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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small somethings..

Tired after coming back from work,
feeling like a dork.

Perhaps a small drive,
will prove to be as sweet as the honey in the hive.

The fragrance of fresh air,
the wind blowing in my hair,

the scent of earth,
Oh the happiness of hearth,

-Bhakti ;p ;p(hehehe)

But actually, a drive works wonder for the tired soul, rejuvenating all the senses and getting a big bright smile.(not a drive on the overtly congested road with traffic jams)

After one such long tiring day, we refreshed ourselves with a short drive and some favorite ice cream. Oh the pleasures. Simple joy. Beautiful Life!! The little secrets to a blessed life.

This is what I wore quickly to get in my comfortable happy drive mode.

top - kurta shirt -Max
dhoti pants- Goa
Bracelet-Mumbai Market
neckpiece - Goa Market
Earrings- Ladakh Market
footwear  - Metro
Handbag - Esbeda

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