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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Stranger by Anna del Mar

The Stranger

Author Email:

Book Title: The Stranger

Author Name: Anna del Mar

Author Location (for press releases) Florida

Name of series and book number in series: The Stranger, A Wounded Warrior Novel, Book Two

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary romance, SEAL romance, Military Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

Date of Publication: August 22, 2016

eISBN: 9781459294301


Number of pages: 323 pages

Word Count: 110,000 words approx.

Formats available: Epub, Mobi

Cover Artist: Carina Press


Ex-military pilot Seth Erickson is fighting his own demons, but when he finds Summer Silva, a beautiful, 
warmth loving, Miami woman stranded in the frozen wilderness, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her 
safe from murder, treason, and the ruthless Alaskan winter.

Back Cover Blurb:

When a mysterious stranger is your only hope...
The scars of the past have left their mark, both physical and emotional, on former military pilot Seth Erickson. 
Off grid in the far reaches of the bitter Alaskan wilderness, he wants only to be left alone with his ghosts. 
But he can’t ignore
a woman in need—beautiful, stranded and nearly frozen with fear.
Summer Silva never imagined that the search for her missing sister would leave her abandoned on a wintry
 back road, barely escaping with her life from a cold-blooded killer for hire. Now, hiding out in the isolated cabin of the secretive wounded warrior who saved 
her, Summer knows she must do what she fears most. Putting her trust in a stranger is all she has left.
All defenses are down
After a fiery first night together, Seth and Summer are bound by a need as powerful as a Bering Sea
superstorm—and vulnerable to enemies just as fierce. For Seth, reawakened by desire, there is no sacrifice
 too great, no memory too dark, to keep Summer safe. But murder and treason lurk everywhere and 
Summer may not survive Alaska’s ruthless winter.
A Wounded Warrior Novel. This book is approximately 110,000 words
Short Description:

When her sister runs away with a guy she met on the internet, a warmth-loving Miami architect chases her reckless sibling to Alaska and finds her life in danger from more than
 the elements. Only a stranger, a wounded warrior who is also Alaskan tycoon with a quarrelling family
 as complicated as her own and no time for a lady in distress—let alone one who walks on her 
sleep—can save her from disaster. Together, two strangers from different worlds and opposite
 spectrums of the thermometer must unravel the intrigues that threaten their lives to chase after a new
 dream, together, in majestic Alaska.

 The book starts on a slow note but picks up speed fast.
The story revolves around Summer and Seth. Both strangers to each other and yet drawn together by forces unknown. The bond that keeps them together, their chemistry and hot romance, unravelling family secrets, murder plots, insecurities, the intensifying mystery makes this book a sure shot page turner. The author uses simple and precise language.
The character of Seth is that of a broken wounded soldier and yet very strong, mysterious and protective. He is the perfect gentleman, the stubborn bad boy, Mr powerful right, Hot lover, Romantic, Sensitive, Humorous, brave, strong protective and caring all rolled up into a macho body with good looks and of multi million worth. Exactly the guy of dreams of every girl.
Where as the character of summer is very relatable, she is todays girl. Independent, intelligent, dreamy, sensitive and taking care of herself as well as others.
Though they are so different than each other (chalk and cheese) yet they are same in their values, nature.
The Romance and trust that blossoms between two strangers brought together by situation, faith, destiny. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Alaska the simple language seeps you in the story and makes you day dream. Like a perfect book this one has the all the qualities too, the author keeps you intrigued by the putting in lots of twists, turns, mysteries and angles in the plot and yet the story goes ahead fluidly and everything fits in perfectly in the big fat puzzle.
The two very different families, thrown in together creating havoc in the story and yet its just meant to be for everything to function and be seen in a crystal clear manner. The small lessons you learn along the way just add to the value of the book.
This book is a classic case of perfect ingredients resulting in an interesting read. A complete page turner indeed. Must read especially for the die hard romantics. You will get your dose of Romance, Passion, Drama, Suspense, Mystery all in one.
Perfect Indeed!!
I give it a 4/5.
Disclaimer -I received this book to be Reviewed from the author, the review expressed and thoughts on this book are completely mine and are not influenced by anyone.
You can -

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Author Bio:

Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart.
 Her stories focus on strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy,
 kickass, military heroes who defy the limits of their broken bodies to protect the women they love. 
Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and
 what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a 
Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories. When she stays put—
which doesn’t happen very often—she lives in Florida with her indulgent husband and two very 
opinionated cats.

Author links: 


Let me know your thoughts on reading this book.

