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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thank you 2017

Its the last leg of 2017, almost at the end. Everybody is excited of ushering the new year of 2018 and the excitement that it holds and here I am in the middle somehow yet nor completely said my Good byes to 2017 and neither started the excitement of welcoming 2018.
I am just here today saying a heartfelt thank you to the year that was. I learned a lot if I look back now and still never felt that it was such a big learning curve. It was a year of highest highs and lowest lows taught a lot as it goes..
I realised that I did get my dreams I pinned for, it is strange now when I look back and watch. My Dream board actually took shape. Its magical no ?
I learnt to let go of things I could'nt change no matter how dear they were. I learnt to accept myself and others. I have flaws and I learnt to embrace them. Success and Failure are two sides of a coin which are always there with you. I learnt to value this precious coin.
They were so many special moments and little things, truly value of small things I learnt as I now bring the new year in.
Small Getaways and trips, moments spend with loved ones and family, ups and downs in relationships, supoortive friends, work highs and just magical moments - so much to relive.
So here I am giving my thanks to everyone and everything that made 2017 the way it was. To all the lessons learnt. Thank You !
Now truly to a new year full of promises, wonderment, new adventures and excitement, to achievements and love, to creating a new magic.
Btw I am celebrating my New Year eve at home with loved ones with yummy food and lots of love away from the madness and all.
So a last cheers to house parties and their beauty... how are you celebrating ?
Before we part a last outfit of the year 2017.

Btw, Did I ever tell you I love Cartoon prints. 

Outfit Details 
Jeggings - People 
Tshirt - Goa flea market 
Footwear -  Foot in 
Watch - Tommy 

Have an awesome NYE 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Anniversary Celebrations - Camping on the Backwaters

Like most I have grown up on Famous Five series where the 5 travelled country sides camping and adventuring in nature. Throughout my childhood, all I wanted to do was that. Its so ironic that I had never ever camped in my life. That's a thing of the past now because that's what we treated our self with this Anniversary. Neither of us have ever camped, so we went camping for our anniversary and believe you me, it was the most rustic, rooted and awesome adventure of our life together.
Dreams do come true and mine did.
So after researching a lot, we decided to go through Tourbugs since it was our first time camping and we didn't want to risk anything. We were just a single couple and places around Maharashtra can be a bit risky if you don't know what you doing and where you camping. So it was a professional one for us. We were so happy with our decision later on because hands down this is the best camping experience. The camping site is the backwaters of Nira Deoghar Dam in Bhor around 95 kms away from Pune. They pride themselves for being India's Largest campsite ever. In a completely organic village, on a mountain plateau surrounded by water on all three sides. Its miles and miles of unspoilt nature. For around 30 kms there is no mobile range forget internet. Just connect with yourself and your loved ones. Connect with nature and that's what we love doing.
Loved it is all I can say- Because words are short to describe the awesome time we had.
We celebrated our anniversary over here. This was one of the best celebrations we had, it wont be exaggeration if we say we fell in love with place. Definitely left a bit of our self over there and carried back the place with us.
Don't believe me ... Check it out yourself then...

All excited

Pitstop at Hotel Sarthak at Nigudhgadh
Suggested by Mr Arvind the owner at Tourbugs.
This is a family run small place with amazing delicious food.
The mutton thali is their speciality.
The Kheema, spicy mutton fry and unlimited hot rassa with soft bhakris. I wish I was there now hogging on this feast. They are generous with the Mutton and at total vfm price. Tenderly cooked meat indeed a delicacy.

Finally the Camping site.

Bright yellow cheerful comfortable tent with clean and sufficient warm bedding.
Don't miss the personal touch of balloons by Arvind as part of our Anniversary celebrations.
Such a sweet gesture.
These things definitely make a difference.

Surreal Sunsets

Bonfire setting the mood for the night.

With an amazing Barbequed chicken and Paneer.
It was super juicy and tasty.

Can't forget the crispy hot onion pakoras and spicy chutney.
Night is set.

Freezing as it got - Bonfire to the rescue with unending songs on the guitar - magical.

and after we thought we couldn't eat anymore the desi gavran dinner with chicken curry, bhakri, thecha and lot of other yummy veggie preparations.. It was too good .. we ate till we burst ..

