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Monday, March 25, 2013

Globus launches another store in Chennai with its vibrant Summer collection..

Renowned clothing Brand Globus opened doors of its new flagship store in the plush Phoenix Market Chennai, unveiling its Summer Collection with aplomb.
The Hot collection is really cool for this Summer.
Globus has created a niche for itself with their precise understanding of consumer demands met with affordable yet perfectly fashioned garments.
Their Summer Collection is really peppy and inspired by 30 different styles like Copacabana, Nautical inspired look, Chroma Light, Psychobilly Rebels, Marrakech Souk, White Sensation & Summer of Love to name a few.
Drawing inspiration from the rich and vibrant culture of India, ranging from the classic Banithani paintings, Kashmiri Embroidery & the traditional mode of entertainment –Kathputli, the ethnic section is perfectly crafted. Fairy Tales, Future Trousseau, Floral Bliss, Glam Girl, Summer Blossom, Summer in Venice, Summer of Love and Urban Nomad are few other inspirations in this myriad range of designs.
Floral and summer whites in the women’s wear with the main themes of colour blocking inter played with a black and white club collection makes women's wear complete where as men’s wear boasts of  exciting checks, stripes and coloured denims.

Don't forget to check out their clothes online .... 
Lets take a sneak peek...
Download Globus_Velachery20130223_004.JPG (1134.5 KB) Download Globus_Velachery20130223_008.JPG (1073.7 KB) Download Globus_Velachery20130223_016.JPG (1416.5 KB) Download Globus_Velachery20130223_019.JPG (1139.1 KB)
Download Globus_Velachery20130223_020.JPG (1013.8 KB) Download Globus_Velachery20130223_022.JPG (959.2 KB)
Download Globus_Velachery20130223_053.JPG (1311.4 KB) Download Globus_Velachery20130223_061.JPG (1295.5 KB)

Friday, March 22, 2013

The village ...... Down Memory lane ...

Just stumbled upon this poem ....

Was Reminded of my childhood days spent visiting my grandma in the village for summer vacation.

Still remember the essays i pain stakingly wrote on the village life in the starting of every school year for homework.

Now realise the essence of the words that were dully but truthfully poured on the blank pages.

Now crave to go back to those vacations as a carefree child to fully live them once again...............

The Village Green

On the cheerful village green,
Skirted round with houses small,
All the boys and girls are seen,
Playing there with hoop and ball.

Now they frolic hand in hand,
Making many a merry chain;
Then they form a warlike band,
Marching o'er the level plain.

Now ascends the worsted ball,
High it rises in the air,
Or against the cottage wall,
Up and down it bounces there.

Then the hoop, with even pace,
Runs before the merry throngs;
Joy is seen in every face,
Joy is heard in cheerful songs.

Rich array, and mansions proud,
Gilded toys, and costly fare,
Would not make the little crowd
Half so happy as they are.

Then, contented with my state,
Where true pleasure may be seen,
Let me envy not the great,
On a cheerful village green.

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