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Friday, June 28, 2013

An elephant love story .......

I have grown up listening to mythological stories of the elephant god - human body with elephant head ( ganapati/ Ganesh and many other names) as a kid. Since childhood I was fascinated with this plump but really cute god of all. I was heads over heels in love with not only the god but the elephant himself.( and still am )

I still look at it in complete awe, whenever I see an elephant my eyes are out of their socket and I still dance around like a kid.

you know what? To the extent OF WANTING an elephant as a pet when I was a kid.( can you believe it? ) I just Love this magical creature. So much strength coupled with innocence and love.

I am in awe of it.

......and thinking all these things compelled me to paint.

and guess what I painted.... I painted an elephant. My all time favorite.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsoon Mane Magic

The Monsoon works magic on the heart and soul, it makes everything bright and beautiful. It's one of my favorite things. It gives new life to the parched earth. But it also takes away the life from your hair. Yes! Monsoon is not so magical for the mane.
Monsoons make the hair limp, clogged with impurities and lifeless wavy or frizzy, oily. 
Heres how to take care of your hair in Monsoon.

Keep you hair clean.
Shampoo more often than you usually do.( alternate days/ daily )
Don't use a very strong shampoo, but a light shampoo.
Condition your hair.
Keep changing your hair products as hair becomes immune to the same one.
Use a wide toothed comb to prevent breakage and do not comb when hair is wet.
Use a powerful hair dryer to dry the hair, use it on high cool mode.
Use a light oil. Do not oil overnight but for 1-2 hours before bath.
Heavy hair treatment, hair sprays, hair gels should be avoided.
Do not tie your hair very tightly.(a pony tail or a pin up will do.)
Drink loads of water.
Exercise regularly.
Eat healthy.
Wash your hair after getting wet in the rain.

Home remedies for monsoon mane

Coconut , castor, olive oils are excellent conditioner.
Drink loads of water approx 8 glasses.
Have zinc and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.
Mixture of beaten eggs and lemon juice are best remedy for dry scalp and hair let it dry on your hair and rinse.
Aloe vera gel and curd in equal quantities,  apply on scalp . Let It dry and then rinse.
2 bananas + 2 spoons honey for dry damaged hair and scalp. Apply and then rinse well after drying.

Monsoon mane must have products.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Aspiring ideas

One lazy afternoon as I was idling alone many thoughts crossing my mind..................

Human mind is a storehouse of imagination and thoughts. From these spring ideas - infinite ideas.
These ideas take shape in our mind, mold us, they make us do what we do, what we want to do. They give a meaning to our life, a reason, motivation. These ideas make us dream and dream we do. Aspiring to fulfill them. Giving birth to many more ideas and other more ideas to fulfill the earlier ones. A vicious cycle indeed. 
Humans are complex creatures. We are never satisfied. We accept some ideas and reject others. We perceive what we want to perceive and hence hold on to those ideas which we want to, however right or wrong. But when do these ideas become aspiring ideas?
Ideas aspire when they turn in reality. As the phrase goes " when we start dreaming and start doing". 
I truly believe that dreams are not enough to change the course of life however life doesn't have a course if there are no dreams to fulfill. A balance between these two helps in achieving a beautiful tandem. Initiate your first step towards the dream towards the ideas. Trust the dream and make a leap. No one will invest in our idea until and unless we invest our self in it. Ideas need to be executed for investment.
Aspiring ideas are not those which are circulating on the Internet in the form of quick fixes of getting rich and go on blubbering about their greatness and effectiveness. 
If ideas are really inspiring and aspiring they need to be conceptualized. What matters is not how good or bad the idea is but how well it is executed. Think big, start small is an old saying but truly effective even today.
 Any normal idea can  be an aspiring one with initiation, operation and implementation.  
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