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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sands of time

In the sand of time I write thy name ,
In the sand of time it's you and me, 
Silly how the sand of time always slips out like a bugger,, no matter how much you try and keep it in your palm covered,, 
So do we just rush to keep ourself in... 
I think no ,, 
it's now ,, no one knows the future ,, nor can you bring back the past ,, 
it's now ,, the sand beneath your feet, the sand you feel ,, 
it's now the sand still in your palm and not the one which swiftly ran ,,, 
It's now you and me are here,, it's now ,, let's feels this sand more , let's play in it,, let it caress us with its gentle kiss,, tomorrow we won't be here,, 
but our memories will be etched in this sand forever ,,, 

Somewhere in the bylanes,, lost in the moment 

I love these vines 💚🌱🌱🌱

Sand beneath my feet ,,,, pure bliss

You and me, always coming together as we,, etched in the sands of time --- forever ❤️

Outfit details 

Dress - Pantaloons better here
Aztec print Bag -B for Bag similar here
Footwear - Goa market 


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