Night night
And slept peacefully.

Good Morning with hot cuppa and that sunlight.

After a quick breakfast of hot poha and a surprise anniversary cake again arranged by Arvind.
I am telling you he is an amazing host and takes the experience notches high.
We went for a small trail and then a picnic by the water.

Swimming in the open water

Time for rustic organic lunch. So good.
straight from the farm tastes divine in such natural setting ...

 and with that its an adieu from us.

The warm hospitality of Arvind the owner really made sure we were comfortable and had a good time all the time. We had definitely one of the best anniversary .. and this indeed was a memorable trip ... unforgettable one .. thanks Tourbugs ..
Definitely visiting again.
Would love to add they have clean and hygienic more than adequate washrooms and toilet facilities. The campsite is extremely clean and they leave no traces on nature after every camp. Their Rates are completely vfm for the facilities they provide.
You can check them out Tourbugs
They have presence on facebook as well as Instagram.
They are having an amazing new year camping experience if you want to leave the city behind and lose yourself in this magical place.

P.S this is no way is a sponsored post. Just sharing our experience with you people because we loved it. We fully paid for all the facilities used. The views are solely based on our experience.
You can check out the entire trip here .


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Food Trail 1.0 - The Game is on

Phoenix Market City a pioneer in getting the best together.
A well known Brand who has got Pune lovely names under one beautiful roof. Be it Shopping, Entertainment or the city's love - Food. So it came as no surprise when Phoenix Market city and Carpe Diem (PR) another famous name responsible for taking all the good things closer to people organised a Food Trail 1.0 for some of the best restaurants in Phoenix Market city, getting Pune food Bloggers together for an exciting event not witnessed before in the city. Exploring different restaurants in a fun way and trying unusual dishes.
So on a lovely winter weekend afternoon all the food bloggers assembled at the Liberty Square and thus started the 1st Food Trail.
All of us were supposed to pick chits to chose a restaurant and then another chit to chose one special ingredient. We were now supposed to dine at the Restaurant chosen through the chit and try out an unusual dish based on the ingredient written on it. We were given a voucher of  Rs 1500 for the same.
The air was filled with enthusiasm and excitement. All were ready to embark on this unique challenge and you could actually taste competition brewing in a friendly jovial way. Everyone was eager to start the race and so was I. Fingers crossed anxiously as I waited for my chance to pick a chit whilst others told what they got, some said paneer, someone corn and I heard chillies from another. With bated breath I picked out a chit and ....I was a happy baby I got my favourite ingredient - Prawns and as usual what followed was a little prawn dance in my head. Prawn dance, prawn dance, prawn dance, prawn dance. Well I just had to stop it and return back to the competition (sigh).
The restaurant was Cuba Libre. I hadn't tried this one yet and this indeed was my first time. I was nervous of how things will work out and yet excited.
So I rushed to the third floor along with fellow bloggers who had got the same restaurant. The entrance to the pub looked pretty small.
 I again nervous as a cat walked inside to find a huge bar I had seen in a long time. My hopes rose and I started imagining lovely pub nibbles in this plush bar.

Then started some research as I buried myself in their menu trying to find Prawn things and quite sure that I had hit jackpot.
No sooner than that I was thrown rather pushed from my cloud nine to ground zero.
They had three, exactly three prawn dishes on their menu, in their whole menu. JUST THREE. I was doomed.

Out of them one was the classic and an all time favourite Prawn Tempura. Now nothing is unusual about this dish and everyone knows it thanks to its simple, beautiful, crunchy and sweet flavours.
Now out of the two remaining it was not the case of the best but that of the unusual. One was Prawn chilli which is on their Bar signature menu ( again another favorite ). I decided to take a risk and bet my money on Oven Baked Prawns which was relatively unknown and quite unusual - if I may say so myself.
Game was laid, dice were thrown - So Oven Baked Prawns it was from their Cuban eats.
As we waited for the food to arrive, we used the time constructively in what else but click, click and more click until I ensured everything was clicked what had to be. After I was satisfied and content   there was some more time left still, so we went to trouble our fellow bloggers sitting next door and troubled them good. Competition should be fun na, now don't you agree.
Well troubling colleagues - done and here I waited for the pinky prawns.
and they did arrive. Small succulent pieces waiting to be devoured. dressed in chilli, thyme, basil, other herbs and garlic and then oven roasted to cook them uniformly and yet have that slight crunch. Dusted with Parmesan cheese and served with cherry tomatoes.

