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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My fitness diary

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I never ever dreamt of being a thin girl. As you all must be knowing by now that I am not thin either. No it's not the case of sour grapes as the saying goes. The point is I was never attracted to the idea of thinness since childhood.
Since young age I always liked the Indian figure, full and voluptuous and even now I am never drawn to the notion or the trend of super skinny or skinny. To be precise my aim is being fit. I was always a healthy and plum kid since birth, so I guess it was always assumed that I am going to be this way forever.
Since childhood I was in different sports and activities but nothing held my attention for long. I like to wander like a vagabond.
I was the fittest when I was playing basketball, but that was like in 11th grade. I use to love it, the game the ambience, the people, my friends - you could say the whole package. That was then, after that I have had fluctuating weight graph till now. Getting fit then back to flab/fat.
Sounds harsh but that's that, the truth. Unhealthy choices, unhealthy lifestyle gives rise to an unhealthy and weak body. 
That's what I want to change and really make an effort to being fit. Blogging about this gives a good boost in the same direction and hence this post. 
I am not going to go on some diet or starve myself , I don't believe in it. I don't believe in gyms either they bore me to death. 
What I am going to do is introduce healthy options in my lifestyle - swimming, dance classes, walks, yoga, eating healthy, cardio to begin with. 
I am going to be fit and this is indeed a start to my journey.

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