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Friday, July 5, 2013

Skin Care Journal..

Whatever be the reason - stress, age, pollution, ignorance, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, hormones or travel, it shows on our skin. Hence according to me ' Skin ' is one of the most important thing. It is a vital part of our beauty and should never be taken for granted.

For a fresh, supple, healthy, glowing and youthful skin it is very important that we take good care of our skin.

In todays hectic schedule our health takes a backseat and the effects are first shown on our skin.

I myself am a lazy person, I like everything to be simple, fuss free and quick. So I thought of sharing my skin care routine with everybody out there. It is nothing elaborate but enough to keep my skin healthy. As you know by now that I believe in minimalistic and simple.

 Any beauty regime depends upon your skin type and age.
I have a combination skin. Having an oily t-zone, which is very sensitive hence jawline and forehead is prone to hormonal breakout. I am in my mid 20's.

The most common and easiest and basic routine.



Make up remover:

Maybelline Make up remover eyes and lips, I swear by this as I wear lenses and this doesn't irritate my eyes at all while removing eye make up. Rs 215 for 70 ml
Lakme 9-5 Dual make up remover is a must buy. It delivers what it promises. Rs 295 for 120 ml
Revlon make up and lip remover is another good but with its creamy concoction and easy usage. Rs 160 for 60 ml
Hip Hop instant make up removal pads are must buy for outdoors, vacations etc. Rs 100 for 30 pads


St ives apricot scrub- Rs 75 for 28 gms
Neutrogena deep cleaning gentle scrub. Rs 95 for 50 gms 
Lotus apriscrub. Rs 125 for 100 gms

Face wash :
wash your face as often as possible, at least 4 times a day.
I do try many face washes but always come back to this one - Ponds white beauty daily spot less lightening facial foam. It effectively cleans out the dirt and is very sensitive to the skin. Helps in removing the tan a bit. It actually helps in lightening the skin.
Another one which I use is Lakme fruit blast Melon melt and Citrus rain. Just love the fresh fruity refreshing feeling it gives.
Clean and clear foaming face wash is another must try especially for ones with sensitive and oily skin.
Cetaphil is a favorite and most effective with pimple breakouts.


Toning is essential for closing the pores opened on the skin due to cleaning it. As open pores are a breeding place for dirt, infection and breakouts.

Lotus Herbals basil toner - Rs 185 for 100ml
Biotique cucumber water - Rs 135 for 120 ml -- great toner stings though.
Neutrogena deep clean, blackhead eliminating cooling toner - a great buy , I recommend this product. keeps skin blemish free. Rs 340 for 200 ml


Moisturizer is food for skin.

Day cream should protect you from pollution, dirt , grime and ultraviolet rays , hence it should have spf and other vitalities beneficial for the skin.

 Ponds White beauty- spf 20, I like this baby. Rs 140 for 35 gms
Garnier Light - fairness + dark spot prevention-must buy- Rs 80 for 18 gms
Neutrogena Fine fairness cream - spf 20 Rs 299 for 50gms
Lakme perfect Radiance day cream- Rs 99 for 15 gms love this baby but no spf though.

BB cream ( blemish balm)
BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. Wikipedia definition.

Garnier BB cream - Rs 99 , for instant glow, spf 24, corrects blemishes. Must buy.
Maybelline Clear glow Bright Benefit Cream -Rs 199 mattifies and controls oil and sebum for up to five hours.8 benefits with 1 step.
Ponds white beauty BB + fairness cream - covering spots instantly as well as lightening of the skin in order to reveal a perfect natural look. SPF 30

Night Cream:
 To avoid early aging process, to repair the skin from the days wear and tear night cream is essential. Reduction of fine lines, dark spots, patches, wrinkles and well nourished, healthy skin is possible due to night cream.

Lakme fruit moisture skin renewal cream- Lovee this product, highly effective, it renews the skin in every possible way + it smells awesome. Rs 125
Garnier light overnight peeling fairness cream. - dark spot reduction , dark cell exfoliation, nice product a bit greasy though. Rs 99 for 18 gms
Ponds flawless white re brightening night treatment- revitalizes and nourishes tired skin making it soft, smooth and bright. Rs 449 for 50gms.


Rose mask - to hydrate skin
Dabur Gulabari- For radiant, hydrated and refreshed skin. Rs 23 for 59 ml
Aloe Vera pack
everyuth cucumber face pack for acne and detox. Rs 80 for 100gm.
Himalaya Mud Face Pack - excellent for pimples and dark spots. Rs 59 – Rs 68 for 50 gm. 
Lotus Herbals Clay White Black Clay skin whitening Face Pack Rs 210 – Rs 220 for 120gm
Ayur Face pack - I love all the ayur face packs and swear by them. must and best buy. Rs 40 – Rs 65 for 100gm

This completes my regime. The products mentioned are tried tested and suited to me(combination skin). There are many other products in the market. Products which suit our skin best only should be used, which differs from person to person.Products should also be used according to ones age.

All the products mentioned are affordable, easily available, easy to use, low maintenance and fuss free. So no more excuses for not looking after your skin.

Hope this was an interesting read.

which are your favorite products?


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