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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Simple it is ..

In every aspect of my life, I like simplicity. Be it in relationships, fashion, dialogue or any other aspect.
I hate to beat around the bush to say a simple thing, I like it to keep it honest and straightforward. 
I hate to complicate relationships, I just want them to be clear. 
I do not enjoy couture or fussed fashion, I like to keep it simple and comfortable at the very best. 
I don't like my house cluttered with unwanted gadgets and plush furniture, instead I love it cozy, earthy and simple. 
I enjoy the company of people who are near and dear to me and with whom I can be myself truly. I can't indulge in socialising with a hoard of people whom I barely know and with whom I need to keep appearances. 
Thus I have come to a conclusion that I am a simpleton at heart who loves and guards her small world with all her ferocity. 
In every aspect of life, for me, indeed simple it is .... simple life

Outfit Details
Top - Jabong similar here
Leggings - Zara similar here
Footwear- Inc5 similar here
Necklace- Globus similar here
Ring - Bangkok Shopping similar here

Keep it simple, keep it stylish .. 


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