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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heavy rains , Empty wells and Monster fish

Last to last weekend was a working one however the good part about the whole thing was we were travelling through the countryside and the rain kissed paddy fields and mountains.

It was raining heavily and there was hardly any visibility however it was raining in patches.

So we decided to do a pit stop and this is where the fun starts I love halts whilst travelling and love to take in the surroundings and all the beauty.
Its the journey that matters, isn't it?
Btw hubby dear hates to halt and never agrees for the same (quite unenthusiastic ;p he is that way ) he just wants to reach the destination. quite opposite we are and quite attracted to each other hence. hahah

This was scary - there were just empty dry wells and dry rivers scattered all across- 90 %.
This is on our way to Shirdi. The locals said they are getting water by tankers and there was hardly any rain recorded. The scenario is same in the entire state (Maharashtra). its really worrisome.
Increasing urbanisation - population- declining trees and mountains - global warming - drought - natural calamities.
We need to get our act straight, do something and the time is now. 
(this was 3 weeks back, I hope things have changed now with good rainfall that we have been receiving.)

maal gaadi - Goods train.
looks so scenic in the background.
I wish I had a better picture but this is the best I could do with rain from a fast moving car.

sucker fish
I hate don't like these creatures, they are so not appealing actually somewhat ugly and these being humongous monsters increased the quotient of dislike more however look at the pictures. The  rain worked its magic on them too and aren't they looking calming and welcoming amidst the water drops, quite pretty actually.

blooms blossoming everywhere and making my heart sing ..

Please welcome my little brother (not so little but a handsome young man if I may say so) on the blog today.
My partner in everything since childhood, having each others back (nothing like the innocent childhood) always, continues even now.

Btw it was courtesy my brother that we halted we bullied my hubby together to stop ,, heheh,

3 musketeers the fourth one is missing in action - my little sister who is actually a twin of my brother. Yes they both are twins and nothing alike but chalk and cheese. Missing happens a lot.

one with the hubby, forcing him to take a picture. He hates being behind as well as in front of the camera (yes the story of my life :()

Chai on the highway in Rains - Magic for tired travellers.

our stay
Sai Shubham

The room were very clean and spacious. Nice place to stay in Shirdi.
Check them out here at Oyo.

Nothing beats comforting monsoon food - Pakoras to be specific and here we have a feast of them - potato, paneer, cheese, onion.. I am drooling.

This is how we work ,,, haha

Hope you enjoyed some snippets.

Until we meet gain.
Stay Happy and Cheerful!

Lots of Love

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shady trees, Birthday cakes and Breakfast for the King .

Sharing some random things with you guys which are close to my heart.

Canopy of shady trees - these are amongst one of my most favourite things. I grew up in a pune which was green, the roads were filled with lively giant trees forming shady canopies through which the sun smiled filtering its rays of light. I cycled on these slow traffic roads (deccan Gymkhana)with my friends and the air was crisp and nice. I miss it all terribly. Whenever I find a canopy of a nice well lived, tall big tree I reminisce about my childhood, good times and love and cherish these moments.

I Love a big hearty breakfast on a lazy weekend.
Nothing like a breakfast fit for a king at one of the old eating joints in the city. This one is at Vohuman. The best Bun mhaska (sweet fresh buns lathered generously with dollops of butter) heaven on earth and calories overload definitely but so worth it. Toast butter is another winner of course with the cheese omelette and egg burji.
After this all you require is a
marathon training exercisesnooze fest.

These amazingly sinful Oreo freak shake was a monster - delicious monster- filled with some crazy goodness of. Sinful chocolate brownie, ice cream, Chuncks of Oreo and chocolate . It was so thick. I just might as well have died and gone to heaven. I am craving it now. We had this with friends at Raasta cafe.

I cooked this darling isn't it a beauty ,,,,
Fried masaledar Pomfret - Maharashtrian style - extra spicy hot! hot!! hot!!!
We love this like crazy and cat eat kgs of this with some rice and rassa or just as a meal in itself.
Do let me know if you would like the recipe.

Love this Snapchat filter. I love to wear flower crowns since I was a small kid and act as a forest princess. Nothing has Changed ;p

I love this drink from Yoga Pulp - You can actually feel the guava nectar so good - the taste is exactly same only thing the added pro of no seeds. The seeds always always get stuck in my teeth and I go crazy one of the reasons I avoid guavas. No more , now I know just the right thing. I almost forgot to mention it is very healthy too as it has Aloevera in it. Do give it a try!!

Little girls, princess themed birthday and cakes- attending a birthday party of a very cute little sweet girl with her princess theme. I so wish I could go back to that innocent age of sweet little girls with Disney theme celebrations and princess gowns. On a second thought why not, its a great idea - my party, my theme ;p

One of my most favourite dessert - Mango cheese cake . The luscious soft cheesy texture and the way it swirls and melts in the mouth ... Ooh

Looking through the net, I wish it was a real peacock or stork on the other side. Guess , time to go for some dancing peacock spotting after all it is their favourite season.
That was all from my side, what's happening with you guys?
Do let me know, I am always eager to hear.

