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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese craving satiated at Chopsticks

As you all know by now that I am a complete foodie, many a times I keep day dreaming about my favorite food and mouth begins to water.
This Sunday evening I was craving for Chinese cuisine, unable to curb my urge we landed at Chopsticks spice Malabar, Viman Nagar, just a minute drive from our place. Well chopsticks has been reviewed many a times for Kerala cuisine and its really good. So today we decided to give a try for Chinese.
We were so hungry we ordered for our all time favorite Chilly chicken dry, chicken Szechwan gravy and chilly garlic noodles.

The quantity was huge, the Chicken chilly was juicy, spicy and loaded with flavor. Szechwan gravy was really nice. The noodles were just done well and the chicken was cooked perfectly. Unlike many restaurants serving Chinese food, the food was not salty at all. I love Indianised ( Indian version) Chinese and this is just that.
The ambience of this place is nothing great, the place is small. But the food is real good. The service was prompt yet relaxed and gives you your time to enjoy the food. I am definitely going back to this place.

We were so full.

But still ventured to the sweet shop to have some desserts.

Finally -- Satisfied tummies and smiley faces :)

My Verdict of Chopsticks Malabar spice for Chinese

Food - 3.8/5
Value for Money - 4.5/5
Hygiene & Cleanliness- 3.5/5
Service- 4/5
Ambience- 2.5/5

Worth visiting again - A definite YES!


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