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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Reads

I love to enjoy my Sunday in a laid back way.❤️
Being Ganapati Visarjan in this part of the world ( Pune, Maharshtra, India ). 
We are stuck at home due to huge Ganapati processions and blocked roads outside. So what more reason do I need to immerse myself in the world of books, while hubby loves to explore the new gadgets and his tech things.
Curled up in bed I enjoyed Reading Mrs Funnybones -- true to all the accolades it's getting, this books deserves every bit of praises and compliments and fan fare coming it's way .
I completely enjoyed reading this book thoroughly, after a long time the most entertaining book I have read.
I laughed loudly on most of the jokes, I related to it on many levels. 
Incidents narrated by celebrity author Twinkle Khanna are hilarious.
The way she  narrates the story of her house, making it real and normal like ours in the most amusing sort of ways. She presents her views on daily matters in the most entertaining non traditional ways and some age old things which never change. She does have a bright point of view in her kitty which she perfects, just like her easy fashion which comes naturally to her.
 I enjoyed her humour completely, it's not forced it just comes spontaneously and naturally.
Just taking a break for lunch, I finished the entire book at one go. It's a feel good book which is an enjoyable read from start to finish. I loved the writing style of Twinkle Khanna. 
Must read, go grab your copies now . I even gifted it to couple of friends (they loved it too) and the book sure make a great gift. 
Perfect score from my end. 👍👍 📖

This makes it more than perfect an acknowledgement by the author herself ☺️

Catch the equally funny launch of the book here, i am sure you wont be disappointed.

How's your Sunday going? 
What's your current favourite read? 
Do let us know, would love to know. 

Hope you are having a great weekend.. 


Mrs Funnybones
Publication Date: 18 August 2015
  234.00   187.00

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