Leaving aside complexities and strife

Live simple - Live Happy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Himalayan Romance

All trips are special and filled with memories but the term Road trip stirs in a lot of feelings and chords. Its not only about the destination but beauty of the journey, the grandeur of travel unlike other trips( plane, rail, cruise etc.).
Its about the luxury of the place and nature. Exploring the roads, towns, nature, quaint places; World at large in the true sense. A feeling that none other can truly match. The excitement of embarking on new adventures. The true sense of achievement. Not a tailor made vacation but one with spontaneity, discoveries and surprises. No wonder every single time I am equally thrilled as ever for a road trip.

After a many a road trip along with family and a chest full of memories to last forever, this time I want to go on a perfect romantic road trip with hubby dear.
According to me road trip helps in strengthening relationships and bonds, discovering each other in a completely different way. Building vivid and ever lasting memories.
Hence this time I want to make it extra special, just the two of us and this magical journey.

Adding another exciting romantic adventure to our life. There can be no other better way of culminating 2 years of being married happily and celebrating our togetherness.

Destination - Himalayas is a classic backdrop for Bollywood romance and all the die hard romantics.

Route - Pune-- Indore -- Ajmer -- Shimla -- Kulu -- Manali -- Mandi -- Palampur -- Mc Leod Ganj -- Kangra -- Ambala -- Ajmer -- Indore -- Pune

Around 4500 kms and 66 hours

Car-- Though I would love to have an RV, I am also lusting for the Ford Eco sport; luxury of an SUV and warmth of a Hatchback.

I have already started day dreaming about my perfect romantic road trip. Let me share it with you but this time not with words, let the pictures do the talking.


How I dream --

For that perfect romantic fragrance

Random pit stops and conversations

Music and chocolate

Navigating together

Hogging on the Indore snacks, mithais and chaat - enroute

Indore - kachori

Seeking blessing from Ajmersharif Dargah -- enroute

Ajmer fort

En route Shimla

Impromptu stops -- reading -- relaxing and being with nature

Celebrating togetherness

Going on and on ------

Amazing thirst quenchers -- Punjabi lassi -- enroute

Relishing food at quaint dhabas


Shopping at the Mall road

Visiting the Hidimba Devi temple Manali

Paragliding in solang valley ,

White water rafting, skiing

Playing in the rivulets

Snow fights

Cold weather -- hot springs

Visiting the gorgeous Mandi - prashar lake

The view and hot cup of maggi

Having hot cups of tea at the tea capital of northern India - Palampur

Meditation at Tibetan monastery in Mc Leod Ganj

Trekking up to the picturesque kangra fort

Romantic walks in the wood

Dreaming under the starry sky

The warmth of the bonfires, stories, endless chats , cups of coffee. cozy blanket, cold nights.

Devouring chole bhature at Ambala

Loads of shopping, scenic drives, sumptuous food..

An unforgettable journey with ever lasting memories.

My perfect romantic road trip.

Wish this journey lasted forever but then life3 itself is an eternal journey, isn't it?

Disclaimer: the photos used are taken from google images.



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