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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

Beer though not for the body but is awesome for the hair ( beer drinkers will say otherwise ;;p ).Washing your hair with beer nourishes them. It also is known to repair damaged hair and give them a volume, boost, shine and make them soft and silky. Wow! although it is a bit inconvenient for non beer drinkers to get a bottle of beer every time you wash your hair.(just imagine ;o)

Bless Park Avenue for launching a Beer Shampoo in India at a reasonable rate. I no longer have to nick my Hubby's beer.

The manufacturers claim that the shampoo is made from real beer.
The shampoo promises soft silky hair with volume.
The shampoo comes in a plastic bottle which resembles just like a beer bottle with flip on lid.
It smells and looks like beer too.
the shampoo is in the form of gel and lathers well.
It is a unisex shampoo.
Its available for Rs 160 for 200ml.

Pink's Verdict:

My hair is straight and silky and scalp is oily, hence I need a shampoo which cleans oil thoroughly and gives some volume to my hair or else they fall very flat.
A small amount of this shampoo lathered well on my mid length hair. I did not use a conditioner along with this shampoo.
The result was gorgeous, my hair was thoroughly cleaned. It was soft and silky than ever. The shampoo also gave bounce to my hair and added volume.
The shampoo certainly delivered what it promised.
Its priced reasonably.

The shampoo smells like beer, although the smell leaves once you wash your hair. So I missed the gorgeous fragrance that linger on your hair after you wash it with other products.
The flip open lid of the shampoo is very delicate and easily breakable.
The shampoo is not easily available in the market even after a considerable amount of time after its launch.

All in all  I love this shampoo and will keep using it. I definitely recommend it though products act differently on different types of hair and body.

Hope you enjoy this shampoo.


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