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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Much deserved break at Four Fountains Spa

As you all know that I keep on bantering about the holiday season with every ounce of enthusiasm, how could this post be any different?
The joy of my holidays is increased courtesy The Four Fountain Spa and their invitation to pamper myself with their exotic treatments. WOW!! I am all excited and happy, after all what more does a girl need ;p
One doesn't require any particular time to destress and pamper oneself at the spa but still I think this is the apt month for spa, or spa month. You ask why so, let me explain. Back from a holiday vacation , renew your self , rejuvenate for the beginning of holidays after work ,or just pamper your self for the wedding season , whatever be your reason, mine was two in one- returning back from Thailand vacation (as if I got less massages over there) and starting the Christmas holiday with renewed vigor. Point proved:) (sheepish grin).

There are many outlets available in my city, I chose one convenient to me, booked an appointment over the phone. This was not my first trip to their spa, I quite like it as they have lot of offers deals and different types of memberships one can avail. It's clean, hygienic, in budget. I love their therapies.:)

As Thailand is not fair to your skin I chose a Lightening Facial with ocean mist mask as my face required the pampering and to get rid of my holiday tan.
After an hour of gently exfoliating, cleansing, toning, massaging, scrubbing, steaming, application of mask and finally moisturizing.  I felt really great, pampered and my face felt clean and was glowing.
The service they gave was good , my appointment was on schedule. They also accept Sodexo gift pass. The manager assisted me in choosing a package, the masseur was nice, kept enquiring about my comfort ,but could be a bit discreet as in whenever I was dozing off she would announce to me though in a soft tone that we are doing this. Which would awaken me from my lumber, they can tell u at the beginning the process is going to involve these steps, and let you drift off in the la la land without any disturbance, the noise from the hallway by the staff members also added to the disturbance. Other than these minor hiccups I thoroughly enjoyed my self. Soothing music, in the background, green tea completed the experience. The freebie cream they gave to apply at night for relaxation got a smile to my face. ( we girls I tell you);p
Looking forward to them starting a couple massage which is yet not on their menu..

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas holiday movie party/marathon

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Christmas holiday movie marathon.
All you need is some hot cocoa and cookies. tub of popcorn and a movie list. you are all prepared to either have a movie Christmas party or watch it just with your family or your loved one snuggled in.

you can even have a hot cocoa bar to treat yourself with some goodies.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Handmade Gifts for Christmas.

Christmas is a festival of joy and Happiness. Christmas celebrates the spirit of giving and sharing.
The feeling of contentment when you see someone all happy receiving a gift that you gave is unparalleled. this happiness multiplies when that gift is a thoughtful one and multiplies further more if you have taken efforts to make it on your own.

Christmas shopping starts weeks ahead to avoid the rush, get the best things, options. Christmas shopping is a big task which is no light on your wallet and exhausts you. Why buy something created in bulk for everybody? Why not create something special for the people you love, something crafted only for them, one of a kind at a very nominal rate?

Here are some ideas, so even you can start making your gifts, I have already started making mine;p

Sunday, December 8, 2013

HOLIDAY SEASON - How to celebrate christmas

Its the Holiday season,
the season of red,
 of Santa and his goodies,
 cookies and cakes,
of carols and stories,
 of Rudolph and his nose red.
Its season for celebration
yes, its Christmas ahead...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mehendi - Bridal Beauty



An integral part of any Indian wedding. Mehndi isn't just a beautifying ornament for the bride but it is a ritual of significant values, a pre wedding ritual, it takes place before one or two days before the wedding.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Adrenaline Unlimited @ Della Adventure

Again I am back in my lazy mood, thanks to which I have this huge backlog of pending posts. I apologize to all you guys for my laziness (sheepish grin ). Well you see its the holiday time of the year. For most of the people in India The holiday season starts at the beginning of Diwali and goes on till the new year. Well its more or less in breaks ;p
So I thought why not start by sharing my first short trip of this holiday season.
By now all you guys know, how I love the outdoors and adventure, the countryside and not to forget the adrenaline. So my first trip was a mix of everything.
Our weekend at Della adventure with friends was all that was required to kick start our holiday.
Della Adventure is India's largest adventure park. Situated in the cool hill station of Lonavla amidst mountains and valleys. Its an instant rejuvenation. Having extreme sports, cozy resort, relaxing spa, beautiful surroundings, walks with loving dogs, milking jersey cows, or just curling up with a book, its an one stop destination. For my complete review of Della click here. It satiated my craving to do something over the edge and different than my everyday routine as well as rejuvenated me all together. What a start this was.... And this is what I wore ..



