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Monday, June 29, 2015

Goa -Places to eat near Baga / Candolim Part 1

The big stretch of road which joins Baga, Candolim and Calangute beach is known for its little jewels of shacks that are located on it.

I just love driving up and down this path, enjoying the vibe, the atmosphere and digging in the sumptuous food. 
Let me introduce you to a few of my favorite joints. 

Bob's Inn

Anna Vaddo, Opposite Dukle HospitalCandolim,BardezIndia

photo credit - Tripadvisor 

This little joint is located on the main road and is a hidden gem. Step foot in and the vibe just sets in. Bustling with activity and groups of people, tourists as well as locals. What sets this place apart is the cozy interior, little knick knacks from all over the place sitting in tandem, home cooked food which is so easy on the stomach and great to taste. You can say this place is authentic as far as the word goes. 
The Prawn curry rice is the best, I had in North Goa. Not too thick, right consistency and huge quantity with original spices and taste intact. 
Do try their cashew fry appetiser. A warm dish, with their local cashews stir fried with onion, raw tomatoes lots of coriander. Such simple ingredients and yet every bite was full of flavour. 

Golden fried Prawns were crispy, airy, soft and sweet- heaven , only thing missing was the tartar sauce or Mayo. 
Pasta in white sauce - really different but so tasty , incorporated green peas , cauliflower, chicken and quite some veggies in a creamy sauce with a slight sour taste but nevertheless it didn't disappoint at all. We were pleasantly surprised and glad we ordered it. 
The quantity served at this place is huge, 
Quality excellent and at reasonable prices. This place is on my number 1 position in the list. 
The ambience is really different than that of the regular Goan Shacks and very comfortable and cosy. 


5/181, Calangute Baga Junction, Calangute, Goa

Photo credit - Tripadvisor 

This place is well known as a Breakfast place and serves some really mouthwatering delicacies. 
The ambiance is simple, the place being close to the Baga beach is crowded any time of the day. 
They serve delectable shakes apart from their huge section of alcoholic beverages. 
The Oreo shake That hubby ordered for me was very tasty and huge, needless to say I couldn't finish it on my own. 
The prices don't do justice to the quantity, however the quality is excellent. 
We ordered Golden fried prawns which was a winner. 
Ordered a chicken steak in brown sauce, which was well done, the chicken was soft. They could have done much better in the quantity section on both accounts. 
If you are craving for some hearty Continental breakfast head here. Those with a sweet tooth won't be disappointed at all, they have some really yum delicacies and fresh baked goodies in their bakery section and its huge. 

Moroccan Shisha and Grill Lounge 

Candolim › Bomman Wabbo, At Caliz, Candolim, Goa

Shisha lovers, must come here. Located on the main road, overlooking the busy street, this small joint will definitely catch your attention with the huge collection of shishas for display, plush sofa and a Moroccan ambiance. The place is open till late and we did enjoy having our late night Shisha. The shisha was indeed amazing and perfectly made, the rates are reasonable and you can sit for a long time with your shisha and nibble on Moroccan delicacies.

Photo credit - Zomato

Do let me know your favorites :)
Next part coming soon....
till then


Saturday, June 27, 2015


I have always been inspired by the Gulmohar tree. It always catches my eye no matter in what state am I, and surely gets a smile to my face even on the dreadliest days.
Numerous poems, paintings have been done for this beautiful creation. 
One of its many admirers, putting a little bit of my love for the Gulmohar through my creations. 

Standing tall amidst the daily din, 
Draped in brightest colours of sin. 

Look at you, you mighty one, 
Strong and tall 
Beautiful, no matter summer or fall; 
Standing with pride on the road alone. 

Whenever our eyes meet, 
Looking at your fiery heat;
I catch my breath;
With your magnificent sheath.

Against the dull background;
Your beauty astound;
Lightning up everything around.

You get a smile to my weary face;
Even in the worst of haste;
In this life's fast pace;
You are spot of solace.

No matter where I go, 
Your inspiring beauty always follows.... 

Both poem and painting 


Adventure on our way back from Goa

Every trip is incomplete without an adventure. You need something to remember the trip by, don't you ? 😉

This time when we (hubby and me) were returning from Goa, we were caught into a complete adventure movie setting. Yeah, that's right. 
We wanted to surprise our parents and hence left by 3pm, so that we could be there with them for dinner. Hardly did we know, we were setting in for an adventure. 