Until we meet again.
stay happy and cheerful !!
Lots of Love ❤️❤️

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lavasa Monsoon Weekend Picnic

Another day, another weekend, perfect weather, monsoons and another impromptu plan. This time
Lavasa it was with the entire family.

Family time is the best time only made better with a late Sunday lunch comprising of mom made sabudana wada.
The spicy piping hot balls of sago deep fried and enjoyed with crunchy sweet groundnut chutney - Bliss - especially when its raining and you are just lazing around on a Sunday.

The Mayhem

We Left at around 3pm.

Our plan was simple we wanted to enjoy the beauty of Lavasa and the monsoon magic with tasty rustic country style food. We are very earthy and that's what we wanted to do. So drive to Lavasa with lots of home made rural food was on agenda.

One can also stay at the varied resorts there and have food at the restaurants located there, however I think they are overhyped and over priced and the food is strictly ok. Ekaant is a good choice with an awesome view. (do let me know in comments below if you would like me to do another post on good places to stay in Lavasa and the food available there.)

Lavasa is just 1.5 hours from Pune. The road is very scenic. Do take the road going to pirangut which is better (quality wise).
We took the detour which was very scenic running parallel through the fields, the road however is not in good shape.
Stop for a quick snack at Shreepad at Pirangut. Amazing place for missal, thalipeeth, taak, vada pav and all puneri snacks.

You can also have lunch or grab a quick thali at the kiosks on the ghat towards lavasa, they serve really good country veg fare (Maharashtrian) comprising of Pithla, Bhakri, thecha - yum.
The villagers from the villages below run these kiosks and they are completely rustic in taste and vfm.
Atharva is a good choice - small restaurant kinds.

After a heavy brunch we decided to gorge on yummy sweet corn roasted on chulha and flavoured with lime and masala. Yum again and so healthy. Great snack even at home however it wont taste the same not unless you have a chulha and nature, lovely weather and rains accompanying it.

slurped on tea .

There are many hotels, resorts and activities to do in Lavasa but that is for next time, this time we just enjoyed the rain with the beauty of this small town nestled between the hills.

The weather made us ravenous and we were soon on a look out for a nice place to satiate our tastebuds and our screaming tummies.
muttonawal to our rescue.

Sipping on bowls of rustic country chicken rassa is magic to my soul.
The thalis were really tasty and the food was piping hot especially the chicken thali.
A small place with good clean setting and tasty vfm food,  what else does one need.
After devouring the entire meal we hardly could move.
Yet the heart wanted more a wee bit more. So just for the sake of our heart we decided to do a pitstop at Rajmandir on our way back home.

Ice cream in rain melody to our heart and soul and a perfect ending to our awesome day out.
We had an awesome time, check the snippets here.

As you can see the dam is hardly full, its scary, it really should rain..

lost admiring the nature

under my umbrella

cant keep my hands of this cutey

I feel like a super woman amidst nature. So much beauty all for me (for us )

They say Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground- I got both of them right here, right now and I am holding on to them.

Outfit Details
I kept it simple warm and hassle free.
Leggings - Forever 21
Top - D C Comics
Bangles - Here and there
Flip flops - Bata (anti skid )
A light cardigan - Thailand

Hope you enjoyed...
Let me know some lovely monsoon getaways to visit if you know some nice ones.

until we meet again.
Stay happy and cheerful!!

Lots of love

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monsoon, Chai & I

That special cuppa of chai (tea) becomes extra special in monsoon.
Its a never ending love affair between the two. The romance it creates is insatiated and never ending, it keeps one desiring, longing, burning for one more kiss from the lips of the chai and one more hug from the raindrops wet.
The interwound and  mingled fragrances - the sultry and addictive petrichor with the calming notes of ginger, tea and milk numb the senses and also take them higher all at once.
I have got a confession to make I never drink tea, yes you heard me right and still here I am a non tea drinker penning praises.
I had never touched tea or drank it till few years back and then one day I happened to have it on a rainy day standing by a makeshift cart and sipping on a cup of this warmth in the cool weather - I just fell in love.
Don't get me wrong I still don't drink tea or neither am I addicted to it in my daily routine, just this one of affairs I have sometimes - monsoon magic you see.

check for yourself.

Nothing beats a plate of pakoras with chai on a Rainy day.
Monsoon favourites- devoured these goodies somewhere in Mulshi.
Read all about our Rainy day in Mulshi.

Iraani chai from Southin café when its pouring outside.

I love my eyelashes over here.

Chai with friends on a rainy evening is more special when served with the small biscuits (childhood memories) from glass jars. This one is at Chai Viman nagar and I love my masala chai over here, slurping on maggi alongside.

Chai on a Highway is like watching the drama unfold with best seats in the house.

Cups of chai when the world passes by.

Rainy evenings at home with Chai and Slices of Fruit cake from Kayani bakery- bliss

These were some of my Chai chapters what are yours.
Let me know what are your monsoon favourites.

You can also read about Monsoon for the Chai Lover

Until we meet again.
Enjoy that cuppa and stay happy and cheerful.
Happy Monsoon !

Lots of Love

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