Such simple flavours but made the dish so unique and unusualness of this dish were the really simple ingredients and flavours which stood out by themselves and came together in such a delicious way.
The prawns were cooked perfectly had that crunch and yet were creamy. The garlic and chillies added a punch to the sweet juicy prawns.
Excellent Dish.
It wasn't in the rules or anything but I just wanted a prawny meal in my head and the ingredient still was prawns so I requested the chef for some creamy Alfredo Penne pasta with prawns and it was perfect. Chef also added some veggies to it and was I happy. I love my pasta with veggies and some meat and here it was just the way I like. Many people think that prawn makes the pasta smell sea food kinds but honestly when done right - its magic, the juicy sweet prawns in that slurpy creamy pasta anyday. Better than chicken honestly.

Well this was what I ordered along with some lovely mocktails (not cocktails, you see it was a competition and I needed to be sharp na,, what yaar, don't judge me now ).

I also tried their Paneer satay and Chicken bbq Pizza which were a bomb and extremely delicious. (These were ordered by fellow bloggers for the competition.)
So meal done after a lot of pictures from every angle and lot of posing and bytes for the Phoenix Market city and Carpe Diem Press ;p We were actually feeling like celebrities.
Don't forget all the teasing and troubling the rival teams had to undergo.
Amidst all this I had a fantastic time and my very first ever food trail in any form. I loved it, excited for more, much more after all yeh Dil Mange more na. (one odd prize in some category, I hope you are listening ;p) It was a Happy Fun Day.
On a more serious note a big thanks to Phoenix Market City and Carpe Diem for having me over for the Food Trail and congratulations for pulling off such a fun event with success and utmost ease.

Another big thanks to the judges for keeping up with my random rant.

Check out behind the scenes and all the gossip here -

Until we meet again.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bombay Brasserie Returns

Bombay brasserie is back with an applomb and what a come back in this all new avatar.
Its situated in KP Nitesh Hub and the first thing that makes you go aww is its swanky, pretty, classy and laid back pristine white ambience.  The greens and blues adding to the lovely zing and pretty floral motifs lending a fresh look.

I fell in love and how .. and to say this was just the beginning..
Bombay Brasserie prides itself in its menu being sourced from the far fetched corners of India and what you can expect is amazingly mouthwatering finger licking dishes from the kitchens of the era gone by reflecting the classic heritage of India and beautifully so.
Its like exploring India and travelling through it via your taste buds at this amazing place. I must say the journey is astoundingly wonderful.
Right from the drinks, appetisers, main course, desserts.. everything was on point.. it is definitely a rare gem in the world of designer stones..
Have a look with me and be ready to be mesmerised.
 Firstly, their menu is so vast it actually comes in a directory kinds. You sure are going to take some while you decide what to have because each and every dish is really outstanding.
I personally loved and I mean loved everything I had and I did have a vast spread.

Pauwa chadhake aayi 😉
We started with these pauwa cocktails which came with their own chakhna (nibbles) in cute suplis.. 
Especially the Go Goa Gone.
Ain't they cute especially those country bottles. 
Highly highly recommended... 

The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri. 
Rs 225 
This humble papad chutney combination was so delicious. Loved their chutneys especially the mango, tomato and imli. 
Highly Recommended for a right start with your drinks or just to work up your appetite. 

Lucknowi Paraath Paneer 
Rs 325 
Melt in your mouth paneer coated with Lucknowi garam masala infused with poppy seeds.
Such robust flavour. 
Highly Recommended for veggies. 

