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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Date at the vineyards

On an impromptu whim hubby dear and I decided to go on a vineyard circuit for our anniversary as we were short for time to travel far.
We were confused between the Baramati circuit and the Nashik one. However we had to chose the Nashik one for the sheer number of amazing vineyards ( almost 50 vineyards ) and that too most of them are A listers. 
We were going there for a day trip. 
We decided not to plan anything and just go with spontaneity (difficult for me). I still did a research on the A gamers in the market as you may call them. (me being me πŸ€“πŸ€—)
We left early in the morning, at around 8 should have left earlier ( however you won't believe we decided to go at 6:30 am, as I said earlier spur of the moment) 
Let me brief you the road from Pune to Nashik is under maintenance and thus very tiring. However the journey is just worth it as the destination is spell binding. 
Pune to Nashik takes around 5-6hours. 
Do not enter the Nashik city or it will add another 40 odd minutes to your journey, follow the Trimbakeshwar road which will lead you to Sula winery. There are so many wineries scattered there
you would be spoilt for choices. 
Sula winery was our first stop. 
Sula doesn't need an introduction, one of the oldest wineries in India. Sula contributes a whopping 75% share in the wine market in India. 
We reached Sula at around 12:30 pm. 
No sooner than we entered we were greeted with lush green vineyards spread everywhere.

The view was outstanding. 

We decided to take a wine tour ( costs Rs 250 pp with 5 wine tasting) 
The wine tour was good. The guide was really knowledgeable and knew his subject well. Tour lasted for around 25 minutes. 

That's our guide, he was a bit grumpy though... 

The wine tasting,,, I love these limited edition bottles ❤️❤️❤️🍷🍷

There was a little souvenir shop and a wine shop, from where one could get the goodies and wine (lesser than mrp). Needless to say after I shopped we were ready to proceed. 

After that we settled in on the rooftop deck to bask in the sun and take in all the glory of Sula. The deck overlooks the vineyard and it can't get more beautiful than this. It was perfect. Perfect romantic setting. The facility is good, service attentive, the locale gorgeous, and everything is just beautiful. They also have a stay facility which is prime. 
Take a look 

Look at that view 😍 πŸ’š

Cannot stop looking ... 

Perfect date - smitten .. Really couldn't get enough.. The weather also was so beautiful. 

After enjoying Sula we left around 4:00 to visit other wineries. 

With my wine shopping πŸ€“πŸ·πŸ·

We had heard so much about York winery overlooking the Gangapur dam and were really excited to visit it, however we found it to be closed due to someone's death. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I was a little upset, but there wasn't time to be, we had wine country to explore.
We were driving by the countryside when we stumbled upon this gem - Soma vine village - right out of a book - a quaint place with rustic aura. It was so simple yet so astounding. And what was beautiful is it just started 3 years back. 
I was so in love with this charming place. 

Quaint Little charming place 

I so love those bushes with golden things in the background.. 

We decided to go for wine tasting and tour which costs around 150 pp lasts around 40 minutes. The guide was a gentleman , he was so friendly and explained us every wine in detail. We were really impressed is an understatement. 

The wine tasting room joined by the wine and souvenir shop ... Indeed I shopped here too ☺️☺️ I wish I had taken a snap of the guide such an informative, enthusiastic and friendly person. If you happen to read ,, thanks a lot:)) 

Just relaxing on their open deck watching the sun go down. The sunset was like never before. We just didn't want to leave. 

The view 
With Gangapur dam in background. 

The colours πŸŒ…

Kissing under the Frangipani 😍❤️ with my pink soma shopping bags in the background ;)

My shopping haul or atleast my favourite part of it ❤️. 
We got Brut from Sula for hubby dear. 
Late Harvest Chenin Blanc - dessert wine  for me.. Love both of them. 
What blew our minds however was Soma wines.
The Sauvignon Blanc - dessert wine. So smooth and luscious you can't stop having more. 
RosΓ¨ gold which is another favourite. 
We were surprised for words when we got to know these wines are from their first batch. Amazing finesse. 

We had made plans to go back to Sula for dinner at their French restaurant which looked absolutely stunning. However we were so stuffed from all the appetisers and dosage of delightful wines. Also, the road was really bad and we didn't want to leave to late. 
We left for Pune at 7:30pm and took a break to grab some snacks on our way,. 
This was an amazing trip, one which will be cherished, I can't wait to go back to the wine country and explore more. This time may be for a couple of days. 
There are many travel sites and companies which offer their services however we did this trip on our own. 
One can do a day trip from Pune as well as Mumbai or there are plenty of staying options available. Sula as well as Soma both have staying facilities. I wish we could stay but we were pressed for time. However that's something we will definitely go back for. 

Do let me know, if you need any information regarding the trip, I would be glad to help.

Outfit Details
Pant - Zara
Top  -Fashion and you - similar 
Bag - Jabong 
Boots - Bata 

Till then 



  1. Great and informative post.. I am surely heading to Soma wines the next time I am in Pune... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow, definitely share your experience with us,, it's a beautiful place , I hope you have a wonderful time :))


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