My style
Shirt Tunic- Splash
Denims- Levis
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Westside
pendant- Lifestyle


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little bit of sheer elegance..

As you all know by now, my personal style is more or less casual, comfortable and relaxed, I cannot and do not like to be all delicate and girly. Just a little hint of flirty fun or sheer elegance is what my style consists of.

One of those evenings, where I surprised hubby dear and took him for dinner and drinks. Oh the happiness on his face. Don't get me wrong, its not for what you think. He is more happy that he doesn't have to decide a venue than the surprise itself. Boys!!!!

I took him to Irish House, my favorite Pub in Phoenix Market city , I love the music, the atmosphere, my Margaritas, Loaded nachos- Bliss. It has an Outdoor seating, which is really nice and perfect for drinks and snacks.

All in all an evening well spent.

Friday, November 29, 2013

I, Me, Myself.

I believe that I am most important, cause if I am not happy and content I cannot spread happiness to everybody around me and then my life wont be the way it is and I wont be the way I am without happiness and happiness of my loved ones. So I am selfish in this area ;p. I need myself to be happy and hence I require my 'me time'.

For me, me times means getting happiness in small things that I love. Just crashing on the couch and watching TV or my favorite movie. Reading a book curled up in bed, writing, a hot cup of coffee and some music in background.
 Did I forget to tell you that no matter what I am a neat freak and I require my surroundings and my home neat as per me and smelling good (one headache for hubby dear..he he) A very important component for my me or we time.
 Hubby dearest is very smart and has found one solution and that is Ambipur set and refresh.
That is another story, well Ambi pur along with Indiblogger sent me a sample of Ambi pur set and refresh which just on a click goes for 60 days continuously emitting fragrance, all for Rs 220. The fragrance they sent was Thai dragon fruit which was so heavenly easy to use and efficient that I fell in love with it. I just tend to forget everything and just relax, and that's why hubby dearest takes advantage of this and now makes sure Ambi pur set and refresh never goes out of stock at our home (wicked, isn't he?) ;p. So now at our house, I am mostly in a good mood and happy and content, all taken care by my hubby( Ambi pur to be honest). See how naughty he is all for his own welfare(so he can keep his side untidy). There is one Ambi pur set and refresh on my bedside table permanently :).

Inspired by the Ambi pur fragrance this is what I painted (painting being another of my favorite things).

I definitely recommend Ambi Pur set and refresh.


Liebster Award .

Heya fellas, I am in a Jolly good Mood today. What a way to start my Sunday, any guesses. Well, well, well, I am nominated for my first blog award ever(trumpets).
Thanks to Karen of  Krafty Krook who nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Liebster Award is bestowed on the upcoming bloggers with potential, having less than 200 followers.
Liebster is a German word which means beloved, favorite, preferred; thus this award is given to those bloggers which represent the same.
I think it is a splendid way of giving recognition to the new bloggers.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Why I Pray ....

'Pray' - A Greek word  meaning to thank or request. This little word is etched deep into our heart since childhood. No matter faith, religion, belief praying is not new to anybody.

Praying is very important and its importance is greatly described in all holy books but today I am not preaching or enlightening anybody. I am just sharing with you the reason I pray.(its strictly my personal view)
For me since childhood praying is like a shopping list for God. I want this, that and everything.
Right from childhood my list went on like - in chronology -- take a look ;p

Please let me pass math.
God please I want to have yummy food not moms leafy vegetables.
God I want to go for a trip with my friends.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Some Random Facts about me.