It was 12 th May, we set in great spirits, enjoying the journey and the long drive, wanted to pass the ghats before nightfall. We were approaching just before Kolhapur around 7 pm, before Gaganbawda and were glad that we were on time, little did we know what was lying ahead. 

Right out of some drama series, the wind gathered speed and started billowing like mad. It was crazy, the sheer strength with which it was roaring to go. On our way we got 3 traffic jams due to trees fallen in the way. We surpassed them and continued, though delayed a bit. 
In the forest of Gaganbawda, just before Kolhapur, the wind didn't cease to blow, but now the sky started roaring as well, then started the dance of Thunder God. And no sooner than we blinked heavy rain like never before started pelting. It was raining not cats and dogs but elephants and horses. There was no visibility at all. The car was livid with the huge rain drops pelting on the metal body and creating frightening noise which was nothing as compared to the thunderstorm outside. We were hardly feeling safe in the confine of our car.

We couldn't wait, as this was a no mans land, we were in the middle of a jungle, with no soul in sight. The massive trees were taking the wrath of nature and could succumb to their life any second. 
We couldn't wait as trees were falling. It was so scary, literally had our heart in our mouth and were frightened like crazy. 

Although we continued at a snail's pace we met our worst nightmare. A tree fell right in front of us. It was a huge tree.
Now we were thanking our stars that it didn't fall on us and at the same time we were really shaken,we were in a grave situation going by the looks of it.

This deserted forest meant, were we stranded for the night, all alone, I was getting creeps.

Luckily for us,soon enough there were few vehicles who joined us on both sides. There was no use calling the helplines, as they wont come before dawn, in this remote area.
We travelers took this task up and were trying all sorts of means to remove the tree, a truck driver tried to pull it after tying it up with no avail. In the end after 2 hours in the heavy rains, it was decided to chop the fallen tree, so that it could be moved, the truck drivers had an axe and a big knife, people started kicking the branches, cutting the tree, pushing it. 
This took hours and by the time we handful of travellers were at it (all men , hubby included) who were first to the scene, there was a big line of vehicles behind us by now. People went and requested others to help as it would quicken the pace, but to no use, they were not bothered. They were nicely sitting in the car listening to music, as the work was being done by others. 
Pathetic, people are not ready to share responsibility, this is the country we live in, where majority of people, have this outlook that we are not bothered, the work will be done by others. These are our fellow country men. It's apalling. Disgusting and disappointing to the core. They just want to watch the drama unfold from their comfort zone. (tamasha dekhte hain, karte kuch Nahi) I think their conscious is dead, and this is why they are shaming the nation, humanity .  
Yet a small group of people, take things in hand and change the situation, proud of such people, no matter what the number, no matter what the consequence. 

Eventually, the road was vacated from the fallen tree and the traffic started moving, thanks to the hard efforts put in by those involved. 

It was so late by now, that we were hungry for food, nothing was available on the highway or in Kolhapur. We reached Pune by 3 am, were so hungry and starving, had Burji pav on station. 

One hell of an adventure, another journey always to remember . 

If you have any adventures to share with us, do write in to me. 


Monday, June 15, 2015

Blue Lotuss blooms ..

I am a complete gift lover girl. I love giving gifts and I love receiving them even more. The happiness is doubled when the gift is random, without some occasion or a surprise. Brings out the joy and I myself can't stop smiling for the entire week. Yes, truly such is a power of small random gifts. 
And when after a long tiring day of work you find yourself one such goodness, it's like an oasis to tired eyes in the desert. 

I returned home to this and my day was completely made, thanks to Blue Lotuss, 
A small new boutique in the heart of Koregaon park. 

The little store stocks on some amazing finds and affordable prices. The range starting from Rs 400 goes to Rs 2200. 
The owner is extremely sweet and goes to length to help you. 
I have been to the store and it impresses me with its creative window display enticing you to enter, the collection which consists of tops, tunics, dresses, kaftans, beach wear, sarongs etc doesn't disappoint you at all. 
Cherry on the cake being the offer of daily deal rack, they randomly select pieces from their collection for a hefty discount of 20% every day. 
And as if this wasn't awesome enough,
after your shopping, get yourself clicked by the Blue Lotuss wall with their logo and share this on Facebook or Instagram , tag them and voila - avail a discount of 10% 

am sure you are more than excited and enticed to get your hands on the goodies on offer with amazing prices and awesome deals. 
A look for every occasion, mix match, party like a rockstar or get holiday ready at Blue Lotuss.

