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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mangolicious .. Mango dessert

Summer is the time for vacations, sweating, travelling and indulging. Summer is the time of arrival of the King of Fruits - Mango (my favorite). the wise have said that you should include seasonal fruits in ones diet ( so how can one not have mangoes). There might not but be few who dislike mangoes.

Some say its laden with calories but hold your breath- Mangoes are packed with nutrients. It has minerals, enzymes antioxidant vitamins. It is a richest source of vitamin A, C , potassium, calcium and phosphorus, fiber. You will be surprised to know it helps in fat metabolism.(awesome na? I feel less guilty devouring one mango after another ;p)
It also helps in eyesight, lowering glucose, anti cancer, anti heart attack, heart rate, blood pressure, increase immunity and many other things.
So it is good to have mangoes but in a healthy way( that means not too many at a go).

There are many desserts and recipes made from mango in almost all the houses.
Today I am sharing a yummy and easy recipe of mine. Which is very easy and quick.

For one tall glass or mug.
1 Alphonso mango ( preferably) pulp ( mix some milk in the pulp to get a creamy consistency and blend it nicely in a blender.
1 Alphonso mango diced in cubes
3- 4 teaspoon fresh cream
1 scoop vanilla ice-cream

drizzle the glass with 1 teaspoon cream
pour in half the pulp
add 2 teaspoon layer of cream over it
add half portion of cubed mango
pour in the remaining pulp over it till the brim of the glass
add a scoop of vanilla ice cream
add the remaining cubed mango over it
drizzle it with cream


Lip smacking, sinful dessert ready in no time.

P.S It has dollops of calories so please balance it out in some other way.


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