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Friday, June 29, 2012

Football game date--- -- Euro

Whether you’re trying to win the heart of a new crush or are looking for something fun to do with your spouse and keep the spark alive, this will give you brownie points every single time.

Lets agree to the fact,, that we are with guys, and the brain of a man doesnt emmit romantic neurons ,, lol as much as that of a woman ..

There are times when your guy gets on his sporty side and wants to do nothing other than sports,,, ( which happens lot of times with almost all the guys )

I have learned to take it in my stride and make hay while the sun shines(well for me its easier as i myself am sports person ;p)

Its the Football season with EURO looming in large portions in our man's life, so it will be injustice to every man, every woman as well as football if we dont take it in account... ;p

Football games make awesome dates. Filled with excitement, adrenaline, conversation and yesss ROMANCE... .

They suit each pocket,,, awesome aint it, the guys love it, football games are great conversation makers as every minute is filled with action and you can keep talking to your guy/girl.
They love their girl for sharing their love(football),,, yess believe me they do ,,,

  • You can take your girl to a big leagues or clubs match, where she will enjoy the game and see your favorite stars..( depending on how well you know each other,, as these games will last for a couple of hours)
  • you can also take her to the neighbourhood football game or a small club match or even the park game.
  • Get down and dirty:p and indulge in some sweaty romance with your spouse and friends in an actual outdoor game of football where you just dont watch but play...
  • You can also drop in your favorite restaurant,sports bar or lounge to watch the screening of the football match and have dinner as well.
  • Or even better surprise your man by making it a fun date at home with finger food and either just the two of you or invite your other couple friends for the game.Tada.... Recipe for a Happy evening... :)

Football game food ---- finger food
popcorn, beer , hot dogs, burgers, rolls, colas, ....... and sooo on ...

What to wear ---

what to wear for football game date

what to wear on a football game date... .

Shorts, tees, flats, jumpers, rompers, casual dress, depending on the venue and time,,, but dont dress over the top girly,, add a hint of sporty or casual to your attire ..

How did i have my football game date ..

well,,, my hubby is a big fan of football...
so,, i made his favorite kathi kebab rolls ,, and we had a midnight snack watching the game just both of us and cuddling together...

For the semi final ... the exciting ,,, Italy vs Germany,, i invited our couple friends ,, i had ordered pizza ,, and we had a great time ....

Who said Football season is not good for girls ,,, take a peek and have fun with all the ideas here ,,,,

and make it a memorable season..


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Friday, June 22, 2012

soul to sole,,The Footwear dictionary

check out American apparel for some really good steals on footwear ...

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A person makes an impression from the shoes he/ she wears.
 A pair of shoes speaks volumes about their master.
We girls are crazy about our shoes, there seem to be never enough of them in our closet. Shoeaholics, and why not... we grew up on the story of Cinderella...
Today there is a wide variety of shoes and myriad of types available for selection in the market.

Lets see which one suits what look as well as our taste.
Origin :
Spanish cave drawings from more than 15,000 years ago show humans with animal skins or furs wrapped around their feet.

The evolution of foot coverings, from the sandal to present-day athletic shoes that are marvels of engineering, continues even today as we find new materials with which to cover our feet.

 many of the shoes we wear today can be traced back to another era.

Coming back to today
Platform Shoe
Shoes with a thick mid-sole, made of cork, wood, or leather and covered with the same material as the upper. Popular for women in the 1940’s, revived in the 1960’s and 70’s, and again in the 1990’s for both men and women.

high heel platform

How you can wear them --

Basic black or brown, good quality ,, minimal is the key ...will give you a different but tasteful look.
wear with palazzo pants or jeans that complement the shoes.
Platform Shoes

Who looks best in platform shoes? 
People who are short in height, heavy set women find comfort in plats with the extra height that's easy to walk in (compared to high heels with thin soles). 
Plump people with short legs will benefit from the look as it creates a vision of proportion.
Thin, slender, or tall people should avoid platforms

A heel extending under the waist of the shoe to the forepart
Wedge shoes have a chunky heel looking like a wedge which lies flat on the ground.

How to wear--

Wedges are my personal favorite ..... comfort with style and height ...

  • you can wear them with any skirt or dress regardless the length,Shorts,bohemian palazzos, denims, gauchos
  • Wedges will add definition and shape to heavy ankles, making them appear thinner. I think wedges give you a very flirty romantic kinda look.
  • Do not wear wedges with your figure hugging outfits as they tend to look chunky.
  • Avoid wearing wedges for elegant or more ballroom outfits and dresses, pencil skirts.
  • Thick wedge heels will make really skinny ankles appear even thinner.


Cuban heel
A fairly straight sided heel. For women who are not used to wearing heels, a lower heel height is suggested. Common heel heights range between 1 and 3 inches. Thicker heels distribute weight over more surface area and are definitely more comfortable to wear. Thicker, shorter heels are called Cuban heels.

