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Thursday, October 27, 2016

DIY Diwali Gift Hamper

The festival of gifting and making everyone feel special. In my last post I have covered the different gifting ideas for Diwali.
In this post I will be talking about how I create my own DIY Diwali gift hamper for my loved ones which will be completely personalised and not at all off the rack and common.
The gift hamper is super easy to make and on budget.
 So the table is set.
I am filling the boxes with home made besan ladoos packed pretty in pink. You can find the link to the post for recipe of Besan ladoos.
Some home made chocolates.
Some tea light holders.
Some ready made Rangoli craft.

The Gift boxes are ready with a hand written note to accompany them. You can also pack them in a basket or cellophane paper or any other way.
Let your creativity flow.
You can check out the whole Gift hamper video on my you tube channel below.

Happy Diwali you all !!

Lots of Love ..
Spread the cheer

Diwali DIY Crafts

Very easy DIY Diwali crafts to add colour to your Diwali.
In your budget and extremely easy. Great option to add colour to your home and decorate your home on a budget. Make for an amazing gift as well.

I am making three easy things for you.
Tea light or candle holders or diyas.
Ready made rangoli or tea light holder.
Tea light reflector.

All you need for the first one is some glass katoris in any shape.
Fevicryl glass colors.
pixy dust.

Colour the glass bowls in different designs, sprinkle some pixy dust on it whilst the colour is wet.
Let them dry and tadaa you have pretty holders ready.

Readymade Rangoli
All you need is cd, fevicryl glass colours, adhesive and decorative material you prefer, pixy glitter.
Decorate the cd, colour it and you are done.

Stack your glass bangles together no need to glue them, you can just stack them if u want.
Add a tea light and voila.. pretty simple yet amazing.

Decorated T light candles
Decorated candles look much prettier than the simple ones.
All you need is metallic tape or glitter tape to have these pretty little beauties.

Check the video below to watch how I did all this step by step and more...

Hope you liked what you saw.
Stay tuned for more Diwali posts.

Enjoy these easy crafts and decorate your house.
Happy Diwali!
Lots of love.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali season is here with aplomb. Diwali means showering everybody with love and wishes in the form of gifts. Giving gifts or rather choosing them is not always an easy task for all.
So here I am poking my nose in your business and giving you some gift ideas ;p

Apart from the common gifts that we give mainly clothes, jewellery, mithai, candles there is an huge array of gifts to explore and take your pick from.

Let me take you gift shopping

Aromatherapy products.
Everyone wants to make their homes feel and look special. So potpourri, diffusers, incense sticks, incense vials, aroma burning oils and weeds, electric diffusers and sets make our homes feel so very soothing, warm, pretty and aromatic. Great Gifts.


Fengshui and Lucky charms/idols
Budha, Ganapati, Lakshmi, GajLakshmi, Turtles such things always make amazing gifts.

cushions in metallic hues and colours, cushion covers, bedsheets, quilts, comforters for the winter season, and carpets, rugs, table spreads make for great gifts.

Crockery and Cutlery
Nobody has enough of this ever. Now a days beautiful gift sets are available just for gifting purposes.

Glass articles
Glasses, sets of mugs, coloured bottles, mason jars, quirky designs are all waiting to be picked and adorned for Diwali parties.

Handmade soaps and bathing salts
Everyone pampers their family during the Abhyang Snan (Diwali Bathing custom) so this is a great gift for Diwali.

Khadi Assorted Natural Handmade Soaps - Flavour Fresh (Pack of 16)Khadi soaps from Amazon

Soulflower Relax with Lavender Spa Set (Soap, Massage Oil, Bath salt, Candle, Massage Neck Roller, Loofah)Soulflower bath salts set

Gift hampers (beauty)
Lovely gift hampers are available to suit every budget for perfumes, cosmetics, bath and body, beauty boxes. Subscription boxes can also be gifted (just check it out online.)

Godrej Nature Basket
Healthy food and products (organic) for healthy alternatives for living.

24 hours delivery

Gift vouchers
From the favorite store or brand make for an excellent gift.

Evergreen and priceless gifts for those who read.

Dessert Jars
Very Popular and in demand, make for great gifts rather than normal mithai boxes.

Image result for dessert jars

Fusion doughnuts
Motichoor ladoos, gulab jamun are a few varieties available from the Diwali doughnut gift box from Mad over donuts. Approx - 495 INR

Chocolate donuts

Flavoured dry fruits rather than the normal dry fruit boxes.

Hope this article was a good read.. Do let me know what else you will like me to talk about, blog/vlog.

Happy Diwali ! Happy Gifting !

Lots of Love ...


Besan Ladoos for Diwali

Diwali is completely incomplete without sweets. In Maharashtra its the very famous Faraal - Diwali delicacies which are sweet and savoury which is must in Diwali in every household.
Sharing the recipe of one of the yummiest and most loved Besan ladoos from this delicious collection of Faraal.

Besan Ladoo Recipe


4 Cups Besan
1 Cup Ghee (or according to your requirement, till you get that desired consistency)
2 Cups Powdered Sugar or according to taste
1 Tspn Cardamom powder
Dry Fruits to garnish (optional)


Dry roast the Besan in the pan for about 10-12 minutes continuously stirring it on low flame till  it starts giving a nutty aroma.
Make sure its not getting burnt and is evenly brown.
When the Besan changes colour add the melted ghee.
Again low roast for 6-7 minutes continuously stirring.
Once the ghee starts leaving the Besan add the sugar and continuously stir to mix it up all evenly.
You have to be very cautious that the Besan is not getting stuck and burnt.
Once the sugar is nicely mixed. Remove it from the flame. Let it cool down a bit (warm enough) and start shaping the dough into medium shaped balls.
Garnish it with Dry fruits.

Your Ladoos are ready to be devoured.
Simple recipe which is completely delicious.

Check the video here of how I prepared them.

Hope you enjoyed ...

Stay Tuned for more Diwali Posts.
Thanks for reading.
Happy Diwali !!
Lots of Love...


Monday, October 24, 2016

Diwali Outfit with Colour daze

Hello Guys its been a long time I did an outfit post for you all or rather shared one with you people.
So here I am going all Desi thanks to the Diwali festivities in the air.
Oh God! How I love this festival and start preparing for it since ages.
I love the vibrant colours of the Rangoli and the lanterns, the Diyas and the Goddess, so here I am trying to recreate a look straight from my heart a colourful vibrant Diwali and a colourful vibrant outfit. It just speaks straight from my heart the DIWALI saga and I am smitten by the whole feel forever.
Since the whole outfit is vibrant with such bold and bright colours I have get the accessorising part to a minimal level. I have adorned lots of silver trinkets some are from PNG and some are from Sudhan.
This helps me balance my look and keeps everything together. I love Silver jewellery. Buy me silver anytime ;p. I opted for my Kolhapuri Chappal (footwear) to complete the look.
Went almost minimal and soft on my make up (my style) a hint of bronze and orange on the eye, lots of kohl and bright lips.
Btw people I have put on some weight thanks to the excessive binging on my last holiday in Goa from which we have just returned. So excuse that, its time to get into regular routine again and exercise my ass. The vacation posts will follow soon, soon after Diwali, cause for Diwali I have lots in store for you guys. So stay put and keep following me on all social media to get the latest Diwali deets.
And now for the outfit.

Make sure no matter what is your style, wear it with confidence and own it. Always balance the look.

So that was it for today ...

Outfit Details
Dress - Diwali exhibition
Footwear - Kolhapur
Accessories - PNG and Sudhan

Until we meet again....
Lots of Love ..
Stay Happy and spread the Diwali joy

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