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Thursday, August 1, 2013

100 and counting

I cant believe this is my 100th post.(YAY)
What started as a mere one odd things to try on, has turned into my passion. I have found my long lost love- writing. I realized I left it behind somewhere in my schooling years but never again.
I started blogging because I wanted to try it on.
Eventually I have got so addicted to this, that I cannot just leave it. There are days when I go in hibernation mode and just want to laze around. But when I am back, I just feel like going on. Blogging to me is a mean of self expression. I have so much going on in my head that I really cant decide what to write many a times.
My brain as I have mentioned earlier too is so not concentrated, that it keeps on jumping from one topic to another. I am so hyper myself and I cannot stick to one thing for a long time. I have an opinion for everything.  Blogging helps me in organizing my thoughts. It has given me new wings which I never knew I had. It has changed and also given me a new perspective on lot many things.
Blogging gives me the opportunity and the access to share my love for myriad things, my love for life and my passion of living life. I love to share my views, my world with you all, it gives me an inner satisfaction and a strange motivation to go on. This blog is my Diary, my journal for my musings, poetry, small nothings, my creations, dream destinations.
A small window to the treasure troves of my life.

Here's the outfit post - - something I wore for an early dinner late evening with my friend.

Leggings - Dubai
Tunic top - Westside
Long necklace- Ladakh
Choker - Goa
Earrings - gift
Bag - Westside
footwear- Ethnicity (gift from mom)


  1. Congrats! That's quite an achievement.. an i'm so excited to know a blogger form Pune! Think you tthe only one so far ♥

  2. Thanks a lot ,, :))) it's always nice to meet people from your hometown ,, there are quite a few lovely bloggers from Pune


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