 How to wear ---

 Cuban heels are elegant heels, you can pair them with dresses, skirts, trousers, office wear
These heels are also used for dance purposes, dancers wear Cuban heels , mostly Latin.

Believed to be the world’s first crafted foot covering, the sandal was the basic footwear of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome. A firm sole protects the soles of the feet, while minimal uppers allow air to circulate freely. In the 20th century, the sandal was reintroduced in North America and Europe for fashion footwear.the common understanding is that a sandal leaves most of the upper part of the foot exposed, particularly the toes


 How to wear them--

 Wearing sandals with a heel is a great look for the warm summer months of the year. As they let your feet breathe.... so many varieties of sandals are available that you can chose different ones for different looks.


rubber, loosely fastened to the foot by means of a thong between the toes


How to wear --

Flip-Flops at the Beach

Trips to the post office, gas station, grocery store, deli, coffee shop, or just hanging out with friends all qualify as flip-flop friendly agendas in my world,

  • Casual shorts
  • Jeans
  • Very casual short skirts (think denim minis)
  • summer dresses




Grecian sandal/gladiator sandals

consisting of a sole attached to the foot by an arrangement of interlaced straps crossing the toes and instep, and fastening around the ankle

How to wear ---

  •  jeans and longer dresses or skirts.
  • Grecian gown wraps are also an ideal match to carry on the "ancient" theme 
  • wear  shorts, skirts with flat short gladiators 
  • pair a nude white, grey or pastel dress with brown, or black gladiators for a Greek goddess look.
  •  Wear medium to knee-high length gladiator sandals with shorter dresses, especially dresses that sit above the knees, short skirts and shorts. 
  • wear short length pants or Capri's with high length gladiators
  • metallic gladiators work well for evening look
  • wear the style that suit your figure and fashion

for short and chubby ankles don't go for high length gladiators.

Roman sandal

on which the vamp is composed of a series of buckled straps equally spaced

how to wear --

pretty much like the gladiators

are an Indian sandal.or flip flops. They can be made of leather or of other materials.

how to wear ---

daily wear, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, ethnic outfits, kurtis

Stiletto Heel

A thin heel, usually with a metal support down the centre. ultimate sexy shoes... mother of all heels

Stiletto Heels
How to wear ---

Stilettos give you a vision of longer thinner legs and makes you appear thin as well.
evening wear
skinny jeans
pencil skirts
mini dress
everything girly
cocktail dress
party wear

Since mid 16th century, a soft, flat shoe with thin soles for men and women.
Closed slip on shoe with low cut rounded throat and medium to high heels.

How to wear ---

Pumps can be worn casually as well as formally or for evening elegant looks

for everyday looks pair the flat pumps with denims, short skirt, shorts, cute dresses

for a more elegant look pair high heeled pumps with skinny jeans, trousers, dresses, flowy skirts, blazers, cocktail dresses

check out American apparel for some really good steals on footwear ...

Hush Puppies
Trade name for casual oxford or slip-on shoes with suede leather uppers and crepe soles

How to wear---
everyday casual and formal wear
extremely comfortable

Louis Heel


a waisted heel that is splayed at the base with a downward extension of the sole.
Louis Heels, Curved Heels, Pompadour Heels, French heels.

How to wear ---

these are more or less elegant formal shoes ...

Canvas oxford with rubber soles. Used for athletics and general sportswear.

How to wear --
these are casual and sporty shoes

T-Strap Sandal
A sandal with a strap coming up from the vamp to join a second strap across the instep, forming a T shape.

How to wear --

Sling-back Shoe
Any shoe or sandal with an open back and a strap around the heel or the foot to hold it in place.


How to wear ----



Shoe with no fastening which slips onto the foot easily

how to wear ----


Go-go Boots

Boots of ankle or calf-height with a space-age look and a comfortable heel, making them ideal for dancing for long periods of time. Adopted by teen dancers and seen on dance television shows, the boots were named after the go-go dancers who wore them. It is said that Nancy Sinatra's song "These Boots were made for Walking" also aided in popularizing the boots.

How to wear ---


High-heeled, mid calf-high boot. Can be highly ornate, often in two tones.

how to wear --

Skimmers/ Ballerina or Ballet flats.
Inspired by ballet slippers, ballerina flats have become a staple in women's footwear.
Having a flat heel, closed toe, and a slipper-style construction, ballerina flats are typically low-cut, meaning they show a lot of the top of the foot.

how to wear ---

romantic, girly, flirty, feminine ...
leggings, maxi dresses, denims, jeggings, shorts, cropped pants, skirts, you can almost pair them with anything and everything casual

Make sure you can walk in the shoes you pick out.
It's never stylish to be wobbling about
Practice with your new shoes and be comfortable before wearing them outside...

Have tried to incorporate all the types,, if i have left out any please let me know , i will be more than glad to add it to the post...

hope you liked it..

your comments mean a lot,, please let me know your view..


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