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Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday hangover - Thailand tales -- Pattaya it is.

As most of you know that I have been ranting about my holiday. Well to tell you honestly I still have a massive holiday hangover which refuses to go.
So here I thought why not blog about the same as I can't keep the thoughts to myself alone ( so typical me hehe)
Bangkok being one of the popular destination of the world. As you all know I being a OCD victim have a habit of doing in depth planning and research of most of the things (eyes rolling) so I was all prepared and well versed with Thailand. Thanks to which is an amazing website which allows you to download a free pdf guide as well as has detailed iteneries, maps, convenient travel, packages, food, shopping and any other think you can think of listed.

Tourism Thailand site which has detailed information about Thailand, everything you need to know and much more.

But Thailand has its own way. It springs surprises at you no matter how well you are prepared.
Thailand especially Bangkok and Pattaya are so similar to Mumbai yet so distant and mystique I felt. Every lane (soi as they call it) had a surprise to offer, something new to discover.

We were there for 9 days in Thailand but every day was a new experience. There is so much to explore, so much to experience and at the end of it all Thailand binds you in the magic unknown, and all you can do is keep reminiscing your experience until you create another new one with Thailand.

Don't worry as you very well know me, I am going to provide you with all the details of my Thailand trip with its beauty, markets, shopping, tips and tricks.

However today I feel like beginning with the last leg and day of our holiday, that was in Pattaya.
As you very well know that I am driven by my whims, so here it goes.

Pattaya- (we were here for 3 nights)

Completely took us by surprise, after much insistence of our peers and family not to take Pattaya and instead go to the pristine Phuket, stubborn that I am, thus here we were in Pattaya and were we glad about it.
Pattaya has its own charm. Active by night more than day, though plenty of things to do during the day as well.
We use to sleep till late, have a huge lunch, take a stroll or swim on the beach, go for a massage, do some shopping, get ready and have a relaxed dinner after which we used to go for a walk at the walking street followed by long hours of shisha till the wee hours of morning.... ahhhh Bliss indeed!!

Have a look yourself---

Lunch at the pizza company, we  had ordered extra large bbq chicken, the quantity was huge, but I found the pizza slightly on the sweeter side, though cheesy. The cheese garlic bread was yum.
 the remains--
 Pattaya beach - the beach is a thin strip in the common area filled to brim with loungers, one can hire a lounger for a small fee and sip beer for hours looking at the sea. Tip - buy a beer from the 7/11 stores located widely all over at short distances, you will find everything that you need in these stores, right from mobile recharge to ice creams, snacks, and everything. the price of everything you buy here is very economical.
 well I wont suggest to take a dip in the sea on this common beach as the water is dirty and polluted, one can swim in the private beach adjoining their hotel, or go to the nearby jomtien beach.

There is lot of street shopping in front of the beach. One can get good deals, I got myself a huge haul of swim wear. Do take souvenir Thailand magnets across the street- cheaper than Bangkok. Vast variety of pubs, restaurants with different cuisines, fast food joints, street Thai food available across the street.

dress- westside
footwear- footins

we- happy happy !

Massages are available in plenty- but do check their license as many times they fool you into illegal activities and take money- the massages start from 120 to 200 baht for feet massage (1 hour)

The walking street is closed for vehicles at night, the action starts after 8-9 pm. exotix shows, beer bars, shopping, street shows,fish market, you name and you have it. One needs to experience the pulse of this street to understand it. Must do ! (obviously not for children)

Shisha places dotting the streets near the walking street. have a beer and shisha and sit for hours watching life go by. All the shisha places are facing the road with chairs and tables put up on street. This was our favorite part.

Till my next Thailand post .

take care and plan up your vacation



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