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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trousseau Packing

trousseau packing

The bridal trousseau has deeply traditional roots, both sensible and sentimental ones.
It is generally a collection of items like clothes, lingerie, linens, jewellery and other things that a bride may need after her marriage. Although this custom started as a more practical approach and was a way for brides to start their marriage self-sufficiently and not having to ask their in-laws for things, it’s now a fun tradition too.
Trousseau packing is special packaging for the gifts you give to near and dear ones around the wedding.
Since relatives and friends often want to see the trousseau or is many a time put on display, attractive trousseau packaging is a great touch. Not only is it fun to look at but gives you that sense of it being a super special gift to yourself! Whether you are putting together your own or packing a trousseau for your best friend, here are some fun ideas.
Let’s start with the main packaging you plan to use. If you are thinking of putting the trousseau articles in a big box or bag, why not think of interesting containers that you can use later in your home too. Something like a beautiful carved wooden chest or a lovely tiled mosaic box are special enough for your trousseau and yet can be a nice addition to your d├ęcor at home. Another popular option is the use of decorated thaals and trays especially for smaller items. You can decorate these with colourful cloth, metallic netting, lace, ribbons, velvet, satin and jewel embellishments. Including compartmentalized organizers and trays and even dividers in lovely colours not only looks good but also allows you to keep everything mess free and showcase all your lovely gifts and purchases.
Having a central theme is also a great touch. You could carry over the theme of your clothes and accessories if any or tie it up nicely with common touches. Having a theme for the way your gifts are presented, in terms of style and colours makes for one attractive trousseau! If you have a theme for your wedding and a colour palette that runs through all your events, it can incorporated in your packing as well. You can top off your packages with whimsical touches that show off your interests and personality like flamboyant feathers, some sparkly bling or even pressed flowers and leaves.
Last but not the least try and include a satchel of a fragrance you like or some pretty pot pourri in your packages; it keeps everything fresh and looks super pretty. Have fun with the trousseau packing since it is another special part of your big day and if you are packing one for someone you care about adding a small surprise gift or cute knick-knacks will definitely bring a smile to her face.
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People hard pressed for time or without much help on hand, fret not, professional trousseau packers (have enlisted some in the pictures)provide you with assorted packages, take your pick and watch them pack up your goodies with amazing finish.

Here some ideas to help you enhance your trousseau packing , HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


Wedding Trousseau Packing

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