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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pastel with a Pop of Pink

On one sunny afternoon (Rains where are you :( ) i was going through my cupboard searching for the right outfit, let me tell you i am very finicky(in everything) and confused too. I keep changing my mind like million times and finally land back to the first thing i had decided or chosen. Guess i like to be really sure and do the best i can.So coming back to the right outfit, my style is simple fashion , i always like minimalistic looks, automatically i get drawn to the simplest and the most comfortable clothes ... Right now i am a big fan of pastels , they just look awesome when dressed down with nudes, like black, white and so on. I just did that for a casual coffee with friends. Got out a tee long forgotten. Just added a little pop of pink. I had these sneakers which i felt were too plain, so i just changed the laces and tadaa i had a brand new cool pair. :) The neck piece i am wearing is like 6 years old .. lol . I don't like to throw away anything . ;p I am too attached to my belongings, whether it be anything.

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

This is what i wore finally ....

I am wearing

Top -- Chemistry
Denims-- Tommy girl
Neck piece- Lifestyle
Bracelet- Provogue
Sneakers- Converse
Bag-- Marks and Spencer's

These are few pieces -- my style my way ,,

check out the collection click here

Comment and Tell me how it was,, excited to read what you have to say ...



  1. Replies
    1. thanks a lot ,,, will surely do ..
      do follow me back too ..

  2. Love the outfit , casual & comfy yet stylish.
    New post up >>

  3. hey Bhakti, like the pop of pink on ur necklace and shoes laces - certainly lights up the outfit.
    following you now, hoping u can follow me back :)

    1. its amazing aint it what a little bit of color can do.. thanks a lot :)will definately follow you ashy


  4. Hi dear, loving the bright pops of colour on your outfit, especially that you brought in the pink with the laces and jewellery. You look so adorable!

  5. Hey thanks a lot Sam, thats so sweet of you ..



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