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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On my Mind
Just talking about small things currently on my mind today. Things I did throughout the week, things which I love. 
I love BBQ nights, be it with friends, family or partner, they will never disappoint. Had a lovely date at home on my terrace with hubby❤️. 
Balmy night, smoky veggies and meat and the warmth of coal with music playing in the background whilst sipping on cocktails. What else does one need, a partner indeed πŸ˜‰. ( there are times when  you feel like barbequeing your better halves head, but then again who will keep the coal hot.πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ )
A perfect date at home 😍

Spotted a lone lamp, illuminating effervescent golden glow through its antique kinds glass globe. Old world charm !! I couldn't help but marvel at it for a long time, just one lamp can add so much surreal beauty, it made me wonder the era gone by with its grandeur and splendour. I sometimes feel I should have been born in those golden times. Sighhhh wishes ..... 

A lovely dinner date with your girls in the miidle of the week is splendid for the soul. Hearty laughs and gossip session over my favourite Italian food. 
I love this cosy cafe and love to spend hours over there (Beetroot Bistro

Natures wonders never fail to amuse you ever. It's we who are so callous and always never give them their due neither appreciate its beauty fully. 
The conch itself is so marvellous and then when it sings songs of the sea in your ear it's a too beautiful to be true. 
Enjoying and gaping at in awe on spiritual afternoon with family. 

These little things in life keep me rooted and happy. These little treasures and moments make life big ,,

Live big not long ...❤️❤️❤️

What's on your mind ? 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Reads

I love to enjoy my Sunday in a laid back way.❤️
Being Ganapati Visarjan in this part of the world ( Pune, Maharshtra, India ). 
We are stuck at home due to huge Ganapati processions and blocked roads outside. So what more reason do I need to immerse myself in the world of books, while hubby loves to explore the new gadgets and his tech things.
Curled up in bed I enjoyed Reading Mrs Funnybones -- true to all the accolades it's getting, this books deserves every bit of praises and compliments and fan fare coming it's way .
I completely enjoyed reading this book thoroughly, after a long time the most entertaining book I have read.
I laughed loudly on most of the jokes, I related to it on many levels. 
Incidents narrated by celebrity author Twinkle Khanna are hilarious.
The way she  narrates the story of her house, making it real and normal like ours in the most amusing sort of ways. She presents her views on daily matters in the most entertaining non traditional ways and some age old things which never change. She does have a bright point of view in her kitty which she perfects, just like her easy fashion which comes naturally to her.
 I enjoyed her humour completely, it's not forced it just comes spontaneously and naturally.
Just taking a break for lunch, I finished the entire book at one go. It's a feel good book which is an enjoyable read from start to finish. I loved the writing style of Twinkle Khanna. 
Must read, go grab your copies now . I even gifted it to couple of friends (they loved it too) and the book sure make a great gift. 
Perfect score from my end. πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ“–

This makes it more than perfect an acknowledgement by the author herself ☺️

Catch the equally funny launch of the book here, i am sure you wont be disappointed.

How's your Sunday going? 
What's your current favourite read? 
Do let us know, would love to know. 

Hope you are having a great weekend.. 


Mrs Funnybones
Publication Date: 18 August 2015
  234.00   187.00

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sands of time

In the sand of time I write thy name ,
In the sand of time it's you and me, 
Silly how the sand of time always slips out like a bugger,, no matter how much you try and keep it in your palm covered,, 
So do we just rush to keep ourself in... 
I think no ,, 
it's now ,, no one knows the future ,, nor can you bring back the past ,, 
it's now ,, the sand beneath your feet, the sand you feel ,, 
it's now the sand still in your palm and not the one which swiftly ran ,,, 
It's now you and me are here,, it's now ,, let's feels this sand more , let's play in it,, let it caress us with its gentle kiss,, tomorrow we won't be here,, 
but our memories will be etched in this sand forever ,,, 

Somewhere in the bylanes,, lost in the moment 

I love these vines πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±

Sand beneath my feet ,,,, pure bliss

You and me, always coming together as we,, etched in the sands of time --- forever ❤️

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Dress - Pantaloons better here
Aztec print Bag -B for Bag similar here
Footwear - Goa market 


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beautiful Journeys

I have realized one thing that I love journeys more than the destination. I look forward and plan for days together for the same and I am excited to embark on my journey every single time with enthusiasm. Honestly in my heart I crave for the journey to just go on and on. Journey to me is a discovery always in progress. 
Journey is the present which I don't want to let go for the future destination. I like to enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts. To explore the hidden treasures it promises.
It's not about quickly getting to the destination, it's about exploring the journey whilst you get there.
We miss beautiful things on our way in the quest of our destination. And these moments, beauty and experiences make the entire process complete and surreal - unforgettable memories ( just like Life )
According to me - Destination is the finale, the end point of journey and journey is laid with pathways leading to innumerable possibilities and destinations. 
And isn't life itself a journey and not a destination...... With this thought I leave you to embark on many more journeys filled with numerous possibilities.. 

