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Friday, August 28, 2015

Raksha Bandhan - Lets give it a new meaning

Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of brother and sister bond.
A sister ties Rakhi ( wrist band ) to her brother as a symbol of their love, seeking lifelong protection and love from her brother. It's a day of happiness, excitement, love, vows.
A day of making your sister feel safe and loved throughout her life.

However, is this only for a day, is this only for your sister?
Today our country, the world is filled with atrocities, atrocities towards women, rapes, molestation. 
It's difficult in many cases and many places for girls to walk in public without bearing cat calls and lewd behavior on a daily basis. 
What life are we giving our sisters? 
Those too, are someone's sister, some brother somewhere wants and yearns for their protection. 
Just because it's not your responsibility, you are free to witness them being humiliated, tormented or even worse you are the one who does it. 
What kind of hypocrisy is it, when one vows for complete protection to his own sister and gives a damn to other girls? 
Does this make sense?
Shouldn't we change this scenario, isn't it about time? 

This Raksha Bandhan ask your brother to protect not only you, but other girls in any way he can. 
This Raksha Bandhan take a vow from your brother that he will respect all women no matter what. 
He will be the man, he will be the protector. 
Let's be the change, let's try and let's make an effort.

My brother, the protector - always.
So proud of you, for the man you have grown into. 
The respect you have for your sister and all other girls and women.
I know you will always try to do the right thing and follow the right path.
I am lucky to call you my brother.

Wishing you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan !!

Let all sisters be PROTECTED !!!


Evolve or get extinct

Everything in this world needs to change to evolve and if it doesn't it's left far behind.
I have learned relationships too follow the same course, every relationship in our life no matter which, no matter with whom keeps evolving at different phases in life. Mother is nurturer, the caregiver then she becomes the teacher then a friend and eventually she is the one who requires care. A spouse - a friend, confidante, lover, caretaker, and many more roles in each relationship. These roles keep changing at every phase, they keep evolving and if we don't let our relationships evolve eventually they fade out, lose their importance, they start becoming valueless to each other. 
I being stubborn find this hard many times but with age and maturity things have started becoming more simple and easy to read. I think time has taught me to be more easy going and keep evolving with the flow. 
There is a long way ahead to learn and life is a teaching isn't it. 

On that note 

Outfit I wore for a dinner date. 

Outfit Details

Dress - Remanika, same available here
Bag - gift from a friend, better available here
Sandals - Footin, better available here
Watch - Tommy, similar available here
Accessories - Jabong same here and here
Keep evolving 😉😊

Stay simple, stay stylish.. 

Bhakti ❤️

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