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Saturday, March 28, 2015

10 Timeless Must Haves

P.S this article was written for Citadel Magazine 

10 pieces of Jewellery which are Timeless and Must haves.

Jewellery is a woman's best friend and enhances her beauty. Their is so much in term of choice of jewellery one can own, it's an amazing treasure trove. 
Jewellery - Best option to gift a woman, Best way to pamper yourself. A beautiful way to define your beauty and personality. Jewellery certainly plays an important part in a woman's life, no matter how much you like jewellery or are a no frill person, every woman has a share of her trinkets. 
When one is spoilt for choices and confused what to take, these are a few timeless classic pieces which every woman must own and which will be with her throughout life complimenting her. 
One can achieve so many looks with these pieces alone or mixing and matching them. 
Let's take a glimpse. 

A pearl necklace 

A pearl strand is a must for every woman, modern enough to pair with the cocktail dress or blazer at work and ethnic enough to go with the saree for an occasion. 

Charm bracelet

Add your own little charms to your bracelet and give it your personal touch. It's a classic that will never go out of fashion and a woman's jewellery box.

A gold chain 

A simple but must own item. A gold chain coupled with a personalised pendant goes well with casual looks. Add to your look and make it more striking by adding multiple chains of different length and achieve the layered look, which is so chic. 

Diamond studs 

These babies are the most perfect piece of jewellery ever, they go with any and every outfit. So what are you waiting for put on these darlings and sparkle like stars. 

Cocktail ring 

There is nothing simple about this piece. It's completely glamorous. One ring can change your entire look. Vintage, completely stylish and an eternal classic. 

Statement earrings 

These will instantly glam up any evening look. 

Statement necklace

A statement necklace will be enough to define your look and won't need you to don any other jewellery and be a star of all eyes. 

A delicate necklace

Whenever you are want to be girly or are feeling delicate and elegant. 

Bangles / Cuff 

Take a pick according to your personality, whatever suits you better a stack of thin classic and elegant bangles or a thick stylish and bold cuff.

Classic watch 

Photo credits - Pinterest 

Last but not the least, a perfect classic watch goes a long way in making your look complete. Chose a round or square, big or small based on your personality completely. 

My article -- 

Keep adding these gorgeous pieces in your chest and shine on. Just a little something of these everyday can make you feel like a pretty princess. 


Butter Garlic Fish

A quick and easy recipe to satisfy hunger and satiate those tastebuds ,, as well as healthy, now that's a killer combination, don't you think? 😊
I was feeling like having a quick fish bite and wanted it healthy with loads of veggies. 
I had Mackerel (Surmai) handy, the dish will turn out awesome with Tuna or Talapia variety of fish too. 

Thinking of healthy I decided to steam them. Especially for those who do not like to overpower food with too many spices and ingredients. Simple dish retaining the flavour of the fish and very subtle to taste. 

The method and ingredients are very easy and you will be thoroughly pleased with the results. 


Mackerel cut in slices ( over here we are making two slices of grilled fish, enough for one person meal) 

Salt and pepper according to taste 
1 Lime juice 
Garlic cloves cut finely around 2tspn
Chilly flakes optional 
Butter a small blob 
Olive oil 2tspn
Cilantro or any herb of your choice 

Wash the fish fillet and pat dry 
Mix all the ingredients and rub the fillets with it. 
Now take a foil and keep the fish over it, pour the remaining ingredients if left and finally drizzle some olive oil. 
Wrap the fish nicely and place it in a pan. 
Let it cook with the pan covered on low flame for around 5-7 minutes then turn the package over and repeat on other side for the same time. 
Fish is ready, be careful while opening the foil. 

Fish is ready to be devoured with sautéed vegetables and rice, one can also have some white sauce. 

Hope you Enjoy !! 


Princess : a true story behind veil of Saudi Arabia - Jean Sasson

I never read books according to the latest ones coming in the market. I just randomly pick up the ones I like while browsing the store.
I happened to read one such book. 

  1. Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia
    Book by Jean Sasson

A shocking story of a true princess of Saudi. 
The book is heart wrenching. 
It tells you what really goes on behind the veils, the truth of the magnificent palaces and one of the richest places. 
It engulfs you from the starting in the world of princess Sultana ( true name changed). She is heroic in her own rights, fighting and being a rebel to the entire system from the start. Every episode brings out the shocking tales of women in Saudi, of their struggle, of their fight to survival. It's heart breaking to know of the lives these royalty clad woman live having every luxury at their disposal and yet prisoners in their house, without any control or right on their life. 
The battle of Princess Sultana and all the women around her. 
You get immediately drawn to the ferocious little girl who denies to bow down, the punishment, her suffering , yet she grows into a beautiful teenager with the same wild heart, the anguish , her pain, her love affairs, rebels, her fearless nature, the way she becomes a wife and then a mother. The lessons in life, hard hitting ( pun intended) and fierce change her or does she change her life is the question kept burning throughout. 
Yet every time she plans and plots and Rebels to get her ways, your heart skips a beat for her. Every victory of her is rejoiced and you feel her pain equally.
The truth of Saudi woman this book tells is a must read. 
I couldn't get my eyes of it, finished it in a day. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A little bit of kindness this Summer

Summer is here, it's just the beginning and the temperature are soaring. Everyone just needs a respite from this blistering heat. One doesn't want to venture out of the comfort of the home owing to the scorching sun. However the birds and stray animals brave the heat without any option.
These poor things fall victim to dehydration. They are instances of birds collapsing due to dehydration. 
With one small deed we can make a difference. 
Please put water outside your home or society for stray animals in clay pots or containers of no value which the animals can easily reach and have a drink. 

One can have water baths for the birds on the terrace, window sill, balcony for the little creatures as a small respite from heat. 
Keep a dish or container with a depth not more than1-2 inches so that they can easily have a quick dip, drink water and refresh themselves. 
One can keep some bird feed, simple grains, for the birds to enjoy a complete meal. 
A little bit of plants around will make your outdoors a sanctuary for birds and you will be surprised by the myriad visitors you get. The space will also cheer you up and will be your own little oasis a respite from the heat as well as the concrete jungle. 
If it's not possible, just keep a dish of water and be a saviour for the little creatures. 

Simple bird baths you can keep - 

Photo credits - Pinterest 

This is my Bird Bath - 

Please be generous and share water. 
A little gesture will help many. 

Enjoy the summer. 


Sita's Sister - A Mytholigical Journey book reading at Tertulia

Tertulia hosted a book reading for Sita's Sister - a mytholigical journey written by Kavita Kane.

Yadu sankalia and Ritu Nathani read excerpts from the book and Kavita herself put light on the characters in the book, her research and answered all questions the audience had. 

Kavita Kane a name well known as the author for the best selling Karnas wife.
Kavita indeed loves mythology and it's like the unsung characters from the era gone by call to her to tell their story and she successfully does exactly that with great penchant. 
Sitas sister is a book written on Urmila better known as Laxmans wife whom he left behind for 14 years in the palace when he took exile with Ram and Sita. 
It's astonishing how characters, plots, dilemma, questions and the story which took place thousands of years ago still rings true today also. 
The questions raised by Urmila, her thinking, her life, relationships, sisterhood, love, responsibilities are beautifully sketched by Kavita. With her research as well as her prowess to write, she has given life to Urmilas character. 

I am definitely very eager to read this book. 

Photo credits - Tertulia and Kavita Kane page 

It was an enjoyable afternoon listening to the experts in the comforts of the cozy resto and enjoying healthy Raw Pressery  juices thanks to Carpe Diem and everyone involved. 

Do let me know how you find the book . 


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