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Monday, January 29, 2018

Raasta Cafe Pubtown - Ishanya mall Pune

Raasta literally means Road in Hindi. So when Raasta cafe goes on a spree opening its popular brand all over town - Its safe to say that most of the popular roads (raastas) in Pune have a Raasta cafe to boast of and the number  keeps going strong of this expanding crowd favorite brand. 
So we decided to check out the newest Raasta cafe in town at Ishanya mall. 
Well this one is not just a cafe this is Raasta Cafe Pubtown and as you enter you get the exact feels of a pub. Relatively smaller than its siblings else where it sure does have the same traits though. Abiding by the Raasta Culture it sure does give you the easy going, laidback feels. Sticking to its signature orange, white black this place has the vibe of a Caribbean lounge and a pretty youthful and vibrant one at that. 

I love the orange white notes that keep running on the entire ceiling. It gives the place a very alive, lively kind of a vibe. 

Coming to the main thing - drinks and food - they very well lived up to their expectation and kept the bar high. The quality and taste is maintained as per the Raasta standard. 

We tried their signatures and enjoyed them completely.

Right from the jerk chicken to khowsuey everything was made as tasty as it always is. 
Btw their Bar bites are yum.. bite it and see it 😜

Jerk Chicken 
Rs 280
This was a mix between a satay rubbed with jamaican spices. Lovely flavours and tender chicken. 
Must try !

Dips and Pate 
Rs 240 
This traditional platter of hummus, Tzatziki and spicy pepper was over within no time at all. Always love it. 

Tempura fried Prawns 

Perfect Japanese tempura prawn fritters. So crispy on every bite and soft from within. This came with a honey chilli dip which just went superbly together. 
Perfect bar bite to order when at @raasta.pune 
Rs 350 .

Raasta Grass Martini 
Rs 300
The lemon grass makes all the difference. Such a refreshing drink with that lemon juice and did i forget the gin now. Never. 😊 
Lovely ! 

Ceasar salad 
Rs 280 
This was a simple classic one with assorted lettuce, parmesan, smoked chicken and croutons. I wish it had more dressing though. Making a mental note to ask for extra dressing when I order this next. 

Oreo cookie Freak shake
Rs 240
I love this monster. The taste is so yum and its huge filled to the brim and then some more with fresh cream, ice cream, chocolate syrup, a big brownie and cookies. 
My only thing always at all their outlets is that I find the brownie on the harder side would love it more if it was goeey but guess thats their standard brownie. May be cause when you dip it in the shake it shouldnt disintegrate. Just guessing. But I still love it. 

Bruschetta platter 
Rs 220 
Overload of cheddar, mozarella along with tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapenos and olives all toasted well on a toasty little baguette. I loved the mushroom one more. Good nibble whilst drinking on some yumminess. 

Chicken tikka pizza 
Rs 400 
Simple flavours kept minimal with the tikka masala. Loads of mozarella and sprinkling of capsicum and onions. We sure had a winner. 

Greek Salad 
Rs 180 
Olives, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes and loads and loads of feta. Such a fresh salad this was. 

Reggaelicious Mojito 
Rs 300
Fresh watermelons and basil leaves to the killer combination of white rum. This was super yum. The watermelon added to the sweet soothing factor and gave it that extra edge. 

Rosemary Mustard Paneer Kebab
Rs 280 
For the paneer lovers. Melt in the mouth paneer with that hot traditional kasundi flavour rolling in your mouth with the creaminess of paneer. 

Saffron and Parmesan chicken kebab 
Rs 340
Another melt in the mouth dish what with parmesan and chicken grilled in the clay oven with strong saffron hints. A mild dish for the ones who like it the minimal way. 

Veg Burmese Khow suey 
Need I say more. 

New York style baked cheese cake 
Rs 260 
This one is another Raasta classic and rightfully so it deserves to be. Soft cheesy, creamy and a bit sour with the berries. 
Cheesecake lovers rejoice. 

Rs 180 
This Mascarpone layered goodness soaked in bitter strong coffee and with that pungent rum. So creamy, so soft, so soothing. So very yummy. 
I love it completely.

And that my friends got us to bid a farewell. I had a great time.

So for all the working people and people who just love to party this is a perfect place to grab that drink and soothe your nerves after a hard day of work. 
You know what to order. Dont forget you heard it from me. 
So stay tuned to .... 
Bhakti Diaries for lots more. 
Until next time. 


Disclaimer - I was invited for the tasting however the views expressed are completely mine solely based on my experience of that day. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Recluse or Self Love ?

Hello guys, happy new year, we are well in 2018  and I am tad bit too late in my first blog post that went up now almost in the end of January.
What should I say just that I am playing recluse . Well yes that's another facet of mine.
I like to go in my shell from time to time and just hibernate and do nothing at all.
Does that happen to you ? Sometimes I feel I am this weirdo living alone. However I love my own company and the perks of just being by yourself. Listening to the thoughts in your head, dancing to your own music and weaving beautiful dreams or simply the joy of not doing anything at all or just doing things, how and when you please if you please. From childhood, I love to be left on my own. I use to love it when everyone use to go somewhere and leave me alone at home at the pretext of studying even if that meant locked in the house. Well, I use to make a simple snack for myself, cold coffee, read a book or watch my favourite movie (nothing fancy) which still continues today. But the magic of being alone adds this charm to the whole experience.
I love being with my own self and making myself feel special.
Does it happen to you, do you understand the urge of having your own space and enjoying your own company from time to time or am I the only recluse here ? or should I say basking in self love. 

and with that a simple casual outfit for a day at the mall. 


