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Friday, January 10, 2014

Thailand -- Bangkok Tales -- 1st day -- Terminal 21 mall

The joy on arriving at your holiday destination and knowing your vacation has just begun is amazing and full of enthusiasm and happiness.
We were too filled with all these feelings and more the moment our flight touched the Bangkok soil. Though really tired and sleepy, we arrived in Bangkok at 7 am travelling by Bangkok airways(tickets booked online by hassle free). We were trying to get the first glimpse of Thailand through the plane window and the happiness that seared in.
As soon as we landed we got our visa on arrival which is really convenient and easy. For more information regarding the same check here.
There is an express line as well for the visa, for some nominal amount per person, I suggest taking it on a crowded or a busy day. After that we were really hungry, not much variety to eat at arrivals though. We collected a free map of Bangkok from the tourist counter, took a dtac card for our mobile, I strongly suggest it, has really good deals with internet and all. Took a taxi to our desired location. After checking in we slept like logs as we really were sleep deprived.

Refreshed and rejuvenated in the evening we decided to head to terminal 21 mall. We made a quick stop at Subway replenished ourselves and continued.

Terminal 21 is a relatively new mall on the Bangkok shopping scene. It has been popular in making its mark due to the uniqueness of this mall. How? Well to begin with it gets the whole world packed in this mall. Every floor is designed on a theme to be one of the world's famous city. Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Istanbul, San Francisco  take your pick.This is a mid range mall with boutiques of Thai designers.

After seeing the Bangkok traffic we decided to take BTS to the Asok station (direct access via skywalk) for Terminal mall. It is connected to Asok station.

connected to BTS Asok

Rather than talking let me just show you 
the toilets in Terminal 21 on every floor are must visit by the end of it Hubby dear was really irritated lol

The design of the mall was awesome, but that was not what topped on our list.
What we loved the most was the Gourmet Market on the LG Floor with a Caribbean theme.
See to believe it yourself.

It was a dessert paradise, cup cakes, macaroons, doughnuts, cakes, pastries, crepes, rolls, pies and countless other things filled the racks like little rainbows.

I felt like ..

a kid in a candy store ..

we had the one in the middle with nuts cheese cake, cream, chocolate syrup all rolled in a big crepe..
yummy! I can still taste it on my tongue.

Me relishing it completely..

Warehouse Export is there on the LG floor, do explore it for some really good deals.

The food court on the 5th floor is really nice.

So after enjoying the first day of our shopping, now loaded with bags full of new stuff and stomach full of heavenly desserts we made our way out of the mall all satisfied and content. Ready for our next adventures in Bangkok.

Soi cowboy is just next to the mall 5 minutes walking distance.

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Till we meet again --


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