Calcutta club Fish Fry
Rs 345
Perfectly crispy fried fish served with the famous Bengali Kashundi (mustard dip) and grilled ananas alphonso salsa. 
What burst of flavours. 
Must must try for fish lovers or even for those who dont like it much ❤❤

Kashmiri Naan Kebab 
Rs 445
Look at that plate. 
Its love at first sight. All were literally drooling looking at this beauty. I, myself have never seen such a big seekh kebab ever. 
The hand ground mutton mince with perfectly balanced spices, juicy and so yummy. The taste was further taken notches high with saffron brushed naan served with doon chetin a sweet Kashmiri based creamy yogurt dip. 
This was epic. 
You have to try this. 
Highly Highly Recommended. 

Pahadi Mushroom 
Rs 295 
Honestly this didnt feel like mushroom at all. 
It was so juicy, soft, tender and flavoured with pahadi masala and spiced chilli yogurt. 

Rajputana Soola Kebab 
From the lands of Rajput. Have a taste of their hunting trips prepared in their shikaar masala and blow torched right in front of you served with mint dip and mango chutney. 
Loved it. 
Highly Recommended. 

Galawati Kebab 
Rs 525 
Especially created for the old Lucknowi Nawabs. 
These melt in the mouth delicacy is super super soft.
This awadhi minced mutton delicacy is an all time favorite over here. Balanced flavours which are soft on the palate and still so good. 
Highly Recommended

Chilli Cheese Kulcha 
Rs 195 
Behold all cheese lovers for this lovely small package contains oodles and oodles of yummy cheese infused with a hint of chillies. 
Missing Bombay's cheese chilli toast anyone?

Aam Papad Paneer 
Rs 275
Straight from Amritsar chatakedaar aam papad flavours, which you never can get enough. 
Paneer and lotus stem tossed with special sundried mango and street food spices directly sourced from Amritsar. 
This was so good, tangy and all flavours in between. 
Vegetarian or non vegetarian one really needs to try this. 

Naga Ghost Chicken Wings
Rs 295
Spicy bhoot jholokia (naga chillies which are 40 times spicier than tobasco) lend their heat to this dish. Smoked and roasted. 
Normally they turn down the heat but i asked them to make it spicy and it was a bomb. 
Fire in your mouth was the aftet taste - so good. 
Must must try for the spice lovers. 

Rajasthani Dungar Maas 
Rs 485
Another famous delicacy from Rajputana. 
How beautiful is red meat in this fiery Mathani jodhpuri chillies. 
I would definitely order this again for the main course. 
Highly Recommended.

Home veg curry and Banana Leaf Rice
That coconut milk flavoured rice in the banana leaf was a outstanding. Simple food at its best. I just couldnt stop having it by itself. 
Must Try. 

Crispy and flaky chur chur naan another favorite and must try. 
I even tried the Dum Ki Kali Daal.
Creamy, smoky and so earthy, lightly flavoured and the flavour of black lentils kept intact. Richness of home made butter.  Highly Recommended  

Grandma's Choco Treat
Rs 195
Sugar paratha from childhood transformed to chocolate and hazelnut overload. 
Lovely warm desserts are this especially with chilled vanilla ice cream. So homely and so lovely. 
Highly Recommended 

Bombay Ice cream Sandwich 
Rs 165 
Imagine all your favorite childhood biscuits sandwiched with ice cream. 

Amritsari Kulfa 
Rs 245 
Dessert fit for Kings and Queens. 
Royal dessert on a plate. 
Kulfi, creamy rabdi on a bed of Badami phirni with Faluda topped with rose syrup. 
This was Faluda brilliance. 
We hogged and finished it as soon as it arrived. 
Highly Highly Recommended.

This meal was one of the best ones I have had in recent times. The food, ambience, service and the whole experience was sheer brilliance. 
This will definitely remain etched for a long long time to come. Bombay Brasserie no wonder was, is and will remain a favorite for many. 
I, myself am a big lover of it. 

Do try the Bombay Brasserie Magic and fall in love with it. 
Nitesh Hub 
North Main Road, 
Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411001


Thanks Shivangi for inviting me and being a perfect host and Bombay Brasserie for an amazing time and an awesome culinary journey. 

P.S This tasting was on invite but the views and review is strictly my own based on my experience. 

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