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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A small Hike with Big Happiness.

It was Friday night and as I lay in bed at night browsing through my regular sites as usual, a post fascinated me, Thanks to Tes.

I just wanted to go there and explore the place myself. Being Born and brought up in Pune, I love the city too much, I love the hills surrounding it and since childhood enjoyed the small hikes on weekend mornings, but as Pune is growing, the hills surrounding it are rapidly dwindling. So when I saw a post about this hill on Tes's blog I had to explore it myself and bask in its beauty.

I decided to surprise hubby dear, and woke him up early Saturday morning and told him to get dressed. He was really surprised and was really excited to know where I was taking him.

I packed a quick picnic breakfast and we were on our way.

This little hill is some 20 minutes drive away from our home, exactly located right next to the
D. Y.Patil Knowledge city Lohegaon. Its a small hike, taking about 45 minutes to an hour.

Small but pretty

Please do not litter on nature trails, we always carry an extra bag for all the garbage.
Enjoy this beauty and safeguard it, do not destroy it in anyway.


We almost finished the entire breakfast. Coffee, samosas fruits, chicken sandwiches and little cucumber sandwiches.
What a picnic spread it was, so tasty and yum.

In the lap of nature, basking in the soft rays of sun.

Grass beneath my feet. :) bliss

Hubby dear was really happy with this surprise. It was an awesome morning and amazing way to kick start our weekend.

I love nature.

A small hike which gave us big Happiness.

Enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

Construction has started on the other end of the hill, I was really upset.
I think concrete jungle is really eating up the greenery around us. I feel really sorry, and frustrated. There should be a balanced growth among globalization as well as conserving our nature.
Hope the day comes soon when everyone realizes this and conserves our rich but rapidly depleting beautiful natural surroundings.

Hey folks, do you know any such small hideaway, if yes please share it with us, I would love to post it on the blog and explore them too.


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  1. Sounds like fun .. Getting up early on weekend, surprising your hubby, enjoying the small ride & the hike... and lot more... Such things are very important to freshen up and gear up for the weekdays.Loved reading this !


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