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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Starting The New Year With Acceptance

A bit late but nevertheless, I meant to post this in the first week, better late than never though. 
So as I bid Good Bye to 2019, in a quiet way with my family wanted to end the year on a good note and start the new year with a smile like everybody else. 
A good movie and then some lovely food was the laid back plan to bid farewell to 2019. 
I, myself wanted to watch a light, happy movie but my sister wanted to go for Mardani. 
Honestly till the time the movie started I was skeptical of not wanting to watch a serious movie. I wanted to end the previous one and start the new year on high spirits with a gay heart. Absolutely understandable, nothing wrong in it, right ? 
However, After watching the movie which is based on the true story in our country - a story of A rapist, about sick mentality, about the society we live in - A gruesome truth, a grotesque reality ; (An outstanding movie and performance by Rani Mukherjee, must watch)I was forced to think and the first thought that came to me was - we are just living in our bubble, our own happy bubble. Again nothing wrong in that; we need to protect ourself, our happiness.  But We also need on a larger scale to accept the fact, the scary truth, to accept reality, the society that we live in. Things will change only after we acknowledge that yes we do have a problem as a nation, as a society. We need to embrace this truth, this bitter poison which isn’t happy but which is reality in the new year. Because the first step towards change is only through acceptance. Only with acceptance can we strive to change what is wrong. We cannot overlook the reality under any pretext. We are entering 2020 with things to be proud of,  achievements, happiness on one hand and on the other we are entering another decade with some barbarian acts, heinous crimes, narrow mindset, inequality in all aspects, crumbling environment and we need to bring the change as a society. We need to raise our voice for humanity. 
Let’s burst the bubble, let’s face fear, let’s stand together and welcome this decade not only on a happy note but on the right note, with a right mindset. 

Happy New Year 2020 !

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