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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Little Door, Pune

City lovers are sure getting and enjoying their share of casual joints over drinks and finger foods rather than fine dinning. Food and socialising scenes are fast changing in the city. 
Let's have a look at one of these game changers which is a new entrant to the city's food scenes.

The Little Door, Pune - The renowned brand from Mumbai and popular watering hole needs no introduction. 

On the busy street of Kalyani Nagar, a small stone in white catches your attention, alongside a Little Blue Door. The stone reads The Little Door. 

The name itself fascinates one about this place-a little blue door literally leads you in waiting for you to unfold a mystery and stands their patiently inviting you in.

No sooner than I saw the door I started thinking about what lay ahead . I was excited to find out and my excitement was really awarded as the magic of this place truly engulfs you in.
Its a simple place yet oozing with life,  it just swept me to a place which could be an amalgamation of a Greek mixed Goan theme . The result - a beautiful tranquil white , it just calms and soothes, excites and invites you at the same time and all this on a busy street in the city.
The place is done up on three levels- the outdoor seating which is bustling with activity, the indoors which has loud music, the first floor which is a bit private and last but certainly not the least, the terrace, which is warm, cozy and yet not far enough from the action - beautiful setting.

After the initial impression and taking the magic in, anticipation was running high to see how it really scores on what it promises - delectable finger food and appetisers with creatively mastered drinks.
The food definitely keeps the impression and doesn't disappoint at all. The entire fare is really good. The presentation is appealing yet simple. The portion served are good. One would find most of their finger food to be had while sipping on your favorite drink.
Overall everything we tasted met our expectations to the core however I would definitely recommend some of my favorite dishes to you guys  strongly.
cocktails they serve are really out of the box and innovative, they will certainly blow off your mind. 

Must try - Podka - kokum mixed with vodka definitely gives a zing.

Happy coco which was served in a coconut and was really refreshing ;) 

Hercules - as the name suggests strong and fierce . 

The classic mocktails are perfection blended in tall glasses.
I loved their vodka shots which were doing the rounds for all tables ,, follow me on Instagram to see it ..
Coming to the starters - 

the small burgers and sliders are so cute and tasty , 

must have - Greek Nachos - sumptuous and yum to the core .Filled with cheese, the perfect herbs, and toppings .. Must have on every table.
Mini shawarmas go with everything so well.
Souvlaki swords are another must haves - chicken bbq in Greek mix .
For the shrimp lovers - fire starter - shrimp flambeed in alcohol ..
All the starters were served with really good dips which went amazingly well with the dish and took the taste factor a notch higher.
The main course - champagne risotto must have and after that vodka penne -- you could also go with gambas a la Parilla - prawns in Orange sauce served with buttered herb rice -- the flavor was so soothing ,, creamy and went so well together.. 

The masterpiece was left for the last - the grand entry, the cherry on the entire experience - rum drum - 8 layered chocolate cake which is a pure indulgence - creation of chef Mayur - sheer Brilliance. 

First bite and you will be in heaven , tantalizing every taste bud
The service , the presentation and everything was up to the mark .
Thanks to the owners Mayur and Ashutosh for having us. They play the perfect host ... Indeed I am hooked to this little door from Bombay who has opened its doors to Pune .. Perfect watering hole for the evenings --

 P.s I found this restaurant VFM. we visited on A Monday Night - almost all tables were full and the place was buzzing with activity.        

Till we meet again .. 


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