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Monday, April 20, 2015

You are good,,

By now, you all know ,, how I love to do so many different small things. Good or bad my creative juices keep running all over the place and I am not the one to curb them. In fact I love them, I won't be able to be myself without them. My creative escapades, all my eccentricities and my passions, however nice or flawed  complete me. I just can't imagine myself without them. Like someone put a lid on me.

This is a sketch I made randomly and framed it. Amateur artist that I am, I know it's not perfection, rather far far from it. 

Based on this --- 


But it's special to me as its mine, my creation with feelings and I love it. Few friends came over and got the truth to my notice saying are the arms made of rubber, they even joked that I look like the grub actress and hubby dear looks retarded.(let me tell you this you will get only from the besties, who will always tell u the truth blatantly without sugar coating no matter what and that's why they are known as besties) 
However I stuck to my creation loyally, in fact very soon I am going to make their sketches. (Giggles) 
No matter what, do what you like, what makes you happy at the end of the day it's your creation and it's your masterpiece. It's special. You are good for yourself and you always will be. In any walk of life, do not let negativity get the better of you ever. Keep creating till everyone recognises your creation.

Keep creating till you satisfy yourself and beyond that.... ❤️❤️❤️



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Garlic Cheese bread loaded with Goodness

Who doesn't love butter? I myself, am an utterly butterly girl 😉. However I try to curtail my craving as it's not that I require loads of butter and neither should I eat it everyday. 🙈 Well with me butter is synonymous with nothing else than Amul. Aghhhhhh the salted butter, I think it's perfection❤️. 
So when I saw the newly launched Amul garlic and herb butter in the supermarket, I had to have it, no two ways about it. 
Picked up the little yum packet and returned home. I had to devour it and couldn't wait. 

In my hurry I forgot to carry a loaf of bread or a baguette, now all I had at home was the normal white bread slices. 
Not the one to easily accept defeat and neither to settle for something plain Jane.
This is what I whipped up. 

Garlic cheese bread loaded with veggies. 


Amul Garlic and Herb butter 
Cheese cubes - I used Brittania 
White bread slices I made do with them, you can use a fresh loaf of bread of your choice. 
Tomatoes finely sliced
Garlic finely cut 
Onion finely chopped 
Chilly flakes 
Salt and pepper 
Sweet corn 
Capsicum finely chopped
Any other other vegetable or herbs of your choice
You can use green chillies, olives etc 


Butter the sliced bread on both the sides
Take a pan and keep it in low heat.
Put your sliced buttered bread in the pan
Arrange the capsicum, tomatoes, onion, corn, and all the vegetables as well as garlic. Depending on how many veggies you want over it. 
Shread cheese over it. 
Sprinkle the herbs and salt, chilly flakes over it according to your taste 
Now cover the pan with the lid and let the bread get toasted and the veggies cooked a little.
After about 5 minutes check the dish. 
You can toast the bread according to your taste and crispiness. 
Your Garlic cheese Bread is all ready to devour ,, at my place hubby and me devoured them all at one go in a jiffy. 
He loved the simple preparation. 
The Amul butter is infused with garlic and herbs and with every bite you get that creamy garlic taste, which is bang on. 
I recommend you try it as soon as possible. 

One can also make this recipe in oven or microwave. 

P.S - Those of you who do not have garlic butter, you can still go ahead with the recipe with normal butter.
If you want that extra garlic kick, you can always apply a thin layer of garlic paste to one side of the slice, and toast the bread on both the sides and then go ahead with the same recipe. 

Enjoy your Garlic bread, I am going ahead and making some more for friends. 


Nature's Basket

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer the Nazakat way

Nothing helps you survive the Indian summers in style more than the Indian fabrics with gorgeous prints.
Pune summers are no exception, they are hot and what better way to brave this weather and step out in style than to don lovely kurta suits, patialas, breezy kurtis in beautiful prints, designs and fabrics which are inspired by the Indian summer. 
Come summers and everyone is shopping for the choicest of summer cottons, chanderi suits and the favourite of all - The age old yet evergreen Poona suits. 
One name that comes to the mind and is an instant place to buy best of all these under one roof is Nazakat. 

