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Sunday, July 28, 2013

DIY -- Mobile Bird Charm -- Sparrow Sorrow

One evening I was just sitting in my balcony, everything was right, a bit of light breeze, green plants, monsoon blooms, tinkling of the wind chime. I was enjoying myself relaxing, but something  was missing. That something was the chirping of little sparrows. Those tiny pretty things flying in and out of the house, sitting in the balcony. Growing up on the stories of sparrows, feeding them, being fascinated with them, watching them dance in the courtyard. I can never forget those pretty eyes and those tiny active, cute birds.
 It really saddens me that they no longer visit me or the neighbourhoods. It's true, sparrows have declined and are disappearing slowly. Reason being our lifestyle. It's strange how we compromise on the things we have to welcome new changes and new ways of life. It's very disheartening that we do not bother and many of us even fail to observe the absence of such a pretty tiny creature.
So wont we try to do something at least. To bring the sparrow tales and the pretty creatures back. To teach children to share their food with them the way we were taught in our childhood (the joys).
Just sitting their in the balcony the absence of this innocent creature made my heart ache with the desire to see it again living in harmony with us. I will try, I won't give up. A sparrow will be back in my balcony to share my food, to dance to the tunes of nature. I will once again be mesmerised by its beauty.
 I will try and I will do.
Some Facts:
Reasons for decline:
Rapid urbanization
Extensive use of pesticides.
Lack of food and nesting sites.
Lack of insects.
Decline in native habitat and trees.
These are some of the factors.
Small things we can do from our end:
Keep bird feeders, water, in your balcony, terrace, window.
Small nest boxes.
Do take a look at these sites to offer a helping hand in a small but significant way.
Till the sparrows come back to my balcony, I cannot just leave it vacant.
So I made myself my very own mobile colorful bird charm by recycling worn table mats.
Have a look.
Isn't it pretty?
My very own bright birds fluttering in the wind.
If this is the effect of makeshift ones, the real sparrows and birds are magical. Lets value them and bring them back to our home, their home .
Happy weekend!

Lack of Nesting Sites


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