  1. I am a night owl.
  2. I cannot take attitude. I hate people with bad attitude.
  3. I love mango flavor in every form.
  4. I have a very good memory, I can remember long lost things which no one does. I am so proud of this fact and I keep boasting about this.( To annoy my Hubby dearest's )
  5. I am very short tempered.
  6. I am a wanderer.(vagabond by heart)
  7. I blog for the sheer love of it.
  8. I love to research.
  9. I am a very positive person.
  10. I am a dreamer. I keep dreaming about any and everything.
  11. I love all things unhealthy.(guilty pleasures)
We reached a random number 11. well suits the tittle. lol

Something I wore for a random date with my hubby dear ;p

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Errands

 The weekend has arrived - Rejoice, relax and refresh. But along with it, the weekend also gets those extra weekend chores and errands. So here I am on my way running out to complete my to do list and grocery shopping for the week ahead and get my stock to prep up my pad for the weekend ;p And then laze around and enjoy the weekend bliss

Here's what I wore
Super comfy


Friday, September 27, 2013

A Little Bottle of Serenity ..

Yesterday after having a somewhat rough day - work, arguments, stress, lots of uninvited guests, cooking, cleaning. I was exhausted. I was so frustrated and generally angry.
 I needed a breather so badly. Right then my eyes fell on a package in the corner, my eyebrows were raised with irritation even further. One more thing to clean. I got up with vengeance to take care(destroy) of it. It was wrapped up. I opened it still angry. I was feeling suffocated and claustrophobic the packet still in my hand.
 Without a blink of the eye I took my bag and the car keys still looking at the parcel and walked out of the house. Sat in the car, took a breather, opened the bag.
It was a gift from Ambi pur - a small mini vent clip car freshener in my favorite fragrance - Lavender. I then remembered of having to applied for a sample on Indiblogger , as hubby and me are both loyal fans of Ambi Pur. I think it is the best in the market. Unlike other brands the technique of fixing it to the vent is very easy plus it stays there without wobbling or falling down from the ac vent on sharp turns. I love the small and cute vent. It disperses fragrance mildly and refreshes the entire car. I like to keep the dispersion of fragrance on minimum mode and I am very satisfied by the result I get. Lavender very popular in therapies and spas and being well known for its excellent soothing, relaxing and refreshing properties is my all time favorite.
No wonder, it got a tiny hint of smile to my face. I plugged it in the vent, put some soft music and dreading the traffic still started the car. With expectations of chaos, traffic, honking horns, ditches, stress I left my home with no set destination in mind. I just wanted to get out.
No sooner than I did, my nerves began to calm down and a soothing, rejuvenating fragrance was mildly engulfing me.  A tranquil oasis of Lavender was cocooning me. What more, that was what was required to soothe my tired body and soul, a breath of fresh air. I began to relax and enjoyed my drive with the soft music and equally soft fragrant Ambi pur. After half an hour of my own personal therapy, I was rejuvenated to head back home and tackle everything with renewed vigor.

I smiled to myself ( a hearty smile) and thanked my little bottle of serenity (all at Rs 199 only for 30 days)


Monday, August 26, 2013


One question keeps haunting me from time to time- What is my Purpose in Life? This question leads to a series of thoughts and a thread of questions which leave me confused and clueless every single time.What am I born for? What is the reason I am in this world?
According to me there is a purpose for every bodies birth. A destiny to fulfill. A contribution to make to the world. The meaning for existence. I am not talking of a job or a degree, what I mean are the deeper things in life. Things that matter. Things by which we will be remembered, even when we are not there. Things that give us sheer happiness and satisfaction. They are not measured by how big or small they are. What matters that they are big in our life.
Realization hits many a times that the best things in Life are right in front of us, but I need to find identify it myself, don't I ?My search is still going on. I still am finding my purpose of being. I am still stumbling along the path of my personal enlightenment. I am still Clueless.

I came across this website the other day that said in order to know the purpose of your life, just write this question - What is the purpose of my life? and then start writing your answers with an open heart until you stumble upon an answer which really makes you cry. This just made me wonder after countless sleepless nights and amazing number of hours pondering over this question, I still haven't got an answer. So is this that easy, will this provide me with an answer. Guess, I will have to try it out to find it myself.

Does this happen to you ? Have you got your purpose of being ? Are you as clueless as me ?

Please do share your views with me.

And now for the ootd.

Top - Gift from sister
Denims- Levis
Bag - Dubai Market
Shoes- Dubai market
Neckpiece - Splash


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Old world charm

In the crowded concrete jungle of high rises and modern technology, the old world charm still tells tales of the era bygone.

A glimpse of the beautiful Old world charm still thriving amidst the urban chaos in Pune City.

Trying to capture it all through my camera.

I love the old charming structures, their work, their architecture, the mystique.
The Era that was......

Do you like it too?


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