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Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to have a Pastel Summer

No hard rules that pastels are only there for Spring. Rock them this Summer with panache. 
Scorching heat and parched throat craves for soothing chilled ice cream and we all love it. Same way the scorched summer is made lighter and more fresh with sorbet and ice cream colours in the wardrobe. 
Wear the pastels in pretty dresses or floral prints or pair them as jackets or scarves with basics solids. You can also include them in the form of accessories, bags, footwear. 
Chill those summer vibes with mint green, lemon yellow, peach, baby pink, lovely lavender, powder blue, beige and more..
So bring some ice cream not only in your refrigerator but also your cupboards  😋😉
I am sorted, what do you think? 

Outfit Details 
Dress - 109 degrees
Shoes - Metro 

Happy Pastel Summer 💗


Monday, April 2, 2018

Stop Taking For Granted

Today I was randomly talking to some people I met and suddenly it got me thinking and the thought just stayed as much as I got busy in the daily routine and chores, I was still very much thinking about it and that's when I decided to share it with you all.
We humans are so weird and wired differently. No matter whom we meet ( any random person ) even if we don't get along with them or don't like them we are polite.
We greet people and exchange pleasantries. Even at our worst mood we maintain a good facade or we chose to be publicly on good behaviour. However little we converse, we make sure we are not hurting anyone. So we are good, are we ?
- we talk nicely to others but what about those who are our family; people who are closest to us or who matter the most. So many times we take them for granted and end up hurting them the most... shouldn't be na that ways. If something which is valuable to us we take utmost care of it then why don't we do it or show it to tje people who matter the most. So many times we remove our irritation at family. We are angry with our loved ones for no reason. We cant keep our patience in a scenario where we would have with outsiders. We forget to be fun with people we love, forget to be on our best behaviour. Forget to be our best with the ones who matter the most. Strange are we, strange are our ways. I suppose its time we take a stock and realize this. Its good to maintain our best behaviour when we are with others but then its imperative to be better than best with people who matter the most who are close to you. Time we Stop taking loved ones for granted.
With that heavy thought i present to you a light Outfit of the day - its full fledged summer and its time to get your ponchos/ kaftans out. Here I am sporting my Kaftan easy breezy top. Love loose clothes.

Outfit Details 

Top - Max 
Denims - Levis 
Shoes - Highstreet 
Chandbalis - MG Road 

Pic credits - Ajay Khare Khot

Stay hydrated, save and share water with birds and animals. 
Happy Summer! 


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