Very aptly said indeed -- it's about the journey and not the destination. 

One such journey --- ❤️❤️

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it -Greg Anderson

Footwear- Flea Market
Shirt - Fashion Street
Vest - Lifestyle

Until we meet again on our next Journey.


Journeys fascinate me more than the destination, as it's the journey that enthralles, excites, evokes the senses.
Journey is a beautiful book which opens one amusing chapter at a time with anticipation. - Bhakti 
I love to watch the changing landscape, life, people. If you see it closely, it's telling us a story. Unravelling mysteries

On one such journey from Pune to Goa. 
I love this drive, full of colours and beautiful landscapes. 

Beautiful blooms welcoming us to take this journey ... Starting it with colours. 

Mysteries behind closed doors... So many stories to tell ,, you keep wondering about what lies behind the door, when u pass them on your way. Sometimes I really want to get down and explore them , I satisfy myself with a picture most of the time. 

Travel Category
Travel in Style

Of old palaces standing still through time, witnessing many a passerby ,, quiet though now,, 

Never ending roads with green canopy.. It feels like travelling far and wild. 

Me lost in it all, just taking few moments for all of it to sink in. 

I enjoy my journeys with outfits that scream comfort and colour. Leggings are the best coupled with tunics or tees with few splashes of colour for long mystical journeys. 

Hubby dear taking a break to admire. 

Mountains filling the landscape and making it larger than life- the mighty ones 

Always awestruck at smallest wonders life has to offerπŸ’šπŸ’œ

Check our return Journey here.

Outfit details 

Tunic - gift from sister 
Leggings - Zara similar here
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Butter Garlic Prawns

Me and hubby dear are prawn lovers. We can't get enough of them.
Whenever we are in Goa, everyday, every meal is a prawn meal indeed and we love them all with equal gusto ❤️❤️❤️ 

One of the dish that we savour is Butter Garlic Prawns, you get them anywhere (not restricted to Goa), however the magic of the Goan beaches, cozy shacks, sand beneath your feet and oh the creamy butter garlic prawns.... 

Today, I was craving for the same and TGIF, I whipped some for a nice night with some beer, Cuba Libre, prawns, candles and our favourite music 😍😍 wish all evenings were made of this magic. 

See how I whipped up this simple and easy dish. 

Butter Garlic Prawns. 


Around 12-14 medium sized cleaned prawns. 
Amul Butter 
Salt to taste 
Fresh ground pepper 
Lots of finely chopped garlic (according to your taste) 
A sprig of coriander finely chopped 


Add some butter in a pan on low heat, once the butter melts, add the prawns And sautΓ© them till nicely done.
Remove from the heat and keep aside, you don't want them to be over cooked and hard. 
Add some more butter in the pan, sautΓ© garlic till its golden brown. Now add the prawns, add salt, pepper according to taste. Add coriander and a dash of lemon . Give it all a nice stir. Tada,, ready to be devoured. 

They were really yum.. A little prawn dance to end it on a happy note 🍀🍀🍀 


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Simple it is ..

In every aspect of my life, I like simplicity. Be it in relationships, fashion, dialogue or any other aspect.
I hate to beat around the bush to say a simple thing, I like it to keep it honest and straightforward. 
I hate to complicate relationships, I just want them to be clear. 
I do not enjoy couture or fussed fashion, I like to keep it simple and comfortable at the very best. 
I don't like my house cluttered with unwanted gadgets and plush furniture, instead I love it cozy, earthy and simple. 
I enjoy the company of people who are near and dear to me and with whom I can be myself truly. I can't indulge in socialising with a hoard of people whom I barely know and with whom I need to keep appearances. 
Thus I have come to a conclusion that I am a simpleton at heart who loves and guards her small world with all her ferocity. 
In every aspect of life, for me, indeed simple it is .... simple life

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Footwear- Inc5 similar here
Necklace- Globus similar here
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Keep it simple, keep it stylish .. 


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