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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On my Mind
Just talking about small things currently on my mind today. Things I did throughout the week, things which I love. 
I love BBQ nights, be it with friends, family or partner, they will never disappoint. Had a lovely date at home on my terrace with hubby❤️. 
Balmy night, smoky veggies and meat and the warmth of coal with music playing in the background whilst sipping on cocktails. What else does one need, a partner indeed 😉. ( there are times when  you feel like barbequeing your better halves head, but then again who will keep the coal hot.😁🙈 )
A perfect date at home 😍

Spotted a lone lamp, illuminating effervescent golden glow through its antique kinds glass globe. Old world charm !! I couldn't help but marvel at it for a long time, just one lamp can add so much surreal beauty, it made me wonder the era gone by with its grandeur and splendour. I sometimes feel I should have been born in those golden times. Sighhhh wishes ..... 

A lovely dinner date with your girls in the miidle of the week is splendid for the soul. Hearty laughs and gossip session over my favourite Italian food. 
I love this cosy cafe and love to spend hours over there (Beetroot Bistro

Natures wonders never fail to amuse you ever. It's we who are so callous and always never give them their due neither appreciate its beauty fully. 
The conch itself is so marvellous and then when it sings songs of the sea in your ear it's a too beautiful to be true. 
Enjoying and gaping at in awe on spiritual afternoon with family. 

These little things in life keep me rooted and happy. These little treasures and moments make life big ,,

Live big not long ...❤️❤️❤️

What's on your mind ? 


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