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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Road Trip - A perfect Vacation

We all love to go on short road trips from the city we live in and it gives us sheer bliss but not many opt for long ones.
Believe you me they are pure form of travel and exhilaration. One needs to soak in the experience of a long road trip, its an adrenaline rush with excitement and anticipation unlimited. No wonder its my favorite form of vacation.
Its been quite a while since I went on a long road trip and have been missing the whole experience. Longing for a road trip crazily and hence reminiscing about the last road trip I enjoyed.
I have just been going through the snaps and missing the whole fun when I got a mail from Indi bloggers about this contest.
I took this as a sign from above and hence cant write about anything else.
So do bear with me.

December is a lovely time for vacations as the whole of countryside is brimming with beauty post monsoons.

It was time for our family vacation and thus hubby dearest, me along with my parents, siblings and uncle's family embarked on our journey.

Type of vacation - road trip - Wild life
Duration and time - Early December - 8 days
Route taken- Maharashtra- Gujarat - Rajasthan- Madhya Pradesh - Maharashtra
ie - Pune- Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Udaipur - Ranthambore- Sagar city - Jabalpur - Kanha -Pune
Distance covered -  approx. 3000kms
Hours travelled - approx. 55 hours
Vehicle- Innova  (excellent for long trips )
Do carry all the essential things and remember and follow the  road trip list (Here)
do not forget to equip your car with all the necessities and maintenance and a trustworthy air freshener, my favorite being AmbiPur

The roads were pretty good, barring a few towns till Ranthambore.
We left early morning from Pune to avoid city as well as Mumbai traffic.
The drive was scenic. I couldn't put away my camera as the landscape was so pretty and picturesque.
Being with the family, we all were very charged up for the whole vacation ahead.
Road trip is all about the journey and not the destination. We were excited about the destination but we were equally excited and enthusiastic as well as energetic about the journey.
Halting for yummy local cuisine at quaint Dhabas, refreshing ourselves with cups of tea and snacks.
Clicking pictures on random locales. Soaking in the countryside, greenery and the heavenly nature all around. Watching the landscape change and thus the way people live, dress and look. Playing games, singing songs at a loud pitch.
We were taking every pit of our journey the way it came.
We first halted at Ahmedabad for lunch which was sumptuous Gujarati cuisine, after that we halted at Udaipur and spent the night there.
We left early morning for Ranthambore and were driving as per our wish and will. After reaching Ranthambore at night, we stayed their for 2 days.
Ranthambore is a place from the bygone era as soon as you enter the forest you feel as if you are transferred to the past time of royal era. Everything about this place is majestic and beautiful. I loved the ruins all over the forest and the magnificent fort. The king of the jungle evaded us and thus we changed our route from our earlier Jaisalmer to impromptu nearby Kanha to spot the big cat.
After 2night of our royal stay we left for Kanha early morning, we halted at Sagar city in MP and next morning continued our journey. We made a pit stop at the beautiful Jabalpur by taking a small detour. Were we glad for that, as the beauty of Jabalpur left us completely spell bound. This is the same place where the entire song of Asoka ( raat ka nasha abhi) was filmed. A small boat ride with the unforgettable jovial guide, the frothy waterfall, beautiful sunset, small quaint market of marble artifacts.
We reached the final stop of our journey Kanha. Definitely a forest of every ones dreams and stories. As soon as one steps a foot in the forest you feel as if you have come alive in one of the chapters of Rudyard Kipling's book. Mesmerizing forest with its grandeur and larger than life appeal. Vast land stretching in front with animals grazing lazily. It seems the big yellow majestic cat wanted to meet us at some other place, some other time and evaded us here too.(huh)
We stayed here for 2 days and lazed around and enjoyed the nature which was unspoilt and pristine.
Started for Pune with a heavy heart, but a hope of another vacation another destination and yet another beautiful journey....

It is true that even long after a vacation the journey always remains alive in our memories forever. This journey left immortal prints in the form of beautiful landscapes, sumptuous feasts, royal escapades, the lively guide of Jabalpur, the evading big cat, spontaneous decisions, late night chatter and bonfires.
A Perfect Road Trip which will always remain so in my memory for eternity.

Here are some snapshots for your eyes only--


I have already started planning for my next perfect road trip, so keep tuned in and expect a detailed post about the same.

Till then Happy Vacationing!



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