Outfit Details
Dress - Pantaloons 
Bag - Rocky S 
Footwear - Footin
watch - Espirit

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Charm Of The Irish Continues -Irish House Kp

When your favourite den comes in an all new avatar, larger than life - is their a reason to complain ? No, in fact I am rejoicing at the same with my favourite things and my new discovered loves.
Yes, I am exactly doing that. Being an Irish House loyalist since it came to town I am in love with its drinks which are hot on the dot always, the food is grub shrub perfect to go with the potent potions, so perfect in fact that you lick the plate clean and the dil does mange more.
The best thing about this place are their insane happy hours and their BOGO. Does one need more in this today's world ? Me - Not... I will happily take it all.
So when the swankier, larger, hippier, more happening and re invented Irish House came with its second outlet at the Nitesh Hub Kp I was just on seventh heaven.
You think I am exaggerating. Think not just watch.

Did I tell you, I love their classics - nachos, chicken popcorn, rings and their entire works so now they tempted me with the new menu and I lapped it all up and oh boy everything and I mean everything was A1 amazing.
Everything is a must try, I am not kidding guys.

Some smoke wisdom from me to you 😉
Rs 545 
Best whiskey cocktail I ever had hands down 😍
Whisky with cranberry infused tea topped with that rosemary smoke... that sweet smoky poison 😍 has my heart now... Btw their appetizers are uff yummm ma 
They have amazing offers in their happy hour.. Give a call and Check them out 

Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni
This was the only veg dish we carnivores had. I completely give in because I couldn't stop munching on these. Crispy crunchy crumb fried Rigatoni pasta which were filled with Sriracha cheese and served with creamy ranch. 

Meat and molten cheese ... in heaven ... yes please.
They sure can sausage right. Those moist flavourful sausages along with the grilled chicken bites dipped in that creamy 3 cheese sauce in the sourdough bread bowl ... one community eat which sure will end up with a fight for that one more bite. 😉
The Sourdough Fondue Bowl Rs 545 .

Headless Chicken platter Rs 995 
Is it called headless because you stop listening to your head and go after your heart to finish this platter in record speed and load on all those yummy calories. Well I did just that. I dont know why they named it headless but this platter is surely for a mighty heart with a big appetite. 
Whats not to love. We chased the last bit of crunchy chicken popcorn. Got down and dirty with the chicken wings and greedily lapped up the chicken tenders. 
Long live chicken love. 

Dog in a Pot Rs 375
To be honest wasn't sure till we ordered, still wasn't sure even after this beauty landed in all its glory. One bite and it changed it all. First, let me tell you Irish House takes its sausages very seriously. No matter what sausage I have had here I just couldn't resist. So silken smooth, soft and tasty. 
These were one of the best hot dogs I have had. That hulk green coloured pesto hot dog with smoked chicken sausage dipped in creamy spicy cheese sauce topped with those sweet fried crispy onions and a hint of fresh basil pesto. Just imagine that bite. 

Ghost Pepper Smoked Chicken Salad Rs 395
Lovely fresh crispy lettuce served with smoked chicken, boiled eggs, pickled cucumber, black beans, jalapenos, fresh carrot slivers all in a dressing of creamy ghost pepper. I almost forgot that lovely grilled corn .. quite some .. .

Moroccan Lamb Rs 645
I love my chicken no doubt but a well done lamb dish has my heart. 
This spicy grilled lamb rubbed with Moroccan spices was served with cracked wheat and honey glazed carrots. The combination went really well and healthy no. However this would be top notch if the lamb was a bit more tenderly cooked. Still the taste was really good. Quite impressed. 

Now would you take a minute to admire this gorgeous flat lay. This is sure going to be phenomenal. 

Devilish Chocolate Brownie Rs 275 
Sinful warm gooey chocolate walnut brownie = yum served with chilled vanilla ice cream = super yum 
Drizzled with hot chocolate sauce = Devilish
Love ❤

The Irish Riverdance Rs 575 
Standing ovation for what lies ahead. 
This my friends hands down wins it all in one go. 
This beer mug was loaded with gooey brownie, brownie crumble, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate bites, chocolate truffles, chocolate coated cookies topped with caramel sauce and caramelized nuts, hold your heart - pour over some lager beer. 
And you have heaven on a spoon. Pure unadulterated sinful indulgence. This is my friends complete Foodgasm. 

A perfect Dual Chocolate Torte Rs 275 
A duet between dark and white chocolate resulting in a classic.

That was me at the new Irish house outlet. Had a lovely time with some amazing music and my favorites and loads of new favorites in this open cheerful airy Irish Pub. 
I am visiting more often. 
Oh on the last note do try their Terminator which is like a community drink to be enjoyed amongst 4 or more people. 
A big container filled to brim with their potent potion. TRY IT... 

12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Nitesh Hub Mall 37/4/2, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
020 67040597

Thanks a lot Svetlana for being an amazing host as usual and Irish house for all the suggestions and the lovely time and fantastic food and those killer drinks. 


P.s I was invited for the tasting however the views expressed are solely mine based on my experience for the day. 

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