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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rock that Party !!!

P.s I had written this article for Citadel Magazine 

Today partying, is a way to get together and be merry, catch up, de stress and forget the daily grind. 
Especially this being a celebration time, there are parties happening everywhere to commemorate the same. 
However many people now a days prefer to host their own parties to keep it personal and casual celebration with their family and friends, to avoid crowd, bad food, less space and being pushed even after paying a hefty sum. 
Hosting a party yourself is a joyous thing one enjoys with their dear ones. 
Let's have a look at different kind of parties one could host according to ones personality and choice of guests and make it an affair to remember. 

Theme parties
Decide a theme to suit you and your guest. Imagination is the key here. 

History party - dress as an historical character, your party will be a world history book for sure. 

A party based on movie or tv- Bond party , pirate of the Caribbean party, Sex and the city party, Amitabh Bachhan party, Disney party etc 

Toga party- enjoy the sexy appeal of the Toga the Greek way. 

Roman party - when in Rome, do as the Romans do. 

Zombie party - dress up as your worst nightmare.

Dessert party- everything from cupcakes, pastries, jalebis, ice creams and lots more. Drool worthy. 

Oscar party- Bring out your best dresses and gowns, tuxedos and jackets and let the champagne flow with shrimps, oysters and strawberries. 

Movie parties 

Invite your guest for a back to back moviethon, chose movies considering the group of people. One can have a selections of back to back series like - ocean eleven, Twilight, Sex and the City, Fast and Furious, Horror, Mystery or chic flicks depending on the audience. Keep the popcorn and finger food like mini burgers or Pizzas flowing along with Beer and Coke. Have loads of cushions, rugs and carpets to make it cozy and fun. You can screen this in your terrace, backyard or Garden to make it all the more exciting. 

Era parties
Chose your favourite era and have your guest dress up accordingly, have the entertainment,music, food, drinks and decor according to the same. 
Eg - 90's, hippies etc 

Parties according to country 
Chose a country of your choice and party their way. 
Eg- Moroccan party complete with belly dancers, rich fabric, lots of meat, shwarma, mint tea, sheesha and music aka Arabian Nights.  

Hawaiian Luau
Tiki torches, grass skirts, cute cocktails, flower tiaras, garlands, music. 

Prince and princess party
Let your guest come dressed as prince and princesses supply them with tiaras and crowns. 

Bbq party 
This is one of my favourite evergreen way to party. 
Bbq parties are classics, never go out of style. Best ways to entertain be it in any weather. 
Set it up in your terrace, or any outdoor area you have. Marinate a load of meat and veggies, so the guest can bbq their own pick. Keep side dishes like bread basket, sauces and pickled veggies to be relished. Chose the drink of your choice but Beer works wonder. Have some country music or Ghazals. 

Card party / casino party 
Bring out the cards and let the bets start. Keep bar food and drinks handy. 

Wine and cheese party 
A spread of different types of cheese and wines is all you need. 

Karaoke night 
A karaoke machine, loads of drinks and some finger food and you are set for the night. 

Tea party 
Cute simple way of get together, bring in those yummy and tiny sandwiches, cookies pastries, muffins, croissants, puffs, rolls and whatever you may like to go on with Tea / Coffee. 
Make it exciting by having a theme like Alice in wonderland or a Moroccan tea affair, English tea, iced tea or a desi tea in a kullad, decide the menu accordingly.   

Potluck party
Let your guest get one dish each, have a spread and enjoy the meal hassle free. Do co- ordinate the menu amongst each other.

Picnic in the outdoor party 
Take the party to the outdoors, lay blankets, serve picnic food, and have a blast star gazing at night or playing park games in the day. 

Board game party 
Order pizza and bring on games like Monopoly, Uno, Zinga, Scrabble etc.

Pajama party 
A slumber party complete with pillow and blanket fortress to crash in for the night sounds fun, doesn't it. Everyone comes dressed in their pajamas and gets pedicures manicures, gossip sessions for girls especially with cocktails and great music or indulge in pillow fights and games played in school (like MASH, or Truth or Dare). Put on a horror flick and some late night ghost stories. 

Game nights
Nothing like game nights (football matches, crickets, rugby etc) with friends, beer, burgers, chips and fries.

Ghazal party 
Beautiful mesmerising Ghazals to last an entire night, platters of kebabs, conversation and music. 

Let the pictures fuel your inspiration - 

Just let your imagination run wild and come up with a whacky theme for your party, so take your pick and throw that lovely party your guest won't forget in a long time to come. 

Happy Partying !! 


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