Nazakat has been standing tall in the heart of Camp since almost 3 decades. It's one of the oldest store in Camp run by the Hiroli family. The Hirolis actually own 7 shops in the city and have an experience of over 100 years (whoops .. That's like a lot lot) Nazakat and Nazakat NX being their premium stores. 
I have been shopping here since ages and am always greeted with cordial staff always ready to help, the owner Mr M. A Hiroli is a thorough gentleman having umpteen knowledge about fabrics and with an impeccable taste for the finest. He is always so very sweet and will guide you to the best of designs. He himself travels to handpick the best designs and fabrics from all over the country. They also are the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of Poona cotton suits ( the favourite of Puneites). It's definitely a must own in every wardrobe. 
No sooner than you enter the store you are engulfed in the magic of looms of fabrics, rich colours, gorgeous designs and exemplary detailing. In this whirlwind of choices you are further spoilt rotten by the ever so hospitable staff and the charm of the owners. I always always end up buying double of what I intend to, but it's definitely worth it. 
Let me show you some peeps of this summer shopping Soirée at their store, what with their fresh new summer collection all ready to be ravished, can you blame me? Definitely not 😉

Have a look yourself - 

These vibrant colours just make the summer chilled out.
This one is a favourite - The Poona Cotton Suit 

And time to have a peep at my shopping 

Ain't these darling - I love the colours especially the yellow one so bright , floral and summery. 
The best thing is I always get them designed by their master in flat two hours till the time I complete my shopping in wonderland and grab a quick bite, everything is ready and packed. just like that ( happy happy face) 
Perfect shopping, don't you think? 😊😊

So what you waiting for grab those Nazakat bags and get summery cool goodies. 👌👍🏻

you can follow their latest in stock and offers over here.

Shop no 25/26 wonderland, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Camp, Pune 1 
Sunday closed 

Nazakat NX. 
Shop no 67. Ground floor. clover centre. Pune 1. 
Open all 7 days of the week 

Enjoy your Summer !! Happy Shopping !! 😊😊❤️


Forever21 Launch Party

The celebrations to the crazy and unbeatable launch of Forever 21 continued with a party at Pasha JW Marriott.
The who's who was seen at this party. 
Arjun Rampal and Anusha Dandekar were seen enjoying at the launch party. 

There was no stone unturned for this party to be an instant hit. 

The ramp was ablaze with models displaying beautiful Forever21 collection, while spirits and appetisers made rounds. 
The balmy weather of Pune just added to  this magical night. 

This sure will be one launch to remember for a long time. 

Hope you enjoyed me taking you on a small journey of the launch. 


Forever 21 sets foot in Pune with Aplomb.

Forever 21 a very popular American brand set foot in Pune with a huge following and aplomb. The brand founded by Do Won Chang is an U.S.A chain of fashion retailers, known for its trendy offerings and its economical pricing. The brand is loved by the youth and young at heart, it has massive fan following all across the globe.

The brand opened its door to the city of Pune on Saturday (11th April). Phoenix Market city now houses the first Forever 21 shop in Pune. The brand is spread out on two levels and is one of the beautiful outlets in India. The shop was crowded with shopaholics and witnessed a 2 floor long que with ardent shoppers. 

I was one of the lucky ones to escape this crowd and get invited for the pre launch event on the earlier day (Friday) and got to shop to my hearts content in leisure. Not only this I was also mesmerised and witnessed the gorgeous City girl Anusha Dandekar styling the 21 winners of the forever contest which took place in the city, as well as Arjun Rampal who cut the yellow ribbon for the store. 

I had an awesome time what with my favourite store coming to my town and getting to meet two stylish Bollywood heart throbs. 

Take a look into the crazy first day of Forever21 in Pune. 

The stage is set. The yellow fever is here to stay. 💛

Pre launch - 


The handsome and sexy Arjun Rampal, he was looking like a million bucks in his super cool and casual ensemble, however far from being humble or nice to his followers and fans ,, Mr Rampal perhaps you forget every star is made or unmade by their fans. Perhaps, you could be a little nice to them in that case, just saying (shrugs). 

 Anusha styling the winners, she did such a fab job, she was so thorough in to the minutest detail of every winner and made them look gorgeous. A true style icon and a sport. Did I forget to mention, gorgeous and stylish as ever.
Always be stylish. 

And now for some serious shopping 

Footwear starting from 550 INR. 

And the long rows of colourful trinkets, you can't help but buy with such beauties at bargain price. 
They start as low as 50 INR.

Denims start from as low as 600 INR. 😀👍🏻👌

One little draw back, the quality is not that great with such amazing prices. They stock on till L,, but don't get disheartened, do try out the different styles, you never know what fits you like magic.

Playing dress up 

Me with my goodies❤️

The day of the launch. Bless my stars I am lucky or am I lucky .. 😉 hehe 

Jokes apart patrons flooded the mall to get in their favourite shop on the first day itself. The que was never ending, people waiting for hours starting from as early as 9:30am. The first 500 shoppers received some goodies. The que continued till afternoon. The store was ravished with hungry shoppers wanting more of their favourite brand. 

What are you waiting for, did you get yourself that cutesy yellow bag with goodies. 

Witness it yourself, be a kid in the candy store, with so many choices at amazing prices. 


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