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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our litttle Adventure from Siam to Platinum mall Bangkok !!!

It was a bright and sunny day calling us to explore Bangkok.(oh boy and did we explore in the truest sense)
We decided to go to Siam and check out Siam center, Paragon and Discovery. We took the BTS our daily, friendly, fast, easy and cheap mode of transport. The BTS takes you to Siam and is directly connected to the Siam center. So here we were in the Siam center, enroute we had gorged on street side fruits, which are truly yummy and delicious, the best of them being the guava and then Mango.
Well this was our daily breakfast and oh did we enjoy it.
our breakfast - bags of fresh fruit.. I dint like this fruit much though

 We explored Siam Paragon which is a luxury shopping mall took a look at the Siam underwater ocean world.

Siam Paragon

Well for car lovers, Siam paragon houses all luxury car brands Aston Martin, Lotus, BMW, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini so why not pleasure your eyes boys.;p.

We decided to visit Madamme Tussauds which is located in the Siam Discovery, it is interlinked with Siam center on some floor, so do check the directions.

Madamme Tussauds + Siam underwater ocean world combo tickets are available, so you can avail it.

We spent our morning enjoying Madamme Tussauds, Had our Lunch in the food court of Siam Discovery. It was afternoon and we decided to head towards Platinum mall for some shopping it being close by, we decided to walk to digest our heavy lunch.

My lunch

Happy Us again

Depending on our navigation maps in the iPhone, we started our journey, which after people telling was for 15 minutes, stretched much more than that.
First our map took us through normal roads, then one turn and we were headed towards a small road which kept on going straight, it showed platinum mall not to be very far. Hence we continued, we had walked quite some, when we realized the road became a maze of alleys and before we knew it we were in the heart of one of the Bangkok slums. I was really afraid as the setting changed immediately and so did my confidence, I was scared and clanged to my husband's arm. All the thoughts and stories of thug Thais coupled with notorious stories of Dharavi ( India's slum, biggest in Asia kept crawling in my mind like a bunch of ugly insects. All the street food which I kept ahhing and oohing about was being prepared here in small shanties, not many people were seen. The area was deserted adding to my worries. Hubby to was worried now, though he never showed it to me, tying to comfort me. The alleys kept on becoming smaller and smaller to a point, where only one person could walk at a time. Then to my relief the road suddenly widened and we entered a big space only to find a lone drunk man. Suddenly my eye caught something and I pulled on my Hubby's hand and almost whispered " look over there" it was an arrow on the wall which read Platinum Mall, a surge of relief bolted through my body and I actually managed a smile. Honestly we both were thinking that we were lost and it was impossible to turn back now. We started walking again with renewed belief and enthusiasm but the way again became really small and it took us behind the slum adjacent to the river, which was not in the best state as it was looking like an industrial, company area. We saw two girls sitting their and confirmed that were we on the right track, they just nodded as English speaking is a little less in Thailand. Oh God! I was literally scared now as the way had now given way to big trolleys carrying lot of packed boxes and there were no houses anymore. Hubby just explained me it means that we are close to the mall as these are deliveries for the shops. The road just ended abruptly giving way to a not so confident bridge. We made our way to the other side only to find ourselves literally walking through the shanties preparing street food, many were loading there vehicles with the eatables. I was just cursing the stars when suddenly we were out on the main road just next to the side entrance of Platinum Mall. Oh the journey was over as suddenly as it had started. We both just looked at each other with amazed expression, without any word we just entered the Mall. It was indeed an adventure, exploring Bangkok in the real sense. We will never forget our first visit to Platinum Mall. :) I wish I had taken some snaps of this adventure but we were too busy finding our way and honestly snaps was the last thing I thought about. But looking back, honestly these small adventures make any holiday memorable. :)

Do you have any adventures like this? If  Yes, do share it with me and I will be happy to post it up.

what I wore

Denims- tommy
Top - People
Bag - Westside
Footwear - Footins

Till we meet again.



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