Until we meet again.
Stay happy and cheerful!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Maddy's Pasta Bar

I should start my post with my very own jingle - Maddys's Pasta - spoiling you for choices at vfm prices ... ting  !! 😊 You really cant blame me ... read on to know ..
After their successful run in Kothrud, Maddy's Pasta Bar has stepped foot in Viman Nagar. They have launched their second outlet and this is situated where Largo Pizzeria was there earlier next to Iyengar Bakery, Viman Nagar.
We were invited to taste the awesome delicious spread at Maddy's Pasta Bar by the owner Madhur Jethlia and Italian cuisine being my all time favourite comfort food I was looking forward to the evening.
A small place which can easily accommodate 25 odd people. Its a nice cosy place done up in red, white and black like the quaint little cafes overlooking the road where you can sit for hours watching the world zoom by slurping on pastas - Dolce far Niente (pleasant idleness). Whilst I was dreaming my little dream of making use of this little joint completely (I stay in the same vicinity) and deciding on all the pastas I was going try, I was hoping the food pulls me here time and again (by meeting my expectations).
Finally It was time to test the taste literally. Lets see whether expectations are met and the dream lives on.....

I loved these cute frames with Pasta quotes :)

These wooden stools were so cute..

For a small place Maddy's offers a large variety to chose from - Pasta, Pizzas, salads, Risottos, desserts, Mocktails, Appetisers and bits and pieces of other signature dishes. Surprisingly the prices are very low and affordable and the place also serves mini portions which is a bliss for people to try out more dishes or just have a small snacks on the go or for kids.
Another thing which I loved about this place is that they use eco friendly serving plates which are made up of beetle nut leaves. So much goodness and brownie points already and the food is yet to come so without further delay -
Lets dive into the food now shall we....

Virgin Mojitos
Pre Mix Mocktails they were nice to sip alongside of the food.

Thai Chicken Spaghetti
Well cooked spaghetti in creamy curry with fragrant Thai aroma, Baby Corn and chicken chunks.
I loved this dish. It was a lovely Indian Thai Meets Italian fusion. Must try !!

Next came the steaming fiery Chicken Bolognese.
Star of the evening!!
especially for the spice lovers.
Minced chicken with Indian spices and red sauce. It was definitely one spicy affair to remember.
All the flavours came in one big mouthful and it was a burst of flavours.
Must Try.

Cheese Garlic Bread with all the condiments and spices.. Good Stuff !

Baked Chicken Mac and Cheese!
Comfort food at its best. Must Have ! Highly Recommended.
Cheese lovers this will definitely not disappoint you in any way.

Chicken Tikka Pizza
Big chunks of chicken tikka along with capsicum, onion and oodles of cheese.
The base of the Pizza was nice and crispy and it was some really good stuff.

Choco Walnut Brownie
This was another star of the evening.
One of the best brownies I have eaten in Viman Nagar and all for Just Rs 70/-
Complete steal.
The Brownie had the right texture with generous pieces of walnuts added.
It wasn't overly sweet but just perfect drizzled with chocolate sauce - Sinful heaven.
I just missed my vanilla icecream to go with it. Madhur however informed us that they are going to soon start serving it on the sizzler plates along with vanilla ice cream,,, drooling already...
I loved the food at Maddy's along with everything else.
The service was prompt, the place was clean and hygienic.
The portions were large - All the portions served above are mini.
Mr Madhur was a perfect host, very warm and welcoming and explained everything in detail and was very helpful in making choices which is the most difficult task.
He also told us that they have further expansion plans in the pipeline. He mentioned that no matter what the taste at all the outlets is uniform as the main sauces are made at the main branch in Kothrud and is supplied to their outlets.
With such taste at completely vfm prices we cant wait to have more outlets dishing out our Indian Italian deliciousness.
Desi Italian and completely yummy they have played so wonderfully with fusion twists.
It wouldn't be wrong to say Maddy's Pasta - Sabse sasta ,, Taste mein Masta.. heheh (okay food coma I guess ;p)

A big thanks to Madhur for inviting us and a big shout out to Maddy's Pasta. The evening was wonderful, it was drizzling and we were seated outside with hot pastas and good company. Don't miss it...

To my complete amazement the food was really good, so my Dolce far Niente dream is going to be a reality and I sure am going to be a regular here.
So you can definitely catch me here day dreaming with my plate of pasta and a book for company ;p

Hope You all try out this place soon, I am sure you will return with happy faces. Don't forget to tell me how was your experience.

Until then...
Stay Happy and Cheerful !


P.S - This was a Sponsored post however all the views expressed are solely mine from my experience.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ganapati festival celebration, Puneri Dhol and more

Sharing the snippets of Ganapati Festival from where it all started, the origin of Ganapati Mandals, celebrations, Puneri Dhol and more.
So come live with me the festival that rejuvenates this city and the pride the people take in celebrating the fervour of Ganapati with oneness.

Markets buzzing with Ganapati Festivities

Starting with Hartalika

Gearing up for Bappa

Welcoming Bappa with his favorite food and mine too....
Ukadiche modak

Home made Modaks
Check out the easy recipe here on Chocolate Modaks.

Pandal hopping

Hope you enjoyed the Pandal hopping in Pune city with me.

Let me know your views.
Until we meet again.
Stay Happy and Cheerful!

You can also check out the another video on Ganesh Chaturthi Modak over here.


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