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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Restaurant Review -- Rassa Roadies

I love to watch reruns of my favorite serials. So Saturday evening we were watching Go India Maharashtra series, Kolhapur episode lying lazily on the couch. As we immersed our selves in the land of Kolhapur, we were drawn to the yummy Kolhapur cuisine that followed, the rassas and the non veg fry. By the end of it we could actually taste the food on our tongue, the torture the taste buds were giving us. I got on zomato immediately and started searching for restaurants serving pandhra rassa  near our home and out popped the name - Rassa Roadies and thus that was our dinner destination.

Located in Kalyani Nagar, this is a small restaurant just opposite Marrakesh. This restaurant serves all the delicacies from all over Maharashtra as well as the prominent Rassas in the Maharashtrian cuisine. As we entered we were greeted by waiters dressed as Mavlas. The whole setting is Maharashtrian. The walls are painted with Marathi characters. There is soft Marathi music going in the background, the aroma of the yummy rassas and Marathi cuisine engulfs you as soon as you enter. We were shown to our table by the manager on the upper level, which was a bit more cozy than the ground level. We placed our order promptly, they have thalis. I ordered for a Saoji chicken thali where as hubby dearest went in for a Kolhapuri Thali. Each thali consists of one dry preparation, one curry preparation, pandhra rassa, tambda rassa, egg burji, 2 chapatis/ bhakris, thecha, biryani/dal khichdi/plain rice and Jaljeera to wash it all down.
The variety is awesome and anybody would think its going to be too much to finish, but in reality, the thali is not unlimited, they charge you for everything you need extra and believe you me a person with a normal appetite especially guys will need extra as the quantity served is not much.
Let's start with food, between me and my hubby the Saoji thali I ordered was a clear winner. The chicken fry was really nice and full of flavor and aroma. The chicken was cooked well and tender. The curry I got in the thali was aromatic, full of spices and really nice though the chicken in this was not cooked too well. The pandhra and tambda rassa both were laden with goodness, yummy though lacked in complete authenticity. The Burji was rightly done, not too juicy, nor too dry but very less quantity and cold. Chapatis were not soft. The thali consisted of around 3 - 4 small pieces of chicken which is a little inadequate. The Jaljeera was soothing and refreshing as it washed down all the food.
Now let's have a look at the Kolhapuri thali, here the curry lacked complete authenticity and not too good on taste, chicken fry was good though again not 100 percent authentic.
The overall food was tasty, aromatic and rightly spiced, not too bland neither too spicy.
The service was prompt, waiters stood at a distance and kept an eye on what the customers might need. The manager himself was helpful and warm. The food was served well, the presentation though simple was bang on.
Coming to the pricing, the chicken thalis are priced at 245-255 INR, which according to me doesn't do justice.
Well to sum it all we had a good dinner to satisfy our hungry taste buds. We really enjoyed the Marathi music and food, we were actually transferred to the era of Marathi Mavlas with the whole setting and everything, our experience would have been 100 percent if  it wouldn't have lacked on quantity and authenticity.
We had a great time though, its a really good concept. A Saturday night well spent .

chicken kolhapuri Thali

Chicken Saoji Thali

Would I visit them again.

Why not ? Who knows? But again  If you want to eat authentic maharashtrian non veg cuisine without any frills, I will head to the nearby Kaveri (RS 170 unlimited chicken thali), if I want to gorge on Kolhapuri pandhra and tambda rassa, Purepur Kolhapur (RS 220 unlimited chicken thali)will satiate all cravings.
My verdict.

Food - 3/5
Service - 4.5/5
Ambience - 3/5
Value for money - 2.5/5

Do you guys know any authentic Kolhapuri food restaurants, do let us know, we will be glad to visit and fill stomachs :)

P.S - If you would like us to visit your property to review and write about it, we would be happy to do so (restaurants, travel, hotels)


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