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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Playing hide and seek with Monsoons

It's already the end of June and the rain is still playing hide and seek. Everyone is waiting for the full fledged monsoon to arrive. I am a complete pluviophile. 
So the slightest drops of Rain makes my heart sing songs of joy. I love petrichor and go crazy with the scent. 
So no sooner than the first raindrops kiss my face I am engulfed in this true blissful magic of the universe. 

An impromptu plan to go on a drive and follow the rain, wherever it takes us. 

The lush bright green fields taking us to the rain land of Mulshi a nearby place from Pune. 

My cutie pie equally loves monsoon and is always a sport for such impromptu plans. After all life is all about living in the moment and dancing in the rain ❤️πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒ

The landscapes that opened up to welcome us. The lake waiting to be filled up. Us - just witnessing this beautiful story take form. 

When in the wild - have some wild berries and play who can spit out the seeds further πŸ™ˆπŸ€“πŸ˜œ

Getting drenched and loving it. 

I just live to travel, to experience life, the whole world is mine to see and I belong to the wanderlust species - that's what nature does to me, brings out the poet in me. 

More we, more us every single day, sharing, cherishing and making more memories as we together grey ❤️

The rain just makes everything beautiful, don't you agree. So just go, go now, for that beautiful drive, get lost in nature and cherish what you have. 

These pretty pictures and I can't even explain the scenery or what we felt - serene, calm, content, alive. 

When it's raining you gobble up your favourite comfort food. Rain and bhajias - life can't get better and yummier. I completely love bhajias (fritters) potato for me and onion for hubby and we had cups and cups of sweet ginger tea. 
It was a perfect evening, perfect date , a perfect weekend. 
More to our treasure trove of memories. 

What are you upto in the rains?
Let me know in the comments.

Until we meet again. 
Stay happy and cheerful. 

Lots of Love ❤️❤️

Monday, June 27, 2016

Splendid Syrakko

Syrakko a fine dine restaurant  Located in Koregaon Park - Kapila Matrix will surely leave a strong impact on you. This place serves you with a twist and with chef having an experience of working with a Michelin star restaurant in London you definitely cannot expect the ordinary. 
The food is not just cooked but crafted here. If you are amongst those who love to experiment with amalgamation of different cuisines - Syrakko is your answer.
The dΓ©cor is done tastefully and exudes elegance.
The hues of white and grey are charming.
The seating is formal yet comfortable. They have a well stocked bar and variety of wines to boast of.
The menu is kept short but extremely interesting with varied cuisines with a tasteful twist.
The service is prompt and warm and they are well acknowledged with what they are serving.
Attentive service and yet getting our space (not overtly obtrusive) is what we love and that is exactly what we got.
There was beautiful and soft jazz music playing in the background which added to the class of the place.
Until now we were pretty impressed and were eagerly waiting to try out their so talked about food.

Huge sofas for big groups were really nice. 

After going through the menu and with generous suggestions from the host we were ready with our order and couldn't wait for our food to be served.

Until we waited we were served with this pre appetizer which was extremely good.
Musk melon with some other things. It was a burst of flavours. Soft texture, salty, sweet, it was like a flavour bomb exploded on our tongue and we were left desiring for more.

Our drinks arrived. I was having a Lychee and coconut cool which was quite nice.

Next on the list was Roasted Pumpkin and sage Veloute Rs 270
It taasted nothing like pumpkin, full of body, fibrous and so tasty. I would have never ever guessed this was Pumpkin.

Next on our list was Prawn and Garlic Chowder Rs 310
This was so heavenly it was like a soup meant for Gods.
It was so creamy flavoured with prawn and garlic and had amazing aroma.
Comfort food at its best. I can have bowls and bowls of this. Hubby literally took away my soup and had it all for himself. He always steals my stuff.
This was truly spectacular - Must try.
Star of the night and so early into our dinner.⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am a true blue Maharashtrian. So at the words thecha and sol kadhi we were taken and had order the dish. So here we had our Murgh Thecha Kebab - Rs 300.
It came with a mock sol kadhi which was made with beetroot, believe me it was so refreshing and so good. I wished it came in a big glass and not a shot glass. It went beautifully with the soft and juicy chicken which was marinated in green thecha (it wasn't spicy at all )and came along with a sun dried tomato thecha which was tangy little spicy and yummmmy on the whole.
Must have, I loved it completely.⭐️⭐️⭐️

Being Prawn lovers - next on the list of starters had to be a prawn dish.
We opted for Malai Prawn Tartlet Rs 350
This dish was completely rich on trhe palate.
Marinated in cheese, cream, cashews roasted in a tandoor, drizzled with tartar sauce and served on shortbread biscuit. This was prawn magic. The blending of flavours, juicy and soft buttery creamy prawns with a bite of crunchy biscuit - heavenly.

I loved it completely. Must try from my end.⭐️⭐️⭐️

Another Palate cleanser.

And on to our main course.
Coastal Prawn Curry Rs 490
The curry was completely coastal creamy and more. The twist in the tale was that it was served with mango Jalapeno curd rice. Just imagine the flavours together. It tasted extremely good. The rice reminded me of kairichi dal ( raw mango with pulses - Maharashtrian prep ). I liked this strange combination and surprisingly it went really well, the smooth creamy prawn curry with the soft mango rice which was on the tangier side like the raw mango.
However io would have preferred my curry hot and the rice warm. They serve the rice completely cold and curry warm.

Must try again.⭐️⭐️⭐️

Herb Roasted Chicken Rs 440
Chicken breast served on cougelle, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli khichda over Veronique sauce.
Hubby liked this more than me.
The Chicken was really nice and it was a good dish but I was biased to my coastal prawn curry and mango rice.
The broccoli khichda was really out of the box and tasted anything but broccoli it was yum.
This was all served all hot hot hot.

Another cleanser after the main course while we wait for our desserts.
It was a yogurt with blue berries. It was nothing short of a dessert. Yum completely, licked them clean. So cooling.

White Chocolate & Wasabi Parfait Rs.280
Beautiful creation indeed.
I just couldn't stop admiring it. The presentation was top notch and yes coming to the ingredients - you heard me right - Wasabi with White chocolate. They had used Wasabi subtly and it was going pretty well with the whole ordeal. in fact this a favourite dessert and a hot moving item of the regulars here. It is my hubby's favourite too. Its paired with blueberry and  balsamic reduction along with orange glaze. Its a must try item and splendidly beautiful.⭐️⭐️⭐️

Last and certainly not the least.
Salted Chocolate Mousse Rs 290
for the dark chocolate lovers- the salty dark chocolate soft mousse hit the right spots and it went so well with the angels sponge at the base over the Malibu soup - decadent.
I loved it.
Must try people.⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Meal was an amazing experience. Three cheers for the chef for an innovative menu which was equally yummy. The presentation of the food is top notch. Its beautiful and as they say you truly and splendidly eat with your eyes first over here definitely.
The service is fabulous, courteous, warm and perfect.
Value for money- its a fine dine restaurant and you get the whole experience, the food is different with a twist, everything is perfect. The portions are for one person only.
Having said that you should truly experience the food out here. Must try.

After this we hopped on to Sin Envy Pride lounge as they were having a full moon party, the place is really good, they serve the same food served in syrakko with some changes here and there. They are owned by the same management. the DJ was playing house music and he was really good. The view is amazing and the place is great to bring on a birthday or just hang around with friends.

I loved both of them.

Thanks a lot to the Management of Syrakko for hosting us and Shivam for inviting us.

We indeed had a great time.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Until we meet again.
Stay happy and cheerful !

lots of love❤️❤️

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