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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why I Like Only A Closed Few Around

I am not shy neither am I introvert in fact I mingle with people in no time. When I go out to a new place or party I gel around pretty easy and then i just leave it to that. A nice time spent in that moment. Its not that I don't like people, its just that I don't want unnecessary drama in my life. I believe in the great philosophy that even if you have few closed people you can count on your fingers you are lucky and blessed. After all according to another great one you are sum of characteristics of closed people in your life. So I chose wisely rather I connect with people not that easily.
I believe in every one comes in your life for a reason and for a time so enjoy that and learn from them. Let them go without holding grudges or stretching things till they get bad. Sometimes you grow up or you just become a different person and status quo of the relationship changes - then instead of holding on, learn to live with good memories. After all decluttering is required in every aspect of your life. Don't get me wrong I don't judge, I just live life and its a short one, I want to be happy and so why complicate it with people who don't add to the beauty of it. Keep it simple na .. hence a closed few of my circle keep me sane . 

Shirt - Limeroad
Jeggings - Zara
Neckpiece - Jabong
Bracelet - Vero Moda 
Footwear - Inc 5 
Bag - Rocky S 

Photo credits - Jerlyn 


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Texas Tower - Kharadi, Pune

The first thing that comes to your mind or really blows your mind when you think about this place is its location. 
Located on the 9th floor of the Stellar Spaces in Kharadi, Pune. Its a beautiful and really huge restaurant and being on such a height the views you get are awesome from all the sides. Watching the lights below and cars pass while sipping on your drink after a long days work is really relaxing. 
A perfect place to unwind with friends, family or collegues ; they have it all.
The ambience is warm with big plush cozy couches and pretty chairs. The seating is completely comfortable and relaxing. 
The bar though steals the show. I loved it and am guilty of one too many snaps over there.
This place sure is pretty.

Getting to food.
This place sure serves a storm and how. 

American Corn Cheese Balls 
Little bland to my taste but i loved that cheese sauce would have gone so well with nachos.

Fried Mozzarella 

Fried cheese... oh yessss... 

Wok Tossed Paneer 
I loved it from the word go. The flavours just kicked in and hit the jackpot. The paneer was so soft and the flavours were bang on.
Must have! 

Paneer Kerara Kebab 
Paneer stuffing inside the crispyness.
They sure were karare as hell.

Cheese Fries 
These guys are lovers of fries and how. They serve fries with so many of their dishes and this was cherry on the top. 
Bring them on we ain't complaining, the more the merrier. 
Beer and fries ..... 
Must try ! 
Their fries are really good.

The array of drinks and each one was yum.
Mine had to be the pink one.
Long island beach tea - yum.

Drums of Heaven 

Classic Fish N Chips 
As the word said .. it was classic.. Basa nicely fried to perfection with crispy fries and that yum tartar sauce. 
Must try! 
Loved it . 
The fries literally had to be pushed off as i was busy polishing them off. CALORIES 🙈

Hot and Crispy Joe's Shrimps
Fried Prawns with fries. 
I would give this a miss. It was bland and the prawns were fried too much msking them oily and chewy. May be it was one off times.

My favorite.
The portion was huge and I was looking forward to them with all veggies and all.
I honestly love my nachos with cheese sauce and beans or salsa; both of which were missing making them a bit dry for my taste.  

Texas Hot wings
Lovely starter to enjoy your drinks. 
Wings lover wont be disappointed. 

Paneer Shashlik Sizzler 
I couldnt try it but my vegetarian friends were definitely enjoying it.

Farm Fresh Pizza 

Loaded with veggies, having this pizza will be a less of an guilty affair 😉

This shredded Lamb Raan was so tasty and yummy. Full of flavours. Everyone loved it.
Must try!

Chicken Steak
I love my steaks and these guys sure did deliver. Another table favorite and rightly so. The chicken was tender and grilĺed to perfection. The sauce was generous and tasty like crazy. The potatoes ever so soft and creamy and buttery veggies.
I wish i had more place in my stomach. 
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Must Must Try!

Sizzling Brownie 
This one is my all time favourite.  
I just am crazy for this. 
I would give it a 6/10 over here. 
The brownie was a bit hard and not heated enough. The nuts should have been more and same with the chocolate sauce. Heat was less. 
I finished it . I love this dessert like crazy..
Call me anywhere just to have this and I will come.

Fambe Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun flambed with alcohol.
In case you want to get a little more tipsy after that last round of drinks.

And with that we called it a night. 
We had a lovely time with our tummies bursting and chatter never ending. 

Thanks a lot for inviting me Hatim and hosting me with such good food Team Texas Tower. 

You should give these guys a try. Definitely a place to look out for when in Kharadi. 


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Easy Chicken Chilli Momos Recipe

Check out the easy recipe for chicken chilli momos right from the streets of Pune.
This momo guy sits in Pune - Koregaon park at the entrance of lane no 5 next to the juice vendor.
Street food at its best.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Where Was I Lost ?

So as I promised to you guys over here, here I am keeping my promise. Letting you all on where I was lost for such a long time.
I was busy with following my heart and dream.
Well this is no secret that I love nature and  feel one with it, I am a complete nature's child  and always wanted to have a place in nature. I am so happy to introduce you guys to a part of my dream - Rockville A Lakeside Lounge.
A quaint place in the heart of nature just beside a lake serving some delicious comfort food whilst you get mesmerized by the sunset or are serenaded by the birds here or are just lost in a book in this wonderland. Time just runs here and I am glad I am living every moment of it. This is very special to me. Its still work in progress but I so wanted to share it with you guys.
You will find me most of the time over here lost in nature and busy hogging. Do come by and say a big hi to me, I would love it.

Check out the complete video of Rockville here.

And this is just a glimpse of Rockville .

Look Details 
Top - Splash 
Jeggings - Zara 
Inner -  stŕeet fashion Mumbai 
Belles - Monsoon ones from street fashion Pune.  Fc road 

Do Spread the Word guys 😊

You can follow Rockville on Instagram.
Rockville A Lakeside Lounge 
Bhugaon, next to jal shivar, near chonde lake, Pune, Maharashtra 412115 
📲+91 70306 30110


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