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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perefect Road Trip Tips

My favorite type of vacation is a road trip, yes you heard me right.

Me and hubby dear we both are avid fans of road trips.
As we strongly believe that its not the destination but the journey that counts and embarking on a road trip is about the same.
The changing canvas of nature, myriad hues of the landscape are a refreshing breather in the otherwise mundane life. A true rejuvenating, exhilarating and exciting series of adventure, adrenaline and beauty encompassed in one.

Whether it be the comforts of a RV, SUV, MUV or any other car, the sheer experience of a road trip and the memories remain unmatched.
The magic the road trip creates, the romance, the excitement is unparalleled as compared to any other mode of vacation transport. It can be a romantic road trip for lovers, a fun filled one for family and friends or a soul seeking one for a vagabond. Whatever form it may be in, but it still remains enriching in every way.

Road trip is not for all though, one needs to be thoroughly prepared, easygoing and flexible to enjoy the true beautiful experience of a road trip.

Some things to remember for a memorable road trip:

Start early or late in order to avoid city traffic.
Remember to carry all the original as well as copy of required vehicle documents as well as license.
Make sure the vehicle is in proper condition for a long journey, get it serviced. Check and fill air and fuel.
Be sure to carry abundant supply of food and water - snack, energy bars, nuts, fruits, sandwiches, chips, energy drinks, chocolates.
Have a well equipped first aid kit ready with a list of the medicines to be administered for different things.( pain relief spray, loose motions, dizziness, vomiting, fever, cold , cough, allergy, head ache, band aids, nasal spray etc. and any other medicine required.)
Carry things for entertainment- board games, books, video games, cards, music cds, iPod, playlist, ball etc.
Sunglasses, spf, bug spray and other toiletries and essential cosmetics.
Pack light, carry clothes and shoes which are comfortable as you have to sit and travel for long hours.
Carry clothes according to the weather and the destination.
Invite friends and family, the more the merrier. it will cut down cost and add to the fun element.
Divide chores.
Navigation maps, traffic travel apps.
rope, travelling kit, Swiss knife, flashlight, extra batteries, umbrella.
Tool kit
sleeping gear, mattresses, blankets, towels, sleeping bags, makeshift curtains.
Toilet paper.
Camera, extra memory card.
Take ample of stops for relaxation, refreshment.
Sample different cuisines but with care.(you don't wan to fall ill)
Make pit stops for local tourist attractions.
Plan the trip to the T although spontaneity is what road trip is made up of, yet plan the route, halting places, emergency numbers, places to stay, budget.
Make detour to unexpected places and capture all your memories with the camera for a life time.
Do not forget to stock in on air freshener as so many people for so many days living mostly in the car can get pretty stuffy.
My favorite is Ambi Pur available easily in myriad fragrances.
Most of all Drive safely and enjoy your vacation to the hilt.

(Have a peek at my road trip here)



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