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Friday, July 20, 2012

lunch date with my girls --- a little neon

Rains make you crave for comfort food, don't they ? At least to me they do that, they make me want to get in my duvet with a lovely book to read, some hot coffee to sip and some yummy fatty food to savour(guilty face). This time, Instead of being at home , i made lunch plans with my girls. We headed off to the nearby mall as its raining monsoon sales. (yippee) We burned a lot of calories walking from one shop to another for 1 hour buying some cool stuff and then headed to gorge on some Mexican food. YUM YUM YUM ! It had to be Chili's. I know i am the biggest foodie and a junk eater.(puppy sad face) You guessed it right we ended up eating- chicken, mushroom Fajitas, crispy fried chicken with ranch dressing and Mexican chillies.
It was an awesome rainy afternoon, and yes people i did slog it out later for hogging so much earlier ;p

what  i wore ---

tote- marks and spencers
skirt- dress worn as skirt biba
shoes- carlton london
bracelet- thrift
top- splash

Our food ---- yummm

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  1. love the bracelet, looking great Bhakti!

  2. Great skirt, I love that color :) x

    1. its my favorite color, very cheerful and still calming
      thanks a lot dear


  3. Hi doll, love your bright and vibrant outfit, you look so pretty! This lovely look probably grabbed a lot of attention! The food looks so delish, I am craving Mexican food right now.

  4. Thanks for all those sweet things ,, you made my day darling.
    The food at chili's is always oh so yum ..


  5. Lookin' good! Sexy!

  6. That lunch looks yummy! just stumbled upon your blog and I really love it!

    D a n i e l l e |
    ps. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you won! :) Enter to win artwork by Mui-ko!


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