Check my gift, a lovely Laser cut tunic. 

One can achieve so many looks with this darling, I decided to wear it for fun filled weekend brunch. 

So girls, head to Blue Lotuss  for all your shopping and varied looks. 

Blue Lotuss

Address: Shop No. 11, Princeton Flair, Lane 8, Koregaon Park, Pune 

 020 65009622



Saturday, June 13, 2015

Playing Dress up with

Playing dress up is the favorite game of all little girls or should I rightly say all girls.
Yes we are hooked up playing dressing up all our lives and we sure enjoy it to the hilt. We love imagining and dressing our self in the finest, with different combinations and genres. It's we girls after all who have got a variety to chose from and combinations, patterns and genres to experiment and match our fancy. 
Last weekend afternoon i gave myself completely into my fancies and played dress up to my hearts content. All thanks to an online shopping portal.
Limeroad uses the simple Funda, chose from myriad options, make things work for you by creating your very own look in a scrapbook, imagine yourself by playing dress up or easier browse through other collections of scrapbook, chose your favorite and buy whichever article catches your fancy. All this just on a click of your phone, they have their very own app, which is really simple to use and a genius. 
A bag caught my attention, so I just wanted to imagine what all looks will it go with and just with a click I was presented with so many options.

And now I was sure I wanted this bag, I could instantly imagine myself in all these styles and more. Just had to click on buy bag and voila it was that easy. 

I love browsing for new looks in their scrapbook and checking what items I have in my closet and what I can buy to match the same look or create similar new looks. 
Limeroad helps me to play dress up to my hearts content and has made shopping really easy with its mobile app. 

Guess what I got my product in 3 days after ordering. 

I can't wait to take this bag out, Thanks

You can get the same Black cross body bag here.

Dress up is just a click away girls, so start clicking away on



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bombay Bronx Bambaiyya Ishtyle

We spent a laid back noon Bambaiyya Ishtyle in all it senses in Pune. 
Yes you heard me right. Bombay Bronx is everything Bambaiyya and more. It is Bombay 100 percent undiluted. 
Bombay Bronx brings the vibe and soul of Mumbai alive in the heart of Pune. A little Bombay with high voltage to your senses right in Pune. 
You step foot in right in to the Mumbai local and from here starts your journey. 
Attention to the minutest of detail is given over here. 
The ambience for sure is class apart, you simply can't ask for more. Right from the train compartments to the Kolhi fisher womens adorning the wall with their backless cholis, gajras and voluptuous booty dressed immaculately in colorful drapes with baskets of fish on their head, the paan tapri wala in the corner, the taxi tables, Bombay da bad, movie posters, cassettes, drums of oil mills or the big b stretching himself completely on one huge wall. Yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan no doubt 👍😊 
One corner is adorned by the Thelas of all street food and we are greeted with Jaljeera and Aam Panna. 
Why don't I show you - 

The chaat wala , you can't stop having I bet was really nice 👍

Welcome drinks in the cute cut glasses 
Starters just poured in loved the chicken schezuan. 
The kothimbir vadis were completely authentic 
The Tawa counter- kheema pav, pav bhaji, burji pav, Tawa pulav ,, overwhelming Bombay street food 

Bombay sandwiches 

The main course included one non veg and veg, with dessert, roti rice dal, as well as the salad bar. 

However this is what took the show away . 
Trade everything for their amazing mouthwatering drinks any day. 
Red Peru vodka, Jal jeera whiskey, Kokum vodka and my favourite Aam Panna vodka. 
This place truly rocks for the ambience, drinks and the tantalising bite food. 
It's a must try on every liquor lovers list. The music the ambience and the cocktails make you swoon and forget everything. 
The afternoon Buffet for approximately 380 INR is a steal .  An afternoon full of Bombay food, it's like eat till you drop. 

Thanks for inviting us Minoti Makim and Bombay Bronx, we had a good time with fellow bloggers. 

The evening scenes are definitely happening with a different vibe all together and next weekend this is where you will find me on a drunken Friday night 😉❤️

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