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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Journeys fascinate me more than the destination, as it's the journey that enthralles, excites, evokes the senses.
Journey is a beautiful book which opens one amusing chapter at a time with anticipation. - Bhakti 
I love to watch the changing landscape, life, people. If you see it closely, it's telling us a story. Unravelling mysteries

On one such journey from Pune to Goa. 
I love this drive, full of colours and beautiful landscapes. 

Beautiful blooms welcoming us to take this journey ... Starting it with colours. 

Mysteries behind closed doors... So many stories to tell ,, you keep wondering about what lies behind the door, when u pass them on your way. Sometimes I really want to get down and explore them , I satisfy myself with a picture most of the time. 

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Of old palaces standing still through time, witnessing many a passerby ,, quiet though now,, 

Never ending roads with green canopy.. It feels like travelling far and wild. 

Me lost in it all, just taking few moments for all of it to sink in. 

I enjoy my journeys with outfits that scream comfort and colour. Leggings are the best coupled with tunics or tees with few splashes of colour for long mystical journeys. 

Hubby dear taking a break to admire. 

Mountains filling the landscape and making it larger than life- the mighty ones 

Always awestruck at smallest wonders life has to offer๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ

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Outfit details 

Tunic - gift from sister 
Leggings - Zara similar here
Glares - forever 21 similar here
Footwear - goa market similar here
Ring - Dubai market 


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