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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Singapore In a Nutshell - My Singapore Diary

Recently We went to Singapore for my birthday celebrations. We indeed had one crazy time.
Our vacation is over and I need another ones to get over the hangover.
It's been a while and I haven't still shared my travel diary with you all. 

So here it goes. 
We went to Singapore for 7 nights and 8 days. Lots of people do Singapore in 4-5 days but I don't like to fast forward through destinations. I always like to travel and see a place at the best way I can in depth, knowing the soul of the place and not just the touristy spots.
We went there on our own and not through any travel company ( it's pretty darn easy) 
Booked our air tickets from Make my trip. 
Had lots of points on Goibibo so did our hotel booking from there. 
We did both these things well in advance, so scored brownie points. 
We booked attraction tickets online and sightseeing is quite easy to book over there. 
I will be writing more on this. 
For now some tips for visiting Singapore

No sooner than we touched down at the airport we were enthralled by the garden in the airport. 

Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the airport, was a treat to tired eyes and sore body from all the travelling. It just energises you in a jiffy. There is a lot to do at Changi Airport. Pick up a brochure from the numerous kiosk located at the airport and explore it or simply log to their official site to know more.

That was just the beginning as we learnt a bit later, as Singapore a city of sky scrapers is also home of green foliage and gardens wherever your sight goes. It's like the concrete is being taken over by the jungle. They just blend together harmoniously. Wherever you look gardens are in abundance. The air is clean and you feel fresh looking at greenery everywhere even on sky high towers clinging their way down or engulfing the flyovers with their blooms.
Singapore is one of the countries which entertains children as well as adults alike. It has something for everyone. 
Singapore is one of the most expensive places if you consider south east Asia standards. 
The hotel rooms over here are quite small considering the restraint of space and expensive nevertheless. Book in advance to avail deals and offers. 
Book attraction tickets online to avoid long qeues and get a good package deal.
Transport is very easy and flexible in Singapore. The public transport is very feasible. The buses run regularly and the Mrt is most easy and cheapest mean to travel without any hassles and traffic. Quickest way. Taxis over here are not very expensive but they are a little difficult to avail in many places. 
I suggest buying an elink card which is a great offer for all your public transport - Mrt + bus. It can be returned and some of your purchase cost can be redeemed as well. 
Drinking water is very expensive in Singapore. However the water on the tap is potable and certified by WHO standards. However you can buy water from 7/11 stores which are located everywhere, it's much cheaper here considering other shops. 
Pick up all maps from airport, they are very handy and informative (free).
They are lot of helpful apps on Singapore, do download them for your convenience at to get any information at a tap in your hand. Refer Tripadvisor, and many more are there.

Singapore is very hot and humid. Pack light. There are very few places where you need to be wearing covered clothes. 
Otherwise shorts and summer dresses in light fabrics are way to go.
You need to walk a lot in Singapore so do carry comfortable footwear. 
Keep drinking fluids to stay hydrated ( Singapore has loads of juices and drinks to offer at roadside as well as 7/11s). 
Street food in Singapore is at its best and affordable. There are so many cuisines to try in Singapore and they all are amazing. 
Do visit the hawker markets and street food. 
The people and life in Singapore is fast paced. The people here are not very talkative and warm but always help when required. Most of the attractions have excellent help system and staff. 
Before visiting Singapore I always had a notion that Singapore is all about man made attractions and so on. It doesn't have a soul of its own. However I learnt that otherwise but for that you need to ditch the commercial spots and travel in the pockets like Arab street, Dempsey hill and so on. 

I will write about top things in Singapore, Singapore food , detailed articles about attractions and what all do in the coming posts. 

So stay tuned and watch this space. 

Singapore honestly was successful in keeping a piece of my heart. Stay glued to find out. 

Until then- stay cheerful and happy. 



  1. Hey Bhakti, I stay at Singapore.. looking forward to reading more posts about Singapore

    1. Hi, oh that's great , which means you get to enjoy Singapore all year round. You are so lucky , yes more posts coming soon :)) stay tuned and watch this space , do share your thoughts from the perspective of a person staying in Singapore . I am sure all our readers would love to have another perspective

  2. Belated happy birthday greetings to you!
    This will be a memorable one for yo, do blog in detail and you can relive it again and again.
    Singapore is a great travel destination.

    1. Thanks a lot Indrani , you are right , I am reliving every moment again from a fresh perspective and that much more I am craving another vacation. Guess it's time to start planning for the next one,, more posts coming on Singapore so stay tuned and do share your thoughts . :) and you are so right, Singapore really is great for all and surprisingly you can do it on a budget too


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